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Stray voltage

So many things, so little time.

-You have to laugh at this one, I don’t care who your are.

In late February, the City University of New York announced that it had tapped Princeton economist and New York Times blogger Paul Krugman for a distinguished professorship at CUNY’s Luxembourg Income Study Center, a research arm devoted to studying income patterns and their effect on inequality.

About that. According to a formal offer letter obtained under New York’s Freedom of Information Law, CUNY intends to pay Krugman $225,000, or $25,000 per month (over two semesters), to “play a modest role in our public events” and “contribute to the build-up” of a new “inequality initiative.” It is not clear, and neither CUNY nor Krugman were able to explain, what “contribute to the build-up” entails.

The left often times seems intent upon removing parody as a means of criticism by becoming parody proof.  And you wonder why tuition continues to spiral out of control?

-Special Snowflakes rule academia anymore, and they’re not fans of free speech. Collective tantrums apparently work. From the inaugural “Disinvitation dinner”, George Will:

“Free speech has never been, in the history of our republic, more comprehensively, aggressively, and dangerously threatened than it is now,” Will, who’s had his fair share of protests, panics, and bans, told the audience.  Today’s attack isn’t just about process, he noted: It’s “an attack on the theory of freedom of speech,” with a belief “that the First Amendment is a mistake.”

All you have to do is watch how speakers who rub the dominant feminist culture on any campus the wrong way are treated:

Witness Christina Hoff Sommers, a well-known author, former philosophy professor, and, most recently, a YouTube star. Sommers, who describes her approach as “equity feminism,” is a refreshing change from mainstream modern feminism, which long ago click-clacked aboard the crazy train, ripped up all return tickets, and then hit the bar in the club car hard — not in a fun way, alas, but rather to weep and mutter various bad words over low-grade apple martini knockoffs garnished with mascara smears. Partnering with the American Enterprise Institute, Sommers has made a splash with her “Factual Feminist” video series, in which she calmly challenges and debunks oft-accepted and frequently absurd feminist talking points.

Bad news for those in the cocoon.  So, instead of being intellectuals and curious, they retreat to their “safe spaces” or ensure that the speaker can’t be heard by themselves or others.

Sommers’ approach, in other words, is straightforward, fact-based, and lucid. But this, as the zealous, easily wounded students at Oberlin College and Georgetown University demonstrated over the past week, simply will not do. Faced with a speaker who thinks outside the box, campus groups lit up in protest. Students taped their mouths shut. Others heckled and jeered Sommers as a “rape apologist.” Still others advertised alternate “safe spaces” for students “traumatized” by a speech.

“The students were so carried away with the idea that I was a threat to their safety,” Sommers told the website Campus Reform, that Oberlin officials “arranged for security guards to escort me to and from the lecture to protect me from the safe spacers.” This sounds sane, if it’s Opposite Day.

What’s a good comparison of the state of places of higher eduction that have enabled such behavior?  Well this seem right to me:

If you’ve ever been to a junior high slumber party, you might recognize the following scenario: In the midst of high jinks and general good times, suddenly one girl will drift off to a corner. Her feelings, somehow, have been hurt. Slowly, a few sympathizers, clear suckers for drama, make their way into her corner. They rub her back, ask why she’s crying, and, even if the answer is absurd, spend the rest of the evening casting baleful looks at the rest of the girls, who are oblivious, living large, sucking down Mountain Dew, and gleefully watching movies their parents would never allow them to watch. (In my case, this was almost always “Dirty Dancing.”)

Cowardice might not be fun, but for some, self-pity — cowardice’s common companion — certainly is. This is especially true if someone else is egging you on. Sadly, huge swaths of today’s college campuses, supposedly pinnacles of higher learning, have morphed into a giant preteen slumber party with an alarming population of sulking corner girls.


-The circus is back in town and the Hill/Billy act is just as tired and old as it used to be.  There’s a new book out pointing to how corrupt these people are … as if you needed a reminder.  The “dead broke” Clintons are multi-millionaires who’ve raised government influence peddling to new and even more corrupt heights.  And then we’re treated to the spectacle of Hillary flying coach and railing against the 1% and CEOs when she makes more money than any of them and her only child is buying a 10 million dollar Manhattan apartment.  Forget about questioning lack of accomplishment as SecState – look at the money the Clinton Foundation raked in while she was in office.  Quite an accomplishment wouldn’t you say?

Oh, and this:

“For three years in a row beginning in 2010, the Clinton Foundation reported to the IRS that it received zero in funds from foreign and U.S. governments, a dramatic fall-off from the tens of millions of dollars in foreign government contributions reported in preceding years. Those entries were errors, according to the foundation: several foreign governments continued to give tens of millions of dollars.”

