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Approaching the cliff or already over it?

Reading over at PJ Media I ran across this by Robert Wargas:

As Baltimore burned, the rest of us tweeted.

The riots followed a weekend in which GoFundMe shut down a fundraising page for a Christian-owned bakery that was hit with a huge fine for refusing to serve a gay wedding. GoFundMe has said its policy precludes raising money “in defense of formal charges of heinous crimes, including violent, hateful, or sexual acts.” The key word here is “hateful”: if you can expand or contract that word at will—which many people in this country can and do—you can accomplish anything.

Every week this country is consumed in a new distended orgy of polarized, mutual hatred, set against the backdrop of outrage mobs, race riots, shuttered businesses, scandals, Twitter-induced career ruination, gleeful smear parties, and partisan hackery.

Admit it: You’ve asked yourself where America is going, and how long it can survive the trip. Admit it.

I admit it.  In fact, we’ve been talking about it for years here.  The fact that it is accelerating comes as no real surprise here.  Nor does it come as a surprise that we have the “leadership”, or lack thereof, in Washington DC from which we currently suffer.

In fact, Wargas points out something that Ace at Ace of Spades was wondering the other day:

[T]he New Normal has prompted Ace of Spades to ask: “Is it time to formally separate America into two or more sovereign nations?”

“No one actually seems happy in this national marriage,” writes Ace. That is sadly true.

Indeed it is.  And it seems, at least to the side that loves liberty, that the anti-liberty faction in winning.

Of course, our own Dale Franks has been suggesting this may happen for years.  It sort of puts you in the same shoes as generations of Christians who’ve looked at what was happening all around them and asked “are we in the “end times” as foretold in the Bible?”

Are we at the edge of seeing this 200 plus year experiment go careening off a cliff?

Who knows?  In my experience, something like this has to get a lot worse than it is for that to happen.  And we have to remember that we’re bombarded daily with, well, what bleeds leads.

Certainly though, bombardment or not, it is clear that we’re not “doing better” as a country in just about any category you can point too.

The question is, as in our last civil war, are there irreconcilable differences?  There certainly were then and it appears there are now.  How does one paper over such differences when neither side seems willing to give?

I’m not so sure “getting better” is possible anymore, or at least not possible before some major rupture once again makes it possible. I hope I’m wrong. I hope I look back at this post in 2020 and laugh at myself. But who honestly thinks they’ll be laughing in 2020?

I’m not so sure either.  However, here’s a little bit of a test to see if there’s even a chance.  From Elizabeth Price Foley over at Insty’s:

LORETTA LYNCH’S FIRST TEST:   She’s sending two DOJ officials to Baltimore to meet with community leaders.  That’s good.  But the real question is:  What will they do and say, once they arrive?  Will they mimic Erick Holder’s DOJ, and prioritize lectures about white privilege and racism?  Or will they provide a voice of calm and reason, and unequivocally condemn the random violence?

Lynch has a chance to break with the embarrassingly biased Holder past and start rebuilding trust in DOJ as a department interested in actual justice (for all).  Will she take it?

Bets anyone?


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23 Responses to Approaching the cliff or already over it?

  • “neither side seems willing to give?”
    I realize you know this but let me be the first to say
    We HAVE given, year, after year, after year, after year, Congress after congress, and in return we’ve been given laws, rules, regulations, and requirements that can make us criminals 3 times a day if someone decides to enforce them.
    We are not secure in our homes, our papers, our persons, from either warranted and warrant-less government intrusion.
    Our ‘language’ is continuously perverted, ‘fair’ and ‘level’ means stacking the deck in favor of some group. And redress really means revenge. Conservative means evil, ignorant and mean hearted.
    Where junk science is used to control our lives and political correctness freezes us from taking action.
    Now those who never earned a thing are entitled, with government enforced ‘rights’ to the internet, free phones, health insurance, birth control and the right to snuff out the lives of the inconvenient unborn…oh…right…not humans, must be a puppy in there.
    In a country that can track how much water we use for a shower and track who we are talking to on the phone, and how much money we took out of, or put into the bank, but can’t keep illegal immigrants on the out side of the boarder. Where the very word ‘illegal’ is avoided lest we offend the illegal darlings.
    The list is long on what we’ve already given and already sacrificed.

