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Some collected quotes to make your day

From Reason, a Nick Gillespie quote that perfectly sums up the precious snowflake/SJW phenomenon in colleges:

But really, what the f*ck is wrong with kids these days and, more important, the supposed adults who look after them? They act as if they are raising human veal that cannot even stand on their own legs or face the sunlight without having their eyeballs burned out and their hearts broken by a single deep breath or uncomfortable moment. I’m just waiting for stories of college deans carrying students from class to class on their backs.

“Human veal”.  A perfect metaphor.  Calling PETA … lol.

A well known and respected scientist resigns from the American Physical Society?  Why?

It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave. It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist. Anyone who has the faintest doubt that this is so should force himself to read the ClimateGate documents, which lay it bare. (Montford’s book organizes the facts very well.) I don’t believe that any real physicist, nay scientist, can read that stuff without revulsion. I would almost make that revulsion a definition of the word scientist.

Read the whole thing.  His point, of course, is that any scientist with a shred of integrity who has examined the “evidence” presented should be doing precisely what he is doing – shaming those perpetrating the fraud and refusing to be associated with them.

Billy Bob in his usual role as Denier-in-Chief:

“No one has ever tried to influence me by helping you,” the former president added while channeling his wife. “There is no doubt in my mind that we have never done anything knowingly inappropriate in terms of taking money to influence any kind of American government policy. That just hasn’t happened.”

There was no doubt in  his mind he hadn’t had sex with that woman too! If his lips are moving he’s … yeah, he is. And his wife is no better.

Nothing to see here citizen … keep moving, keep moving.

Guy Benson lays it out:

“A free-thinking, free citizen of a free country is not obliged to be confined to a bedazzled ideological straitjacket because that’s how they ‘ought’ to think and ‘ought’ to vote and ‘ought’ to rank their priorities,” he said. “It’s not true, it shouldn’t be true, and I think part of liberty and tolerance and coexistence is understanding that, ‘Hey, I might have something in common with this person over here, and they have every right under the sun to disagree with me on this whole panoply of public policy questions over here.’ And if their views on those things lead them to another conclusion about how they exercise their right to vote, to jump to the conclusion that that is borne of some secret, deep-seated, self-loathing is just lazy and boring.

“And false.”

Bingo.  And given what we see today, we’re hardly “A free-thinking, free citizen of a free country”.


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14 Responses to Some collected quotes to make your day

  • “There is no doubt in my mind that we have never done anything knowingly inappropriate in terms of taking money to influence any kind of American government policy. That just hasn’t happened.”

    So MANY parse-ablities…!!!

    And just think how many swindled oligarchs there are out there! (Except, they know…and we know…that they got their money’s worth.)

  • The student’s aren’t anymore fragile today than before. Their sensibilities are an excuse to enforce politically correct thought and meant to highlight the horror of the incorrect thought. More than a few SJW are willing to play drama queen/victim to this issues to try to give legitimacy to the claims and get some extra credit.

    • I’m not sure whether students have changed. There might be more that have been protected their whole lives by over-bearing parents, and who are more heavily indoctrinated than earlier generations to be offended at imagined provocations.

      What has certainly changed is the willingness of others to countenance drama queen behavior. I think we’ve always had some who were members of the Society of the Perpetually Offended, and took offense a dozen times a day. But in previous generations, they just had to go back to their rooms and sulk, because if they went public with their imagined slights, they would be ignored or laughed at.

      Now it’s considered virtuous behavior to be offended all the time. On the left, it marks one as having superior morality.

      That supposedly superior morality is one of the tools the left wishes to establish to gain and maintain power. One of the most efficient ways of getting control over others is guilting them into doing what is desired. The left doesn’t have to do anything but dangle the threat of using their supposed superior morality to shame someone for badthought, and the person being targeted pretty much modifies their own behavior with no further effort on the part of the left. Very efficient.

