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Why Baltimore?

See Detroit:

Detroit is what Democrats do. The last Republican elected mayor of Detroit took office during the Eisenhower administration. The decay of Detroit is not the inevitable outcome of the decline of the automotive industry: The automotive industry is thriving in the United States — but not in Detroit. It isn’t white flight: The black middle class has left Detroit as fast as it can. The model of Detroit politics is startlingly familiar in its fundamentals, distinguished only by its degree of advancement: Advance the interests of public-sector unions and politically connected business cronies, expand the relative size of the public sector remorselessly — and when opposed, cry “Racism!” When people vote with their feet, cry “Racism!” When the budget just won’t balance, cry “Racism!” Never mind that the current mayor of Detroit is the first non–African American to hold that job since the 1970s, or that, as one Detroit News columnist put it, “black nationalism . . . is now the dominant ideology of the [city] council” — somewhere, there must be a somebody else to blame, preferably: aged, portly, white, male, and Republican. No less a fool than Ed Schultz blamed the straits of this exemplar of Democratic single-party rule on “a lot of Republican policies.” Melissa Harris-Perry, “America’s leading public intellectual,” blames Detroit’s problems on its conservatism and small government, oblivious to the fact that Detroit maintains twice as many city employees per resident as do larger cities such as Fort Worth and Indianapolis, and three times as many as liberal San Jose.

Then, just look at the blue model elsewhere and its track record:

St. Louis has not had a Republican mayor since the 1940s, and in its most recent elections for the board of aldermen there was no Republican in the majority of the contests; the city is overwhelmingly Democratic, effectively a single-party political monopoly from its schools to its police department. Baltimore has seen two Republicans sit in the mayor’s office since the 1920s — and none since the 1960s. Like St. Louis, it is effectively a single-party political monopoly from its schools to its police department. Philadelphia has not elected a Republican mayor since 1948. The last Republican to be elected mayor of Detroit was congratulated on his victory by President Eisenhower. Atlanta, a city so corrupt that its public schools are organized as a criminal conspiracy against its children, last had a Republican mayor in the 19th century. Its municipal elections are officially nonpartisan, but the last Republican to run in Atlanta’s 13th congressional district did not manage to secure even 30 percent of the vote; Atlanta is effectively a single-party political monopoly from its schools to its police department.

But our blamer-in-chief and responsibility dodger par excellence prefers to have you believe that the problem is this particular Congress which happens to be Republican.

Of course, obviously the problems in Baltimore aren’t a recent event, as something that has developed within the last 2 years:

This did not come out of nowhere. While the progressives have been running the show in Baltimore, police commissioner Ed Norris was sent to prison on corruption charges (2004), two detectives were sentenced to 454 years in prison for dealing drugs (2005), an officer was dismissed after being videotaped verbally abusing a 14-year-old and then failing to file a report on his use of force against the same teenager (2011), an officer was been fired for sexually abusing a minor (2014), and the city paid a quarter-million-dollar settlement to a man police illegally arrested for the non-crime of recording them at work with his mobile phone. There’s a good deal more. Does that sound like a disciplined police organization to you?

Then there’s this from a reporter who has lived in Baltimore for 30 years:

Baltimore is not Ferguson and its primary problems are not racial. The mayor, city council president, police chief, top prosecutor, and many other city leaders are black, as is half of Baltimore’s 3,000-person police force. The city has many prominent black churches and a line of black civic leadership extending back to Frederick Douglass.

Yet, the gaping disparities separating the haves and the have nots in Baltimore are as large as they are anywhere. And, as the boys on the street will tell you, black cops can be hell on them, too.

Well, then … if it isn’t “racism” (Al Sharpton, you can stay home) and it isn’t the GOP, what could it possibly be?

Let’s try a little deductive reasoning. What’s left?




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30 Responses to Why Baltimore?

  • Escalate Black violence.
    Encumber a police response.
    Leaving Appeasement as the only solution to a panicked white populous. Appeasement meaning more taxes and bigger government.


    • Black people…being people…support law and order, too. Not just “panicked white” people.

      In FACT, black Americans are THE most likely group to report problems to police. Look it up.

      • I’m thinking like a Democrat since it is their plan. And it has been a plan.

        • OK, granted. I missed that. You should include a caveat.

          • You’re probably right. The Activists don’t care one wit about the trouble they’ve stirred up in that community and the fallout.

  • George W. Bush!!!!!

    I guessed right, I know I did.
    Do I win?

  • President Obama called on Americans “to do some soul searching” in the aftermath of the rioting that occurred in Baltimore on Monday. Obama offered a perfunctory condemnation of the rioters, but then, as the Washington Post reports, criticized “Americans, including the news media and some politicians, for failing to address the chronic problems of men, women and children who live in poverty and find their opportunities limited because of poor schools or long stints in prison” (emphasis added).

    By President Obama own example, it is obvious to about who ever notes how the President personally deals with his own “soul searching” that we obviously need more golf courses in the inner cities.
    If more inner city youths were doing the links, they wouldn’t be doing more guns and drugs.