    I don’t think anyone here is much of a mind to give any more ground.

    • So, you’re saying that the 9th Amendment is being ignored.

      The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

      The Roberts’ Court continues to ignore the 9th.

      • Heh – only the 9th?
        No as few of them as there are, many of them are being abused.
        The 5th – due process, taking of private property – hello Mr & Mrs Kelo.
        The 4th – Warrants – probable cause, unreasonable search, and certainly unreasonable seizure (war on drugs property taking)
        The 2nd – need I itemize?
        The 6th – speedy trials, jury trials (plea bargain or we’ll charge you with everything that remotely relates to ensure conviction)
        The 10th – hah.

    • When I was a lad we used the phrase “Don’t make a federal case out of it” quite frequently. Now, of course, literally everything is subject to the whims of the federal legal-political complex.

      I would say that we now have more law and less justice.

  • I’ve stated this before, but it’s worth stating again.

    I have a very clear, set, established code. I insist on living by it. I DON’T impose it on anybody, though I DO recommend it, and seek others to persuade others to adapt it. But it’s all about persuasion.

    On the other hand, Collectivists INSIST on imposing on me and others like me THEIR codes. The totalitarian urge that I’ve written about here so many times that lurks just behind their masks is coming out openly. They are not bothering to hide their drives any longer, and their intent to force their views on me.

    I won’t live that way. I will fight them non-violently as long as that is viable. When…or IF…they take that away, I’m justified in doing what needs done in that extremity.

  • “in defense of formal charges of heinous crimes, including violent, hateful, or sexual acts”

    Did anyone bother to point out that there was no formal charge made?

    Or that it’s not at all clear that the action in question would be criminal at all, let alone “heinous”?

    (Is slapping someone a heinous crime? It is, after all, battery, and definitionally violent.

    Do words even mean things anymore?)

    • “Do words even mean things anymore?)”

      Well, of course they do! The catch is, they mean ANYthing. As the learned Prof. Dumpty, Ph.D., tells us;

      “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

  • The “divorce” idea doesn’t appeal to me, because it doesn’t even come CLOSE to giving them what they deserve. It’s that simple.

    • I guess if the stark choice was presented to us – fight or leave – I’d choose leave. But that just puts off the inevitable. Even if we did the whole national divorce thing, do you think for a second they’d really leave us alone? The treatment they’d try to give us would make the way they treat Israel look like a love fest.

      • Especially if, as we would all expect, the power of freedom and free markets made their “ex-spouse” far more successful, while their own situation descended into the usual collectivist end game. I have no idea how their bitterness would be expressed, but it would indeed be nasty.

      • “do you think for a second they’d really leave us alone?”

        Of course not. As soon as conditions in their territory became unbearable they would be moving to fresh territory, which they would then proceed to destroy. Cases in point, New Hampshire/Massachusetts, Oregon/California and anywhere/Michigan.

  • The problem with a divorce

    – Country isn’t geographically separated in a clean way
    – The Left needs the right to pay for it all
    – The Left want to control everyone or haven’t you noticed

    This pretty much ends in domestic violence.

    Left vs. Non-Left
    Non-Left know how to shoot +1 NL except that doesn’t mean anything until the shooting starts so +0 NL
    Left wants to win and will do anything to obtain victory while the Non-Left like to say I told you so and worried about winning the honorable way +1 L
    Left will spread by hook or crook and will absorb, indoctrinate or subvert new members and organizations while the NL can barely tolerate each other let alone actively solicit new members. As time goes along the NL is increasingly a minority, if not already +1 L
    A notable offshoot of the above, the Left has the younger generation while the NL gets increasingly gray which isn’t just an inherent number loss its a loss of the spare energy to defend or advance itself. +1 L.

    it’s basically 3 vs 0 for the Left until the shooting starts. Hopefully I vastly under weighted the value of knowing how to shoot. But until then, why should the left stop invading and intruding on everyone’s lives.

    • Wow. The Left is super-strong! We can’t beat them!

      Bullshit. We beat them constantly. Why do you think they TRY to suppress debate?

