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Meanwhile in Yemen

We see the end-state of what this administration deems a “success”:

Secret files held by Yemeni security forces that contain details of American intelligence operations in the country have been looted by Iran-backed militia leaders, exposing names of confidential informants and plans for U.S.-backed counter-terrorism strikes, U.S. officials say.

U.S. intelligence officials believe additional files were handed directly to Iranian advisors by Yemeni officials who have sided with the Houthi militias that seized control of Sana, the capital, in September, which led the U.S.-backed president to flee to Aden.

For American intelligence networks in Yemen, the damage has been severe. Until recently, U.S. forces deployed in Yemen had worked closely with President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi’s government to track and kill Al Qaeda operatives, and President Obama had hailed Yemen last fall as a model for counter-terrorism operations elsewhere.

Let’s see … SOF forced out of the country, President of Yemen on the run and both sides (Houti and AQ) romping all over the place.  Oh, and the security breech which is likely to cost a lot of lives.

But the identities of local agents were considered compromised after Houthi leaders in Sana took over the offices of Yemen’s National Security Bureau, which had worked closely with the CIA and other intelligence agencies, according to two U.S. officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive operations.

Yemeni intelligence officers still loyal to Hadi’s besieged government burned some secret files, one official said. But they couldn’t destroy all of them before the Houthi fighters, whose leaders have received some weapons and training from Iran, moved in.

The loss of the intelligence networks, in addition to the escalating conflict, contributed to the Obama administration’s decision to halt drone strikes in Yemen for two months, to vacate the U.S. Embassy in Sana last month and to evacuate U.S. special operations and intelligence teams from a Yemeni air base over the weekend.

“Success”.  Just breath it in.

Reminds you of the “success” in Libya, doesn’t it?


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36 Responses to Meanwhile in Yemen

  • Heh – It’s only fair to emphasize the part where we offered to cozy up to the Houthi after the forces under President Hadi collapsed.

    Now the Houthi, like every other Islamic insurgency that Obama has ‘mastered’, can use whatever gifts of intel and recovered weaponry the US provided to their hearts content.

    Maybe our GOOD friends the Iranians can leash them and prevent ‘hard liners’ from taking over Yemen while the Iranians get those nuclear treaty centrifuges going full tilt in their fortress bunkers.
    After they’ve checked out their new Pentagon Briefing papers on the Israeli nuclear program of course to see if they’ve overlooked anything in their own.

    I know at one point I said this was like watching high school kids run the government.
    I see I was giving Obama’s team to much credit in implying they were as far along as High School.

    • If he were working for the other side, what exactly would he be doing differently?
      Mark Steyn

      I don’t believe Barracula is incompetent.

      • Read my mind man.

        I say they’re incompetent, I don’t believe it.

        He better hope if the wheels come off that that is the ruling of any subsequent investigations..

  • Also somewhere, with somebody, of some persuasion is a fairly massive cache of American arms, the most significant of which (to my mind) is a reported 300 sets of night vision goggles.

    So now American and allied planners have THAT happy shit to factor into all their thinking.


  • At this point, what difference does it make?

    Lots of people- including Americans- are going die fixing what this destroyer Obama has done to the world.

    Bad times a’coming.

  • Thanks to the jabroni in the White House, the world has to look to Israel and the forchrissakes House of Saud for leadership and possibly some world-saving actions.


  • It’s groundhog year – we have another spring full of things that Obama and his henchmen have completely hosed up.

  • What all this means is if it starts getting hot enough in the press you can expect the White House to zig or zag in a completely new direction on some other topic to take the heat off on this one.

    Their MO is to overwhelm their opponents by splitting the focus of things they can be outraged by and it tends to prevent a unified outrage.

    Once the opposing forces are split dithering away their efforts on different points they deflect each necessarily smaller response to the outrage, blame each one on ODS and more or less baffle the general public with the accusation that it’s not really anything wrong, it’s just another case of racist critics disrespecting the President because he ain’t a white guy.

    • Yep. It’s an MO I identified early in the first term of “Hope and Change”.

      A daily bombardment of scandal, assault, outrageous over-reach, trial balloons, and outlawry.

      The great danger is that Americans are patient people, and we all get used to even abuse over time.

      • It sort of boggles the logical mind that they more or less successfully deal with potentially fatal problems merely by creating more problems.

        • Some conservative writers have termed it the “dense-pack” strategy, after the nukler exchange strategy.

          It’s an apt term. It kind of literally overwhelms human nature. We are left with a bemused “WTF?” after a point. It’s like being hit in the head repeatedly.

          • Then too, he has no intention of actually dealing with problems.

            His mission is to create as many as possible without resolving them.

