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The hypocrisy immune left and free speech

It is interesting to me to examine events and the reaction too them in certain contexts, such as left and right.  Below is a listing I found on Facebook (h/t Christopher Buckley) which succinctly states the left’s reaction to each of the events listed:

Rioters in Baltimore: EXPRESSION OF SPEECH
Crucifix in a jar of urine: EXPRESSION OF SPEECH

In fact, rioting is now being redefined (or at least the attempt is being made) from a criminal enterprise to a “free speech” event if a protected minority is involved.  If it’s a bunch of straight white guys, they’re going to jail.

Stomping the flag and a crucifix in a jar of urine have always been defended by the left as free speech.  Burn the flag – free speech.  Neo-Nazi’s marching in a Jewish neighborhood – free speech.  The list goes on.

However, it appears that there is a line somewhere on the left where that changes.  Outrageous acts focused on offending certain groups are always free speech.  Outrageous acts, of exactly the same nature but against protected groups, yeah, screw free speech, it’s hate speech.  And, of course, the protected group is the “victim”.  On the other side, however, the deeply offended group is told to get over it, free speech is inviolate … well, except … yeah.  I’m not sure how the left keeps it straight in their tiny little heads and don’t keel over from an overdose of hypocrisy.

But then, they seem to have developed some sort of tolerance for hypocrisy over the ages – no pun intended.


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16 Responses to The hypocrisy immune left and free speech

  • And the ‘victims’ in Garland Texas the other day were inflamed by the hate speech to such a point that they showed up with (automatic weapons!!!!!, uh, yeah, sure….) gunZZZZZZZZ and tried to kill people for drawing hateful cartoons.
    Poor poor radical Islamists!
    I didn’t know homicidal radical Islamists could be victims, but it changes day to day doesn’t it.

    As an interesting aside – note the link to a chart published in a CBS Chicago article declaring Chicago is the MOST segregated city in America (and our President is from? and his right hand man is mayor of?)
    Chicago at #1 is followed by Atlanta, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Washington, and Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Cleveland and New Orleans (care to guess which party has turned 9 out of 10 of those into sole proprietorships for decades?)

    Now oddly enough, Garland Texas, ground zero for homicidal violence inducing inflammatory hate speech in America is one of the most integrated, coming out at #9 out of the top 10.
    Just sayin…

  • The Lefty-Progs don’t have to “keep it straight in their tiny little heads”.

    They’re the BORG. They’ve been “assimilated”. The opinions and beliefs of one are the opinions and beliefs of all. They wouldn’t DARE to have an original thought. (And they wouldn’t know how to form an independent thought, anyway…)

  • Actually Bruce, the latest incident is one the media are probably all sad because they were denied the opportunity to get weepy as several things (that ain’t ever going to happen in Texas) potentially happened in Texas that would give them a weeks worth of news to cover for the tail spinning economy.

    1) A Charlie Hebdo class massacre in Garland Texas they could weep and pontificate over.
    2) The possibility of a questionably Constitutional, but nevertheless exciting house to house search (like Boston) through Garland for the perpetrators had they gotten away.
    3) A possible ‘Shoot on sight, take no prisoners’ response by the Garland police (again as happened in Boston, for proof take a look at photos of the boat Tzarnev tried to hide in….those bullet holes didn’t come from inside that boat after he yelled “you’ll never take me alive coppers!!!!!)
    4) An opportunity to revisit ‘Assault weapons’ and ‘automatic weapons’ and high caliber magazines (whatever those are…) which obviously must be banned
    5) One more opportunity to assure us that it’s only radical muslims who do this sort of thing and only when they are provoked beyond restraint!

  • Free speech and the west are dead

  • I believe we’re in a far worse position than stated. If those on the left truly believe that the actions of the organizer and attendees of this gathering were ‘asking for it’ I posit that what that really means to those who take this line is that THEY believe violence is justified against certain types of speech/actions.

    That puts us all in a place this country has not been for over 150 years.
    That means suppression by force of speech/actions I might take can warrant violence because “I was asking for it.”

    And vice versa.

    And that means we’re at the end of this experiment: a violent separation or violent conclusion/’cleansing’ is inevitable.

  • In fairness, the Right is showing it’s own hypocrisy by screeching how Geller (a total nut) is a paragon of the First Amendment, but then getting seriously pissed about the whole US flag thing.

    And they get SUPER pissed when you point it out. Or they don’t grasp how they are being hypocritical.

    • Your analogy might apply if someone tried to kill those who disrespected the US flag.

      In fact, the true analogy would be that if someone tried to kill someone disrespecting the US flag and the rest of us said ‘ah, it was provocative, so what did they expect…they shouldn’t have done the whole disrespect thing….’


      • Ooooh. So saying you wanna kick people’s asses, and promising to stop anyone who tries it, that’s just pure love of Freedom, baby.

        Thank you for correcting me. I was under the impression that while you dislike like what someone says, you wouldn’t try to stop them for saying it.

        My bad.

  • I’m sorry Bruce, but you missed the pattern.

    There is no hypocrisy involved here. The Left clearly believes in “free speech” except when it offends a group that is likely to respond with guns. It also explains why the Left so wants gun control.

  • I guess we should anticipate Mormon gunmen will show up in Milwaukee between the 19th and the 31st, armed and ready to kill to defend their prophet because of hateful speech that mocks their religion.

    And liberals will be prepared to accuse the actors in “The book of Mormon” of setting a trap for them.

    Same same, right?

    • Bingo; and much more.

      Tacitly approving of the use of violence to stop the showing of “The Book of Mormon.”

      • Hey – protected group right?

        Minority religion – check
        Not the religion of ‘Christian America’ – check
        Used to practice polygamy so they get the ‘marriage isn’t just between one man and one woman’ vote – check
        Claim to have a prophet who postdates Christ and isn’t in the King James version of the Bible – check
        come from an arid, desert region of the world – just kidding, everyone knows Mormons are originally from New York….

  • File under: “Here in America, We Shoot Back”
    Take two rag-heads from the religion of permanent offense. Add weapons they are poorly trained on…
    Mix in on 60-year-old Texas cop with a Glock 21 chambered in .45 APC, pop! pop! two preps dead, one round each.
    That’s good shootin’, Tex. 🙂

  • Speaking of rioting and protected minorities and free speechifying – did it escape the notice of the social justice warriors and others (like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) that ‘the cops’ in the Baltimore case consisted of a nicely balanced mix of whites and blacks?

    So do I understand therefore that black police officers aren’t actually black?

    And another thing, I’m assuming since “black lives matter” that we can dispense with the use of the term African American now.