  • I don’t think the US will ‘go over a cliff’ It’ll be a slow burn of decay punctuated by horrific moments when the reality of that decay rears its ugly head. Since power abhors a vacuum, something else will rise in place of the US.

    • Maybe the U.S. as it’s been the last 100 years is over. And, from my POV, that’s no bad thing. Time for a “new birth of freedom”. It doesn’t have to be violent birth, either. It MAY be violent, but that’ll be by choices people make.

  • Do however note the difference in the rhetoric –
    Here we’re still not ready to throw it all into the wind and ‘break things’ to correct the perceived problems.

    Not so over on the other side of the aisle.
    “Mychal Denzel Smith, toy radical at The Nation, offered the usual illiterate slogan “f**k the police” and declared of the rioters: “I also hope they break s**t.” Writers at Salon also endorsed violence for its own sake. “I do not advocate non-violence,” Benji Hart affirmed.

    Read more at:

    • I always surmised that the recent encouragement of Black violent unrest with inflated and false tails of the magnitude of racism and false lynchings was to give the democrats power. In order for that to work best , people have to feel unsafe and how do you achieve that, you make ‘police not the solution’. So no surpise, officers are guilty until proven innocent blending justified or iffy conflicts with the police in with the actual abuse making every action they take look bad. Pretty much leaves you with one option, appeasement. And that’s music to Democrat’s ears.

      Except that’s not how it works out. Everyone talks about how Detroit like they know what happened. Detroit has been the way it is in those Youtube videos since the late 70’s before any economic downturn in the country or auto industry became serious.

      The main reason is if a LEO mixed it up with anyone, they could face prosecution, be fired and at a minimum their careers were over. When Black activist tied leadership took over the city, with a mostly white police force nobody had their backs at all anymore. So LE stopped interdiction. My Father was working there in the inter city as an engineer. He would come home with stories like other people breaking down in their cars and the police telling them, ‘we don’t go there anymore’ and calling the police about witnessing a B&E and the cops showing up 45 minutes later essentially giving the robbers a good chance to blow through and be gone. The crime went ballistic and few businesses will function under those circumstances if they have a choice. The lawlessness and the municiple government bureaucratic extortion prettymuch chased out all the businesses and people who had jobs. This left the criminals and welfare cases who welcomed the $2000 homes.

      • Detroit – Setting in 1987 for the original Robocop character and the underlying reasons for Robocop.

        The center piece for successful urban Democrat projects.

        • The Democrat network protected Detroit, but unaccountability provided by a mayor and police chief who could throw a race card that allowed it to fester. Its really raw corruption, stereotypical Boss Hogg corruption and a neutered police force that did in Detroit.

          No “Urban Democrat Projects” reached the streets of Detroit prior to the players involved siphoning off the money.

          Also there is one other place for blame. The state level. A little courage and the city could have been cleaned up. Any other state it would have been. But governor after governor refused. Only recently with the city so barren it can almost no longer support life that the people aren’t as movable to outrage against outside intervention was some clean from the state up done.

          • I was sarcastically referring to the Democrat party domination of American urban areas (that really suck).

  • Putting in my 2 cents at Ace of Spades:

    393 You all are making the solution more difficult than it needs to be. What does the “self-sustaining culture” in the big cities actually produce? Nothing. They are net takers of everything.
    Isolated from we the producers, they will shortly starve, both financially and physically.
    One week without food, energy and revenue and the cities will be cannibalizing each other.
    Problem solved.

  • What about external factors? I doubt that folks like the Iranians or N. Koreans, to name only two, will stand idly by and watch us sink into decadence and chaos without trying to accelerate the process.

    • Heck, you need to look north and south before you worry about Iran or NoKo.
      If we were going down the tubes you could count on intervention from Canada and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mexico took a swing at the pinata too.
      Mexico, while we may deride it, is relatively “stable” in it’s corruption, as weird as we might find that to be.
      American ‘refugees’ might prefer stable Mexican corruption and Canadian cold to an impending or ongoing civil war.

      And then there are those people in the UN who would love nothing better, though who’s Army they’d send is up for considerable debate since the one they usually use would already be quite busy.
      I guess Ivan Ivanovitch and Wang Zhang Wei, under UN blue helmets of course, might get a chance to see some of America too.