  • From the “they say that even a stopped clock is right twice a day” dustbin comes …

    Al Sharpton: If you become the story, if you become the headline, then you become the distraction. Then you’re only helping aiding and abetting those that you claim you’re fighting.

    Leave it to Al “helping aiding and abetting” Sharpton to finally get something right.

  • I’m just sitting back watching these riots everywhere, sipping a cool glass of ice tea and munching popcorn. It’s GREAT reality programming.

    I’m a Conservative. We’ve had zero power in urban American for decades. Not my fault, and not my problem. Let them burn it all down, I don’t care. It’s only Obama voters anyway.

    • Apparently however we’re responsible for not building them better roads and bridges to use to get to their riots.

      I read there were some people who were had just completed a community center and apartments, but I gather those weren’t the sort of infrastructure that was desired by the rioters seeking their justice (and IPhones, alcohol and CVS pharmaceuticals and products)

      • They told me if I supported Conservatives, black churches would burn, and old people would lose their housing.

        And, damn…

    • You have no power there because you guys are so damaged by slavery guilt it isn’t even funny. Nobody else in the ‘west’ sweats their history with it and for the most part they aren’t so much better to have this guilt disparity.

      • Bullshit. Tell that to the British.

        • I will tell you this, any twinge of guilt is wiped away by the mantra, that ‘the US was worse’ since they ended the practice first. Nevermind, for Britian it was once they lost direct control of any colonies that would benefit from it and turned around an promptly bought cheaper Slave Grown Cotton from the US in endless quantities for decades afterwards until they took over India and made them make it for them.

          Growing up in Canada and talking the issue in school with a healthy dose of immigrant children from Europe. No one else in the West sweats their history with it one bit. Not even 1% of what’s done in US schools.

      • guilty?

        Not me, not my kids.
        No one I know ever owned slaves.
        I didn’t, my parents didn’t, their parents didn’t and based on the immigration information, their parents didn’t.
        Maybe genetically perhaps the odd Roman gene might have owned slaves, but ya know what even if they DID, I’m not my ancestors.
        I am responsible for neither their sins, nor any glory they might have achieved (I sure as hell didn’t get any of the money if they had any….)

        Only asshats, like Erb, feel guilty for generic slavery and other things they’ve never done.
        I realize that makes me a really lousy lapsed catholic and a crappy Christian.
        Full disclosure, I don’t believe in original sin either.

        • You individually may not consciously feel that way. But its the only explanation why Racism is so empowered here as well. Racism is one of the few things where the fundamental defining precept of western justice, ‘innocent until proven guilty’, is entirely dispensed with and has been for decades without complaint. The potential of being called rascist sends people fleeing from a discussion & their positions and has allowed the left to get its way for decades. A Black President was a tool for the left to make huge advancements like the seizing control of medicine and the internet. The fact he’s Black turned most of his opposition into cowards or gave them an excuse to act like cowards as cover. If I were the left, I wouldn’t try to elect anyone else but Blacks for the next 50 years.

          Don’t pretend it isn’t a huge tool of the left to control your life. The only reason they get away with it is Slavery guilt.

          • can’t argue with that one man.

            There are a whole lot of people who are more concerned with what people, who don’t know them, will never meet them, and couldn’t care less about them, think of them, for about 10 seconds in their life times.

        • It is more likely than not that at least one of your ancestors (and mine) was a slave even if we have no black ancestors (which is itself increasingly unlikely). I guess this makes us sort of a self-owning slave.

          • The word itself, slave, comes from the word slav, as in slavic, there’s a clue there right?

            I view it as – historical version of merde happens, I doubt there’s anyone who’s ancestors at one time or another weren’t oppressed, enslaved or trod on at some point in the past.
            Hence so many cultures who are still out for revenge in the modern world for wrongs perpetrated on them hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

            So to my mind that entitles us all to, uh, nothing.

            The idea of slavery is pretty much a time worn, age old, universal human construct, even if asshats like Professor Pollywobble think it’s just a feature unique to pre 1865 America for which we all (white folks) must feel guilt.

  • There is a cadre of professional provocateurs that move from wound to wound like maggots. They leave destruction and economic devestation, by design.

    • Sorry, but that is a slander on maggots. Maggots clean wounds. They do not devastate and destroy, they heal.

      • Look up screw-worms.

        But I take your larger point.

        • Oops. I forgot. And no, I ain’t going to look up screw-worms again. No wonder I “forgot”.

      • Methinks, it was supposed to be leeches

        • No, the right kind of maggots have been traditionally used to clean dead tissue from wounds. But there are LOTS of kinds of maggots.

  • I am probably wrong but doesn’t a declared state of emergency mean you can shoot looters and vandals where they stand?

    • They generally don’t stand very long, all that stuff gets heavy and it’s best to keep moving.

  • Which is more devastating in the long run, nuclear weapons or democrat party control?
    See pictures of Hiroshima now compared to Detroit, now.

    • Interesting question.

      The nature of the fall-out is also interesting. Which is more long-lasting?