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Economic Statistics for 15 Apr 15

The MBA reports that mortgage applications fell -2.3% last week, with purchases down 3.0% and refis down -2.0%.

The Empire State manufacturing index fell into negative territory at -1.19 in April, compared to 6.90 in March.

The Fed reports that industrial production fell -0.6% in March, while capacity utilization in the nation’s factories fell -0.5% to 78.4%.

The Atlanta Fed’s Business Inflation Expectations survey held steady, in April, with businesses’ year-long inflation expectations at 1.7%.

The NAHB housing market index rose 3 points in April to 56.

The Fed’s Beige Book reported that economic activity in five Districts is expanding “moderately”, and is overall “modestly” positive but still sluggish.

Net foreign demand for long-term US securities rose $9.8 billion in February. Japan, for the first time since 2008, replaced China as the largest holder of US Securities.

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