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A Coupl’a Things

So, a few things have caught my attention over the last couple of days. None of them are related. They’re all just sort or random things I noticed in passing.

In response to the SJW freak-out over the owner of Memories Pizza in Indiana, Dana Loesch started a GoFundMe for the pizza shop that got over $800,000 in pledges. This made one SJW named John Furr unhappy.


So, Mr. Furr tweeted how upset he was that GoFundMe allowed this project to be accepted and completed. He’s so upset that, even though he’s used the site for his prog-lefty fundraising, he’s going to boycott them from now on. Sure, he found the site useful to dredge up what money he could from his SJW sympathizers, but now that someone with an opposing political view has used the site, it’s become too corrupted to have anything to do with.

Apparently, it’s not enough for GoFundMe to be neutral in this political issue, and go about their business of allowing anyone to needs funding within their TOS to obtain it. Neutrality, is, in his view, just as evil as opposition in his quest for transcendental justice, I guess.

Think about what that implies. Either you give full-blown support to the appropriate Lefty causes or you’re simply an enemy. That’s the totalitarian face of the progressive Left. They aren’t interested in “tolerance”. They require approval. If you don’t want to weigh in and stand on the sidelines…well, that’s not good enough. You’re either all-in or you’re a class traitor. So, don’t kid yourself that they won’t come for you if they obtain the power to do so. You won’t get to be left alone.

These SJWs are totalitarians who demand a rigid conformity, and demonize anyone who won’t mouth the appropriate political line.

The Left could not be more effective at fomenting civil war in this country if they were trying to do so.

Bill O’Reilly’s book, Killing Jesus, has been made into a movie, and they showed it on FOXNews over the Easter weekend. It was weird.

In the movie, Jesus kind of announces himself to the world by having Peter haul in a butt-load of fish in a single cast. Nobody had seen anything like it. Anyway, the Sanhedrin convinces Pilate to crucify Jesus, and he’s put in the tomb, with the High Priest asking for Roman soldiers to guard the tomb to ensure the disciples don’t steal the body and claim he came back from the dead.

A couple of days later, some folks go to the tomb, where the stone has been rolled away, and the corpse is gone, with an empty shroud just laying there. The very next scene, Peter is back in Galilee, fishing, and looking all sad and puppy-like. Then, a whole bunch of fish swim into his net. He hauls in his record catch, and yells over to one of the other disciples, “He has returned!” Except that he, you know, hadn’t. So, basically, the whole Resurrection deal was just…disappeared from the movie.

Now, look, the Resurrection is kind of a Big Deal in Christianity. One might almost say that Christianity without the Resurrection is pointless. I mean, if you’re gonna do a Jesus movie, and play it on Easter Frickin’ Sunday, you might think that some mention would be made of the couple of hundred people or so whom the Bible asserts actually saw and spoke with Jesus for about a month after the crucifixion, or watched him fly up into heaven. But, you’d be wrong. The body just disappeared—with hints that the disciples took it—and the whole resurrection deal was symbolic thing, rather than Resurrected Jesus walking up to people and saying, “Yeah, It’s me. No really, poke my spear-holes of you don’t believe me!”

I found it odd that this Killing Jesus deal was hyped as some sort of authoritative look at Jesus life, and they just elided the whole Resurrection thing away. On Easter Sunday.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia made a strange statement. They are suspending their report on state-level leading and coincident indicators. Why?

The recent benchmark data revisions from the Bureau of Labor Statistics produced greater changes to the Philadelphia Fed’s estimating methodology than are typical. While estimates for most states do appear to be reasonable, those for some states are not.

In other words, the BLS has “adjusted” the data so badly that they don’t make any sense, and the Fed can’t use them to produce the state leading and coincident indicators index. They are, in short, worthless. The BLS, of course, says they give us the real scoop, without any of that nasty political data massaging.

Apparently, the Philly Fed disagrees.

Sally Kohn is an NYU law school graduate. But, I’m going to assume it was the NYU School of Legal Things and Stuff for Kids That Don’t Think Too Good, because today she wrote this:

You could also argue that the government is forcing you to drive below the speed limit or wear a seatbelt in your car. But it’s not. There isn’t a police officer holding a gun to your head literally forcing you to buckle up. In fact, you are 100 percent free to speed and not wear your seatbelt—and simply deal with the consequences if you’re pulled over. Is the threat of the fine for breaking the law amount to “forcing” you to follow the law? No.

This definition of “force” contravenes literally everything we know about how law—and language—works. The whole point of having laws is to engage you with whatever force is necessary to stop you from, or punishing you for, disobeying them. You can’t even spell “law enforcement” without “force”.