They just missed it … and, they’ll get away with it too, hide and watch.

-And while you weren’t watching, Erica Holder, er, Loretta Lynch was confirmed as AG by the Republican Senate.


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25 Responses to Stray voltage

  • As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium Ones chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.

    … but hey, just because the Clintons forgot to mention this $2.35 million is no reason to believe that there is corruption afoot … it can all be easily explained as Alzheimer’s disease.

    Methinks the Clinton campaign is now heading off the rails since she will have no time left after she is done with Congressional testimony into the affair.

    I guess those discussions into the 25th Amendment will begin sooner than we all thought.

    • I want her to suck up as much prog money as possible before she tanks, though. Let her waste it trying to achieve the impossible goal of making her look appealing to the average voter.

      • Yeah. She wouldn’t give it up.

      • At first I thought it said “appalling to the average voter” which would make it mission accomplished

      • She’s appealing only to the Clintonite followers. She’ll get them going, then turn them over to the ‘electable’ candidate.

        • Ah, but that’s the problem with identity politics… the Dems can’t count on Hillary just “turning over” her followers unless they can find someone in the same victim class, and they seem short on women who can be elected to the Presidency. Balkanizing their supporters may have been a short- and medium-term win, but it’s deadly in the long term.

          In the interests of gender equality, I’d add they seem short of men who can be elected President too. I know QandO ran this a month or two ago, but it’s still true… if not Hillary, then who?

          • Things came together relatively fine for Obama after Hillary stepped out. A few hurt feelings but most got over it in time to win the Presidency. I think they keep talking Elizabeth Warren. If she doesn’t want to make you switch channels the minute she opens her mouth, its a step up. Background and policy don’t matter as seen with Obama.

          • Obama has a certain charisma. It’s not one I’m particularly vulnerable to, but I don’t deny he had something a lot of people found appealing. With that, he ran a cult of personality, and mined a huge vein of pundits who were basically desperate to be inducted into a cult of personality.

            I do not think Elizabeth Warren has that, or could find it. Nor do I know anybody else who could. Pundits are pretty desperate to migrate to the Cult of Clinton, but Hillary isn’t making it easy for them the way Obama did. Remember, Obama didn’t have any baggage, by virtue of, you know, never having really done anything other than run for office.

            Obama was an oddity, in many ways, and I do not mean that in some sort of snide insulting manner, merely descriptive. Any Dem whose name we’ve heard who are counting on repeating that had better not start measuring for the drapes in the Oval Office.

    • “‘Government’ is just a word we use for ‘things we do together’…like taking bribes to sell Uranium to the Russians…”

  • We used to talk about “A Rigorous Liberal Arts Education”

    I wonder how many Liberal Arts graduates could undergo a traditional baccalaureate .. in Latin ?

  • Hey, I see a unified field theory coalescing here…

    Essentially, it has to do the the total collapse of the Collectivist post-modern delusion swirl.

    Intellectually, the modern leftist campus (and they aren’t ALL that…yet) is simply becoming a laughingstock. And it isn’t JUST Femin-Nazis. It’s everywhere. And, of course, it bleeds out into Blue havens where these poor, crazed, intellectually crippled snowflakes gather after they leave college. We see them savaging each other, turning the despicable tools of intolerance on each other.

    Morally, we see the Clintons and Barracula and his outlaw gang as being the poster children for the Collective. They are hopelessly, disgustingly corrupt. They are outlaws, and make little attempt to even TRY to hide it. They’ve crossed over into “hubris nation”. We now have ANOTHER Attorney General who has openly stated that the law means nothing, that citizenship means nothing, and she’ll just rubber-stamp illegal acts by her sponsor.

    AND we have a candidate for First Lady who OPENLY has come out against the Bill Of Rights, starting with the First Amendment. Read Will’s speech for details. AND she’s not alone. Many people in the Congress are down with OPENLY calling for trashing the whole idea of free speech.

    I suggest that this ALL signals an apparent collapse in the Collective. They see it coming, and they are increasingly shrill and desperate.


    • Rags-

      Wish I could agree, but…

      How could this clown show in the White House have approval ratings north of single digits? And elected to a second term? Much of the electorate is either willfully blind or just stupid. With all the exposed flat-out corruption / evil, Hillary would probably still garner 35-40% of the vote. Heck – even if she went to jail she wouldn’t lose many of them.

      You probably have a few in your family too. Folks who no matter what happens would never stray from the Democrat plantation. Global Warming true believers, economic idiots, and collectivist dolts – and these people are old enough to know better.