      That’s why telling them to “eff off”, as the essay over at Ace recommended, is so effective. It’s not going to convince anyone on either side. But it takes away the efficiency of wielding control just by spraying someone down with shame.

      This isn’t a new concept. It’s one of the key elements in Atlas Shrugged, and Ayn Rand did a great job in describing how the collectivist left like to manipulate people by making them feel guilty. It’s their version of the force. It only works on the weak minded.

      Every generation of college students has had special snowflakes.

      • Yahbut…

        Think of how the catalog of grievances has ballooned in just a decade or two. Now, they have SOOOOOooooo much more to work with, AND they can mix and match for extra delicious victimhood!

        Consider the Puerto Rican Transgendered bipolar Marxist I saw a video of, holding forth on May Day…!!!

        • What all these special little snowflakes have… too much time on their hands.

          I submit we didn’t have these discussions when we were being chased around by saber tooth tigers.
          As proof, I offer the theological and sexual discourses produced by any person running from the bulls in Pamplona while the bulls are actually chasing them.
          Even Hemingway didn’t write WHILE being chased by bulls.

          See, proof, too much time on our hands.

  • “I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman…”

    • “There is no doubt in my mind that we have never done anything knowingly inappropriate in terms of taking money to influence any kind of American government policy.” … We always took the money first, then it was obviously knowingly appropriate.

  • “There is no doubt in my mind that we have never done anything knowingly inappropriate ”

    In the same Q/A session he was heard to mumble something along the lines of “they would stay as close as possible to the guidelines for fundraising and so forth.”
    As close as possible?

    That like saying it’s okay to color outside the lines as long as you, you know, stay as close to them as possible while doing it.
    It’s okay to break the law as long as you only break it a little.
    How about well within the guidelines you Rhodes Scholar titled asshat? How about well within the law?

    Maybe my irritation comes from having worked for a company that wouldn’t allow us to let a customer or vendor buy us even a lousy hamburger because it might be interpreted as a form of bribery.
    Appearances matter, but I suppose if you’re a Clinton you already know you’re going to appear to be doing things illegally in the first place (because, of course, you are).

  • You are clear that Dr. Lewis penned this in 2010, and died in 2011, right? It makes it no less valid, but I’m unclear why you brought it up now.

    • Yes, it’s a 2010 article. Brought up because we have the looming UN meeting that shouldn’t be. And his resignation letter is the reason why.

  • One thing he won’t stop doing: giving high-priced speeches, even though he acknowledges being a wealthy man these days, reportedly worth tens of millions of dollars.

    “I gotta pay our bills,” he said. “And I also give a lot of it to the foundation every year.”

    The fees — $500,000 or more for 11 speeches while his wife was Secretary of State — are justified, he insisted.

    “I spend a couple of hours a day just doing the research. People like to hear me speak,” he said.

    Reportedly, Ball-less Bill gives up to 10% of his income to is own “Foundation”/slush fund/influence bazaar.

    Impressive… As lies go…

    • Hey! He works a couple hours! He can drive this internet thingamajig and do research! Maybe he makes a couple of phone calls to someone like Sandy Berger (no doubt to check and see if he has any useful documents stuffed in his shorts or socks).
      He’s a working guy, he works hard – let’s see, a $500,000 speech, divided by 2 hours worth of research, that’s….
      Uh, well….
      Well….. 🙁
      He’s a working stiff, like us!!!!! So why shouldn’t he stick it to the man and make big money like, uh, Bill Gates does for a couple hours work!!!!! Damn that rich guy Bill Gates and those other 1% btards who wanna keep us working class people like Bill and Hillary down!!!!
      He’s got bills to pay, and darn it, people like him and like to hear him speak!

  • For years, the gay community could decide if being gay was “nurture or nature,” but now apparently, “voting gate” is nature.

    • They can’t decide, either: on Monday, gender/sexuality is a “social construct.” On Tuesday, it’s “born this way.” etc.