So, the key takeaway: Progressives aren’t just raging totalitarians…they are dumber than wet stumps.

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53 Responses to A Coupl’a Things

  • Ms Kohn is certainly either very dense or a sophist of Erbian proportions. Her argument basically reduces to saying that if you are asked to contract a service you must provide it, otherwise the prospective client can find a law which you may have broken and bring down the wrath of the progressive borg on you. What was Memories Pizza actual mistake? Admitting to their beliefs. You can bet your ass that they have served many a gay customer over the counter, they just won’t contract to gay weddings. It is the same as compelling a doctor to perform an abortion against her moral beliefs (after all, no one is holding a gun to her head if she refuses). If I ask a general contractor to build a wall and he can’t be bothered, or doesn’t like me, what does he do? Tell me why? No, he prices himself out of the game with a ridiculous quote. These dimbulbs don’t seem to realize that attaining their ideal society would in fact involve police holding guns to peoples’ heads, because history and even current events shows people will not bow to such coercion even to the point of death.

  • The O’Reilly thing sounds like a ‘reach across the isle’ to Atheists move much like the reach across the isle politics FoxNews defends.

    There are some atheists trying hard to make a space for themselves in the GOP which is fine but they are as demeaning and intolerant of religion as any atheists I’ve seen anywhere else.

    I think its a play to downplay the ‘religious right’ moniker.

    So instead of isolating off the ‘social conservatives’ who do want to control your life as much as the left does (and if the left could stomach religion, they would own them tomorrow) and defending freedom of religion, they’re keeping the social conservatism side and attacking the actual belief in religion(s).

    • Bill O’Reilly was trying to create some space for Jesus, the man. The point of the book was to establish that Jesus was at the very least (to steal a line from Barack Obama) “a historic figure”.
      Some many deny his divine nature, but the guy did exist, unlike some talking salamanders.

  • For Kohn, not following the law would be for me to refuse to pay the fine as well. What happens if I try to not pay the fine? Nice police officers will show up to force me by seizing my property. If I successfully resist the nice officers, it goes to the next step, likely jail time. If I then successfully resist going to jail, I’ll be hunted down. If I resist being hunted down, i will get a bullet in the head or have live off of roots and berries in some mountain.

    If I disagree with what the law is trying to compel me to do which means I also resist the ‘consequences’ which is a double plus good word for punishment and resist those who try to enforce the consequences, it will reach a point where I get a bullet in the head.

  • So by her logic, when a local mobster says, “Nice business you have there, be a real shame if something happened to it.”, it’s not an attempt at extortion, but simply a friendly suggestion to subscribe his insurance plan.

    • You are 100 percent free to not pay Guido’s protection money—and simply deal with the consequences if your store mysteriously catches fire in the middle of the night. Does the threat of broken kneecaps amount to “forcing” you to pay up? No.

      • If, however, he smiled pleasantly at you while wishing you a nice day he would no doubt be guilty of microaggressing a rape culture on you. Please try and keep some perspective in this whole squalid quagmire that is leftist ass-hattery!

  • “Adjusting the Data” = “Adjusting the Facts”

  • Either you give full-blown support to the appropriate Lefty causes or you’re simply an enemy. That’s the totalitarian face of the progressive Left. They aren’t interested in “tolerance”. They require approval. If you don’t want to weigh in and stand on the sidelines…well, that’s not good enough. You’re either all-in or you’re a class traitor.

    The Leftist has no enemies to the left of him and no friends to the right of him.

    • Slaves to the right of him, it seems.

    • Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right
      Here I am, stuck in the middle with you
      Yes, I’m stuck in the middle with you

  • Liberalism stands or falls by the distinction between state and society, or by the recognition of a private sphere, protected by the law but impervious to the law, with the understanding that, above all, religion as particular religion belongs to the private sphere. Just as certainly as the liberal state will not “discriminate” against its Jewish citizens, so it is constitutionally unable or even unwilling to prevent “discrimination” against Jews by individuals or groups. To recognize a private sphere in the sense indicated means to permit private “discrimination,” to protect it and thus in fact to foster it. The liberal state cannot provide a solution to the Jewish problem, for such a solution would require a legal prohibition against every kind of “discrimination,” i.e., the abolition of the private sphere, the denial of the difference between state and society, and the destruction of the liberal state.
    Leo Straus

    I thought that a very insightful observation. You can plug any group or “identity” in for “Jews” and it is still pretty true.

    Europe, Canada, and Australia are arrived at the place where “the private sphere” is all but extinct BY LAW. We are moving there.