      • The stats given for his approval are no more real than the stats he gives out for unemployment, the level of violence in the world, the state of relations with every country going, global warming, you name it.

        Welcome to the Information Manipulation Age.

        Josef Goebbel’s methodology whacked up on Lance Armstrong Class lie enhancers.

        • How can you say that? HE WON TWO ELECTIONS.

          And I guarantee you he’d win a 3rd

          • As stupid and impossible as that seems I agree Shark.

            The only group of people I have any faith in these days is my enemies.
            At least I can expect them to try and run me over as often as possible.
            It’s the squishy ‘friends’ that I don’t trust – if this last month or so is an indication of what the Republicans will do with power, I have to ask why vote for them, better to just vote Democrat to hasten the wreck and accept the consequences.

      • I’ve been noting polling on several subjects in the last few weeks that shows majorities supporting the opposite on the issues tested. Polls are a cypher, not a useful data-point.

        There is a fraction of Americans that are simply gone WRT voting for things we would agree are good and right. I suspect that’s always been true, but the percentages move around. I also have no delusions about the big, fat middle swinging in my direction. It could happen, but I make no assumptions.

        My immediate family is pretty much Conservative/Libertarian. A few that are just agnostic on political matters, but no crazies. No Gorebal Warm-mongers. This precludes my half-sister who is recognized by the family as our “peculiar relation” as we say in the South. If she votes, there ain’t no tellin’….

        A few predictions:

        1. there will be a law and order swing among voters this coming election. Not toward authoritarianism, but away from it. In support of policing as a process, but not as a license.

        2. there will be real reform movements that become effective in several areas of public interest, including criminal sentencing, the accountability and discipline of government employees, and withdrawing the military as a play-thing for social tinkerers, among several.

        3. there will be a strong movement to radically reform the Federal tax code, and it will be popularly supported.

        4. the movement for a constitutional convention will gain steam, and will result in some changes in the Collectivist planning just by doing that.

      • There’s some truth in what you said. But people elected him the first time in part because they thought it would be neat to elect a black guy and prove to themselves they weren’t racist. If you actually aren’t racist you don’t have anything to prove and could easily vote on actual merit, but I digress. The second time is the same reason that Bush got re-elected. Most of his negative press hit home in the 2nd term but there was plenty before, too. People are just so hung up on making mistakes in the country, they can never own up to one, even to just themselves. So if they pulled the lever once, not pulling it again for the same person would be admitting a mistake. That will almost never happen with people’s mindset on zero tolerance on mistakes. People would rather sink ships than admit mistakes these days mostly because of the reaction that would ensue from the people around them.

  • Hillary’s toast. She is GOING to now draw some opposition for the nomination.

    She WILL have to face all this…and the coming…crap in debates where she can’t hide behind surrogates and apologists.

    THEN she will have to face MORE debates by people who are morally, ethically, and politically her enemies.

    And all during this process, the press will continue to grind the grist. The Clintons and their myrmidons have made the mistake of attacking their erstwhile buds in the Mushroom Media, and they will just naturally have to push back. The NYT will not put up with Media Mutters (to itself in a dark, dank basement) attacking it.

    • With any semi-responsible press, she would not even be running, and if she did the weight of the scandals would force her exit before the primary process begins.

      Of course, we have Democratic operatives instead of journalists, so what happens depends on the results of the coming infighting. If she looks vulnerable enough to get hammered and drag more Congressmen down with her, some insiders might suggest she withdraw in exchange for assistance keeping her scandals from becoming legally troublesome. That might also happen if it becomes evident that she can’t even win the primaries, though given the gullibility of Democratic voters, I’m not expecting that.

      • Is there an on-line betting pool anymore, Billy? I can’t recall what the one was called that I know existed (my names curse).

        If there is, I’d be really interested in what the smart money is saying about when she’s gone.

        • The big online political betting company in the 2012 election was Intrade, but it shut down a while back.

          It was the best “wisdom of crowds” source for politics that I ever saw. A lot more reliable than biased media polls.

        • Yep. That’s it. I wonder if anything has replaced it? Even if nobody puts up actual money, it would still have SOME virtue.


    See, that CAN’T be good for Ol’ Walleyes. The Clintons are not universally loved by the Collective. Not by a long shot, and they are looking wounded and dirty here to a lot of people.

  • “And while you weren’t watching, Erica Holder, er, Loretta Lynch was confirmed as AG by the Republican Senate.”
    It’s not so much the enemy you know (Leftists) that you have to worry about, but the enemy that says they’re your friend, all-the-while stabbing you in the back (RINOs).