            A gift to America, the dreams from his father.

      • Its an ancient Clinton tactic.

  • Via Insty, Egypt-Saudi Invasion of Yemen Imminent

    No doubt we’ll soon be hearing about why this budding Shia-Sunni civil war is “good and necessary”, and how young people in the Middle East will use Twitter to guide the conflict to a safe, modern outcome.

    • Oh, yeah. Plus, he predicted every bit of it. Every. Bit.

      • And it’s all Boooooooosh’s fault too.

        • You’re just a ODS-crazed member of the right wing fear industry. IF only you could let that ideological set of blinders fall off, you could join the pragmatic boys down to the beer joint as we gather for spirited but respectful disagreement over a few pints. But instead you will continue to see “others” because you are blinded by false portraits painted in idiotic right wing memes.

          Oh…oh…OHbama will go down as one of the greats.

          And your faux scandals will never keep Hillary out of the Witch House…er, White House…with her expansive, capacious hips and stylish pantsuits and charming, girlish laugh.

          • I’d rather have the ample bosoms and librarian eyeglasses with a side order of magenta caterpillars.

    • “safe” means they aren’t going to invade Mooscattia any time soon.

    • “It’s so nice to be insane
      No one asks you to explain…

      …Living in a world of make-believe
      Well, maybe, well, maybe, well maybe”

      Read more: Helen Reddy – Angie Baby Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  • “We came, we saw, we made it worse!”

  • If he were working for the other side, what exactly would he be doing differently?
      — Mark Steyn, “O Beautiful, For Specious Guys”

  • David Burge @iowahawkblog

    Say what you want about Neville Chamberlain, but he at least got a piece of paper to wave around.
    1:48 PM – 27 Mar 2015

    So, now we’re being told that the “agreement” will not necessarily be reduced to writing. This will make determining future compliance a dream.

    I’m in favor of water-boarding Kerry at this point, just so we have a record. Of some damn thing.

    This is really literally unbeleiveable. Our best hope is that the French (!) continue to show some backbone.


  • When you have a “leader from behind” who no longer leads, you are left with just a behind.

  • History teaches us that, if you WANT to entangle a nation in war, you have it project…

    1. weakness OR

    2. ambiguity OR

    3. both

    This “treaty” that one British diplomat calls a “narrative” (seriously…!!!) projects BOTH weakness and ambiguity.

  • DEFT!

  • Well, look at it this way – the Saudi combined forces will probably finish up their war in Yemen just in time for candidate Hillary to do a victory ride through Sanaa on one of their tanks dressed in a burqua and helmet (a’la Mike Dukakis).

  • Yet again you sterile, inbred bigots on the right fail to appreciate the wonder and glory that is Obama (PBUH). He has it all deftly planned out. He will soon deploy his hashtag arsenal, wielded by his mighty Twitter team over at the State Department.

    Oh, there will violence, of course. Good and necessary violence. Violence that is merely a prelude to a time of peace and plenty in the whole area, as young people frolic on Instagram and Twitter. You just wait. As long as necessary, because it’s absolutely going to happen. I decree it. I have complete faith in Obama (PBUH) and his brilliance.

    As I gently work with my Obamacok Oral Therapy Device (version 3 with Squirting Action (TM) and patented Base Massage), I contemplate how awful it must be to believe Obama could possibly fail at anything.

    Why, he got elected twice! Despite your spiteful attempts to talk about silly stuff such as his preacher hating America and being mentored by some guy who was a bit rambunctious in his college years. And he got his signature healthcare bill passed, which I wholeheartedly support, despite what I said about that sort of thing being better handled by the states.

    I didn’t really mean that, you know. I was trying to appease you dense righties by claiming to have some libertarian leanings so that you would engage with me as an equal. Well, as equal as it can be when one side has godlike powers of political science. I mean, really, you have to admit that only someone like that should be able to handwave away any arguments counter to his claim, and decree stuff without links or anything. Do you think it’s easy handwaving away those charts and graphs you grunt engineer types like?

    And, of course, it didn’t work. You just laughed and called me names, which meant I was right about everything I ever said. I decree it.

    Really, what you any of you done to compare to my own accomplishments? I have a book! On Amazon! Currently ranked at 5,147,587 in books! With a positive review too, by someone with a reviewer ranking of 24,539,933! Who I don’t even know! Well, barely. And I didn’t ask him to review it. I only barely suggested it. Seven or eight times.