    When this is allowed to happen, expression of “unaccepted” views becomes an act of outlawry. For many, that is no great impediment, as they have found that open hatred of Jews, for instance, carries with it almost no costs. For others of a more civil bent, it means being hauled off for reading a Churchill speech in public.

    The Collective has dropped all pretense at supporting tolerance and diversity of thought. They are totalitarians now in full bay, on the hunt. Just now, they are mostly limiting their destruction of individuals and their organizations to non-violent means. If they could, that would be unlimited.

  • To anyone with a working brain, Sally Kohn has been a dirty joke for some time. It is a marvel she has any outlet for her blatherings. They are THAT embarrassingly stupid.

  • If John is really from Toronto – what the hell does he care what we’re doing here in the US.

    Maybe he can find a hobby like campaigning for real free speech in Canada instead.

    • Free speach is great when you lay claim to being the dissenting underdog. The Collective is jelling into a Collective Dictatorship. Underdogs are to be stomped down now.

      A small consolation. Very small. The “Collective Dictatorship” shortly thereafter will be just a Dictatorship with a lot of “what happened?” puzzled [former] members

      • Oh that’s okay – that way I won’t mind being the son-of-a-witch they already claim we are if the time comes that we actually have to be.

        Gonna be a cold and hungry day for em if the wine and cheese delivery system breaks down and grinds to a halt you know?

    • Canada is Progressive Heaven: total Progressive though-control, nothing to do all day but status-rage and whiter than Ivory soap.

      • And bask in the love glow because “no one hates Canada”.
        Canada, providing the hat for the country the world loves to hate.

        • They’re our pet European country — we do all the heavy-lifting: technical innovation, keeping the global peace, supplying a market-based safety-valve for their single-payer healthcare systm, etc. etc. and in return we get thankless petty bitchiness and Justin Bieber.

    • To paraphrase H.L. Mencken, a progressive is someone haunted by the fear that someone, somewhere, has religious beliefs.

      • Hey, they don’t have any problem with you if you believe in Allah instead of God.

        That’s mainly because they don’t really dare to say that.

        • Hey, it’s more simple than that.

          They don’t care what you think, so long as you don’t express it in word or deed.

          Getting to your private thoughts is for tomorrow…

          • Well, not that they LIKE you believing in Allah, and certainly they would prefer it if you stopped expressing that – word and deed.
            But they won’t launch a cyber storm attack on you like they did with Memories Pizza.

            And they won’t do that because you could be one of those people who are often involved in work place violence, and their social justicing is mainly focused on people who they are fairly
            certain aren’t going to do anything to them that might later be categorized by the government as work place violence after the chalk body outlines have been cleaned up.

            That’s why those backward Christians are such pleasant and easy targets for their noble SJW efforts. Because Christian head chopping and blasphemical revenging is restricted to campaigns that ended many hundred years ago, whereas workplace violencers are merrily committing further workplace violences throughout the world even as I type this.

          • This will be one of those vignettes I LIVE for…when the SJW find themselves looking about for the swamp-dwelling ex-military types for some protection from the Lions of Allah.

            I plan a good, high vantage point with tactical popcorn. Maybe a video camera.

  • Ragspierre – love your “tactical popcorn” …

    Uh, anybody here see a marketing niche opening up? Get in on the ground floor!!!!

  • Now, look, the Resurrection is kind of a Big Deal in Christianity. One might almost say that Christianity without the Resurrection is pointless.

    No need to beat around the bush, that’s official doctrine:

    Now if Christ is proclaimed as raised from the dead, how can some of you say that there is no resurrection of the dead? But if there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised. And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain. We are even found to be misrepresenting God, because we testified about God that he raised Christ, whom he did not raise if it is true that the dead are not raised. For if the dead are not raised, not even Christ has been raised. And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile and you are still in your sins. Then those also who have fallen asleep in Christ have perished. If in Christ we have hope in this life only, we are of all people most to be pitied…. If the dead are not raised, “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.” – 1st Corithians 15:12-19, 32b

    • I was darkly amused to read a piece by a NYT “thinker”, saying that it was about time that Christians simply changed that whole “homosexual” dealie. Like religious tenets are as plastic as post-modern “standards”.

      It’s amazing how poorly these people think, and how shallow their understanding of other perspectives.

      Right, Erp?

      • I can hardly wait till this ‘thinker’ makes that kind of suggestion for the Quran/Koran.

        Yes yes, just change your silly dogma you crazy people and you’ll be able to accept whatever is currently in vogue! Why is this so hard for you to understand! It’s good to be ‘pragmatic’ (loosely translated – “it’s okay to have no core values”).

