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How disastrous is our foreign policy?

There are so many places to point to that illustrate the answer to the question (Libya, Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, China, Russia … ad infinitum, ad nauseum), but there’s one that’s been going on sort of behind the scenes that illustrates it perfectly.

As we all know, our President has an ideological agenda item labeled “global warming” “climate change” that he is hell bent on forcing on not only us, but the world to his agenda.

Here’s the interesting part – much of the world is sympathetic with his agenda.  Just look at the UN and those who adhere to the UN line about climate change.  A smart guy – at least the guy who supporters claim is always the “smartest guy in the room” – would use that fact to try to fashion some sort of coalition and agreement that would advance his agenda.

Not our prez.  He’s an “all-or-nothing” sort of guy when it comes to things like this – science be damned.  And he likes to bully and shame people and countries into doing his bidding.

Except that never seems to work.  What am I talking about?

The Infrastructure Investment Bank – A China led initiative that not only extends China’s influence but will extend loans to developing countries to help develop their energy infrastructure – to include coal.

Well, Obama’s well known for his war on coal and his inflexibility about including it in future.  But if you’re actually trying to be a  diplomat – you know, foreign policy – you might end up understanding that you are at the extreme with the “no coal” position and see if you can’t influence the agenda via compromise.  Oh, and if you’re against China’s initiative, you gather allies to work against their goal and toward yours.  That’s if you have any savvy at all concerning diplomacy and foreign policy.

So, you have to ask, how did this happen?

Australia’s decision to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank follows a reversal of policy, revealed in The Australian this month, based on strategic ­arguments about China. The change followed a reassessment within government and intense talks within the G7 group of ­finance ministers and central bank governors.

Australia had been one of our allies, along with Japan, in resisting this effort by China.  What happened?

While Australia, Japan, South Korea and Britain have been cautious and aware of the US criticism, all are moving towards joining. Japanese industrialists keen to sell “ultra-super-critical coal-fired” electricity generators to India for more efficient use of brown coal are pushing for Tokyo to sign up.

Mr Obama’s administration has been tightening internat­ional funding for coal-fired ­generation but the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank is likely to be more sympathetic to the pleas of developing nations.

The expansion of coal-fired power generation is a boon to Australia’s coal exporters and represents a boost to the flagging Japanese economy.

So, knowing that, what did the bully-in-chief do? Well, if you know anything about him, you’re unlikely to be surprised.  Just think – “ally” and it will come to you:

Australia has joined forces with Japan in international ­forums to resist the US campaign of limiting lending to developing nations seeking more efficient coal-fired generation. The technology offers the promise of cheaper power. The moves follow Mr Obama’s climate change speech at the G20 summit in Brisbane last November. The US President’s remarks, which embarrassed Mr Abbott and angered his ministers, were seen as an ­attempt to push the administration’s climate change policies in Mr Obama’s final year in office.

Yup, condescension and embarrassment have a tendency to move things in a direction you don’t want – especially when you do it in the country of your ally.

Result?  Another in a long, very long line of foreign policy failures.  Australia joins with China in rebuffing Obama’s agenda.

On the whole, I’m quite pleased with that.  However, it does indeed demonstrate how badly this circus is being run by the clown-in-chief.  I’m sure, even now, that James Taylor is tuning up for a trip down under.


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9 Responses to How disastrous is our foreign policy?

  • Old James can sing “you got a friend” for them.

    And his latest song
    Coal Killer Barry and the dark horizon.

    • Dog Whistle Alert!!!!

      • I know, right?!

        Well, I’m sure I’m already a racist because I’ve criticized him on pretty much everything except his choice of breakfast cereal.
        In for a penny, in for a pound.

  • Our friends and allies know Pres. ScamWOW and hold him in contempt.

    Our enemies know Pres. ScamWOW and hold him in contempt.


  • Who in the current crop of Presidential hopefuls has the skill to undo the damage Obama has done? Even the more preferable ones are lifer politicians.

    • Whoever it is won’t be able to do it alone – look at the crap at the Pentagon, for example. The Constitution is sexist? “We the people…” Suddenly they want to talk about what was meant instead of what is said? When it’s been so convenient to reinterpret the words, for the 2nd Amendment for example?

      And the Irs? And the Secret Service? And the EPA?

      No, it can’t be undone alone. There better be a whole boatload of people already in government at the levels where it matters who hate what has happened to fix any of this.

      And if Hillary wins, the trenches of the current wreckers will be so deep we’ll never get them out.

      • IF we get another Bush, nothing will be undone, about 70-80% of Hillary’s policies will be implimented anyway and the bar for extremist conservatism will be moved even further left of Jack Kennedy’s presidency. And then we’ll get 4-8 years of an Obilllary Democrats after that.

        I’d rather have Hillary flounder in this shit pile for 4 years and hang it on Democrat than end up with a GOP tools.

        Its a game that’s been played on the electorate. Elect a President that Froths up the opposition until they can’t think clearly anymore. Then switch Presidents and froth up the other side. Rinse Repeat. “Anybody but _____” has been applicable for some time now for both sides. While we’re all frothed up, they and their cronies drain the country more and set us up for a return to the dark ages.

        For Science Fiction Fans, The Star Trek Episode “Day of the Dove” is what’s been happening to the political spectrum so we are preoccupied to the point our freedom and economic achievements are bled off without notice of who is really doing it and benefitting from it.