    Plus I was president of the faculty senate! Match that! See, they like me here at my magical college in this magical little town, where nothing bad ever happens. Well, except a divorce or two, and don’t start up about how I’m such a twerp I couldn’t even keep a Russian bride happy. Well, she was Russian, but it wasn’t my fault! She, like you here, failed to appreciate the brilliance of Obama. Though the rumor that she nearly brained me one night because I wouldn’t stop talking about how wonderful he is should not be taken seriously. No, it was just a soulless marriage, by which I mean that anyone who doesn’t look at Obama’s christlike visage and feel overwhelmed with gratitude for him doesn’t have a soul.

    Yep, Obama is going down as one of the greats. Suck on it. I’m expecting the Kickstarter to pay for his Mt. Rushmore addition any day now.

    I can’t wait to visit it. My family is in that area, you know. I’ll take them all, and we will gaze on Obama’s christlike visage, look up into that magnificent nostril, and I’ll contemplate his wisdom and glory as I suck my Obamacok Oral Therapy Device. {Obamagalumbadumafum} {squeeze, squeeze} {squirt} Oh, yes, that’s it….

    Anyway, I had to come here and have some fun irritating you. Which isn’t either to help me forget that while I should be at Harvard dispensing wisdom to future presidents, instead I’m stuck in a quasi community college making very little money and so desperate for validation that I actually ran for faculty senate. I love it here! {sob} I do! The majestic moose, with their somber eyes, remind me of what’s really important – indoctrinating teaching the next generation.

    Who cares if I have no money to speak of? Or that I can’t seem to keep a woman around for very long? Or that I’m so desperate I take nubile young females to Italy every year just to leer at them? Which I don’t, really. I just have to look at them regularly to make sure they are all there, and have not run off to be ravished by some balding middle age Italian man.

    So I check on each of them every night, just as their parents would want me to. I ask each one if there’s anything they need, anything at all, and make sure they know where my room is. In case of emergency, you know.

    After all, they might be overcome with giant magenta caterpillars that sneaked over in their luggage. There are usually a few in mine. With their Sarah Palin faces and ample bosom, of course. And those naughty librarian glasses, and their naughty winks. They wink at me a lot as I’m watching a movie to calm down. And don’t start up about the movie being something like Student Bodies V: Stiff Lessons.

    I mean, that sort of stuff is just beneath me. I think in higher realms about quantum physics and what it means for consciousness. And the stuff I discuss about that on my blog isn’t either just dorm room philosophy that any half-stoned sophomore could dream up. It’s deep stuff! Deep, deep questions about reality and vibrating quantum strings and how it all relates to consciousness.

    And I don’t either talk about it to those nubile females in Italy to impress them with my brilliance and hope they will want to experience some quantum spirituality directly. Nope, I just feel so sorry for you dense righties and your inability to experience the quantum spirituality I see and feel. Why, you think quantum physics is about Dilbert spaces and Hoosenberg Uncertainty and quantum wavy functions.

    No, it’s about how we’re all connected. I think of that, lying in my bed in Italy, listening to giggles from the other side of the wall. I think about I’m connected to those nubile young students. How vibrations in my mind connect to vibrations in theirs. Regular, pulsing vibrations that sometimes reach a spiritual crescendo. Which I really like to do in Italy since I don’t have to wash the sheets.

    • Eeeuwwwa…

      Why does the term “worm-holes” seem so dirty now…???

      But on a more sober…and less, erm, fluid…note, I suppose you’re right. I confess to being stuck in Anachronismville, where you can identify friend from foe, democratic allies are treated better than terrorist police states, treaties are written out and state things definitively, Presidents are responsible to Congress and the people, crazy mullahs should not be able to obtain nuklar weapons under ANY circumstance, and we don’t trade deserters for the equivalent of five flag-rank terrorists.

      There has been a disturbance in the Force, and I just didn’t make the turn, I guess.


    Bu…bu…but the Maven of Moosesqueeze ASSURES us that, if you rally, rally want to hear ALLLLL sides of an issue, you should visit a campi.

    And HE preaches to us about being trapped in a cocoon…

  • Hey! It’s Enlightenment Hour at 8:30. Don’t forget to char-broil some steaks from specially bred extra-flatulent cattle, turn your stereos up to 11 (I like Rush’s Red Barchetta for the occasion), and leave your TVs on, along with all your inside and outside lights!

    Oh, and a good single-malt Scotch which had to be imported in carbon-fueled vehicles!

  • We’re still here?
    Earth day came and went and Gort didn’t stop by and tell us what good galactic citizens we were being and recommend us for membership and take us all up to their hyperpangalacticquantumspacefolding cruiser?

    And I sat in the dark chanting
    for an hour for nothing!

    • oh, well, no wonder, it was only Earth HOUR, not EARTH DAY!
      Phew, that explains it.
      There’s still time! We can be saved!

      or something.