        By the way, that is precisely why they aren’t more worried about Iran obtaining a ‘device’ because they can’t conceive of anyone seeing things differently than they do about the world.
        And rest assured they’ll be screaming for the red neck backwards American swamp dwelling military types to save them when the fecal matter contacts the whirling blade.

        • Actually they won’t. Not at first or while their Churches (echo chamber websites, etc.) are in effect.

          This may be a leap but recent sci-fi stories that get play in media these days deal with a mindset that saving your humanity is more important than saving humanity. See that theme I have assume is a proxy for western culture or society. In Sci-Fi humanity is usually a proxy for the West which is kind of racist, idk. Anyway, I believe the point is that basically you have no right to survival unless you’re ‘pure’ about it, first.

          The killing of us by ‘brown people’ (their term, not mine) will at first be considered deserved ‘blow back’. Until the dead people start hitting home and aren’t flukes so that its no longer abstract. “Its ok for others to die to preserve my abstracted view of the situation.” That will be shaken only when the situation is no longer an abstraction for them. Basically people they know and more than one or two.

          • Right, your purity is what matters.
            Not much survival instinct left in that genetic line obviously.

          • Right, your purity is what matters.

            I am SOOOOOooooooo screwed…

          • Ya big silly! Your purity is NOT what matters, I was being sarcastic! 🙂

            This purity thing is a bunch of crap. It’s like the fools that think humanity ISN’T part of nature. Be definition anything WE do to the planet is natural because we are part of the planet. Our constructs are no less natural than than elephants digging watering holes, termites building mound cities or locusts wiping out crops.

            Even the impure should be able to survive, otherwise there’s no hope for redemption of any kind is there (spiritual or mental – and when I’m talking progressives, I really mean MENTAL).
            Otherwise life would all be Calvinistic double predestination 🙁 and I don’t buy that.

          • Your comment reminded me of recent trends in the Halo universe. There’s quite a backstory there. Originally, it was written by those with a “isn’t it a great thing to save humanity” viewpoint. But the most recent Halo novels, by a left-leaner named Karen Traviss, have been slammed on Amazon for putting polemic ahead of story.

            In short, the Spartan program, which gave us the protagonist Master Chief, was created by a not-too-nice woman scientist name Halsey. It ended up saving humanity against an alien coalition. But Traviss can’t go more than a few pages without having a character spout off about what a fascist this Halsey was, with the implication that saving humanity was not a conceivable defense against her (admittedly immoral) actions.

            Then we’ve got the latest ads for Halo 5, released just last week, which feature the viewpoints of two characters, and they are pretty much the opposite of one another. I smell an attempt to take the hero of the series down a few notches and start down the “moral ambiguity” path.

            I suppose it shouldn’t be too surprising that a game company in the lefty enclave that is the Seattle area would want to infuse such themes into the game, even though it probably makes the success of future versions less likely. For many on the left, politics trumps everything all the time.

          • I thought it was just me Billy, thanks.

            We can’t even have fictional heroes any more.

            Travis can do what she wants – Master Chief to me will always be the guy from the cut scene ‘Return to Sender’.

          • “I know what you’re thinking, and it’s crazy.”

            “So, stay here.”

            “Unfortunately for us both, I like crazy.”

            I like the remastered version.

          • Just as there was a definitive turn toward nihilism in Hollywood and British war movies immediately after the war and continuing (or made a lot worse) today.

            Bridge On The River Kwai is a classic example.

            “Fighting never solves anything” is one of the stupidest bromides in all history.

          • @BH,

            ***** SPOILERS *****
            Some examples I had in mind were the video game “Last of Us” which is a high production value (Ellen Page) playstation game so I’ll never play it. So to know the hubbub was about I recently read the plot on Wikipedia. Its basically an infection/zombie story where a man who lost his daughter at he start of man’s downfall ends up in a father/protector roll for the Ellen Page character. Turns out she’s infected but hasn’t developed the disease. The point is to get her examined by a group of scientists or something. You find out they need to remove her brain where the infection resides. The father figure decides to not let that happen an pulls her from the surgery by force and later tells her the group had tried that before with no success which is a lie from the plot description I read. So I take it the “last of us” was a dual meaning. The last survivors and also the last of out ‘humanity’. The father figure chooses his ‘humanity’ over humanity.

