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Probably TMI

But necessary.

A few days ago, I took a fall … literally.  Knocked unconscious, severe concussion, etc.  Lucky I didn’t end up in a body cast or worse.  Anyway, the good news is no broken bones and physically getting over it.  However, if you have any experience with a concussion, you know the after effects.  Short attention span theater is one of them.  That and a sort of fogginess that gets better over time.

Bottom line, I’m not really up to writing anything of any depth or importance right now.  I’ve tried to put a couple of things up, but they’re not my best work.  Unlike Andrew Sullivan though, blogging isn’t “killing me” (even though I’ve been doing it as long as he has).  I love blogging, it’s just right now I can’t give it my best effort.

So I’m backing off for a while.  I’ll be back as soon as I think I can give it my best stuff.

In the meantime, I hope a few others will pitch in.


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21 Responses to Probably TMI

  • My guess: You were on the roof, lost your footing, and splat. If so, you’re lucky. I’ve actually taken a couple of falls on a *flat* roof, which wasn’t that easy to do. But roofing materials, shingles, tar paper, with that grit on them, have deceptive traction. You think your feet have a grip, and then that’s all gone and you’re down.

  • Certainly sorry to hear that man.
    Hope you get well soon!

    Uh, is it too soon to make jokes about chutes not opening?

    • LOL … no. Missed a step, fell down 15 of em. Backwards. Beat my head up pretty badly, but then, that’s the hardest part of my body. Really lucky to be here when all is said and done.

      • I have done that several times. Fortunately, I was going up the stairs. Painful and embarrassing, but not too dangerous.

        Best wishes and heal quickly. Remember, no alcohol.

      • Ouch !!

  • Best wishes for a speedy convalescence.

  • Yah, yah, yah. Piss and moan, excuses, excuses, excuses. Purrr idie wadums…. Just can’t keep it up. Blog-wise, that is.

    But, seriously, McQ, get well quick. As my stunt-man father used to say, “No free stunts”.

    If you’re going to do falls, at least get then on film/video.

  • Bottom line, I’m not really up to writing anything of any depth or importance right now.

    A lesser man would make a snarky comment, but I like you, so I’ll just wish you a speedy recovery. 🙂

  • You rest and heal up. In the meantime you’re worried about the blog maybe invite Erb to write one as a guest? 😉

  • I wonder if it’s ever entered his self-absorbed brain that Barracula (PBUH) may have just killed his daughters with this Iran deal?

    • He’s just killed a lot of daughters. And sons too.

      But hey, he’ll be living large on the HI golf course so what’s a few million people to him?

    • Didja enjoy their “we won” bluster of telling everyone that the US needs to stop lying about the deal they made right after Obama was done patting himself on the back?

      • Why shouldn’t they do a lil’ Snoopy dance? They’ve walked over the West and have a clear path to Armageddon. They have such contempt for Pres. ScamWOW they feel free to call him on his lies.

        We can MAYBE take some hope from the growing bi-partisan horror at this “whatever it is” that Barracula is so pleased with. The consensus is “total cock-up”.

        • They didn’t even do him the courtesy of telling the Iranian public that he was lying to appease the hardliners in America the way Barack does when during negotiations the Iranians occasionally shout ‘Death to America!”

          (some poetic license taken in that last statement, but not a lot….)

        • Not really. When push comes to shove the Dems will go along and swallow the sh-t sandwich because otherwise the GOP would win. Can’t have that.

          If you want to hope about anything, hope about where the inevitable mushroom cloud goes off in this country. Hopefully not a red state….

          • Does it really matter if the GOP wins? Its the great horror that’s false. The GOP is a de facto ‘sham’. Whether its cowardice or progressive disguised as moderates disguised as republicans or flat out Democrat moles.

  • Oh, dear! I certainly hope you heal super-fast!

    “Our side” needs all its warriors (on all fronts, even/ especially bloggers!) ready for front-line duty. So take all the R-&-R you need, so you’ll be ready to combat the next round of Institutional Idiocy (we all know it’s coming…) !


  • Guess we’re going to have to get you a professorship somewhere to match your current mental state.

  • Been there, done that. The doctors all said I made a miraculous, quick recovery, but that ADD syndrome and the loss of words or names lingers.

    Take it easy and get well.