            The other example was Interstellar. Where the survival impulse and compromising your touchy feely sense of humanity is put on the table in several ways. First the Michael Cain character tells to several people that there is a Plan A way to save most of mankind but just in case there is a Plan B where a bunch of fertilized eggs can be used to start new colonies. To trick many of the characters into going on the mission, Plan A turns out to have been a lie. This trick causes the Cooper character to ‘abandon his daughter’ for a few years which in itself is a choice of humanity’s survival over his relationship with his daughter even without it having been a trick. To make matters worse a character insists on exploring a potential new planet that is under a ‘time dialation’ effect in the movie which ends up transforming those few years of abandonment into decades. The Cooper character returns the favor by selecting what they believe to be the last planet they visit purely from a practical viewpoint which trumps another character’s opportunity to meet up with the person they are in love with.

            Interstellar has a have your cake and eat it too ending. But puts the idea of having to choose is constantly on the table throughout the movie.

            But in general I think the discussion is an offshoot of the idea Western Culture doesn’t deserve to defend itself except maybe if it only operates under a very strict [leftist] moral code of conduct.

        • People *are* making that suggestion to “modernize” Islam. Erp and other apologists do it daily. We must be patient, you know, while Islam evolves just as Christianity did (Remember The Crusades, The Inquisition, etc.?!?!). Every society/government has a moderate wing, Iran included according to Erp, and we must delicately encourage its development by not antagonizing the hardliners.

          I would go on, but trying to express that nonsense gives me brain cramps.

          • ” we must delicately encourage its development by not antagonizing the hardliners.”

            Delicately, because centrifuges and enriched uranium handling…these things must be done delllllllllicately (or you hurt the spell!)

          • I remember when Barracula SOOOOOoooooo delicately helped the move to liberalized Iranian society as to appear completely oblivious of it. He very delicately tip-toed around pools of moderate’s blood in the streets.

            Now, THAT’S some delicacy…!!!

  • We can’t even have fictional heroes any more.

    Gotta police the fiction of thoughtcrime.

  • Just as there was a definitive turn toward nihilism in Hollywood and British war movies immediately after the war and continuing (or made a lot worse) today.

    And it is really only a Western phenomenon. Contrast “Fury” with “Stalingrad” (the Stalingrad from a couple years ago, not the somewhat older one). Exemplifies a confused America (the West) versus a confident Russia.

    • Heh, only the people on the left coast are confused, and they’re about to become stinky and thirsty from lack of water.

      Divine justice!

    • Yep. ONE of the reasons the Collective HATES American Sniper . This guy was not “conflicted” about very effectively killing people to save American and allied lives. He regretted not being able to do more. To the Collective, that made him a “psychopath”. They’d have been ripped to pieces during WWII for expressing that bullshit. Americans LOVED Audy Murphy and wanted a lot more just like him.

      • The Collective is terrified of anyone who has a confident belief in something other than the Collective. That is why Professor Oblivious mentions fear every other sentence, it is a window on his psyche.

        The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

        • He does seem to have this thing about telling us what we’re afraid of.

          He mistakes paying attention with fear.

        • Yeeeeup. That ‘right-wing fear machine’ he keeps harping on is really just the ability we insist on of seeing cause and effect relationships instead of Collectivist delusions.

          Being able to see reality is…in the Obamic Decline…very scarey, indeed. But it also suggests how we can reverse things, given some time.

        • Who is more likely to be afraid of the real world?

          – People, such as many around here, whose career exposed them to a wide cross-section of society and in which real-world results were the only way to get ahead


          – A no-name professor who fled every real world job he ever had, and who cosseted himself on a remote community college campus, teaching the same Polysci 101 course to bored undergraduates every year for twenty years

          You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to answer that question.

          • Yeah, I’m sure Farmington is practically the New York City of Maine when it comes to wide cross sections of American society.
            roughly 4300 people.
            The campus is defined as “not ethnically diverse”, ranked as 1666th in the nation with a student body composition far below the national average in diversity.
            Lottsa chickies though – male student to female student ratio is 1 to 1.54.
            The town population overall is 54% female.
            Hmmm, maybe Ott Scerb is more spot on than one would sometimes think.

            Once you get around the 97.3% white people thing, I’m sure they have all kinds of culture and cultural holidays – the 40 hispanics get together on Cinco De Mayo, the 20 African Americans on MLK day, and the 40 Native Americans on June 25th.
            The local (white) folks probably have ‘ayuh’ and Downeaster festivals, church suppers, and tell “Bert & I” jokes while looking with disapproval on the damnfool outtah statahs who have invaded (again) for the summer.

            Suffice it to say I’m willing to bet it ain’t changed much culture wise since the summer days of my youth

          • Course, he DOES have to contend with all that creepy stuff Steven King keeps writing about that runs loose between Kittery and Caribou

          • We all have noticed how he runs like a little girl when direct questions are put to him.

            And, really, no wonder. They’ve been really embarrassing for him on the rare occasions when he’s tried to answer…