Free Markets, Free People

In case it was ever in question …

Something we’ve discussed for quite some time has been validated.  It, of course, concerns the climate alarmist zealots.  We’ve pointed out, along with many of you, that climate alarmism isn’t so much about science as it is about power.  It also seems to be a secular religion. And it’s a religion that rejects all that we’ve seen make us a prosperous and relatively free people.

Or, said another way, the commie true believers are back and they have leadership positions.  For instance, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change.

She’s quite clear about her feelings concerning her mission:

“This is the first time” in history, she said earlier this year, that there’s a chance “to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution.”


He also notes that Figueres “is on record saying democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming. Communist China, she says, is the best model.”


Newman could have mentioned, as well, that while many who are aligned with Figueres are motivated, as she is, by a raging desire to quash capitalism, the fight against man-made global warming and climate change has become a religious crusade for more than a few.

So, let’s recap:

She doesn’t like democracy because democracy doesn’t give the “elite” the power they need to force the benighted of the world to their agenda.  Much prefers the Communist China model. She’s ready to throw over capitalism (or the semblance we have in this world) to an obviously authoritarian model of a state or world government driven command economy.  Because, you know, that’s worked so well in the past.

Bottom line: she apparently pines for the good old days of the gulag when recalcitrant deniers could have been banished to labor camps forthwith to do penitent work healing Gaia.  And if the masses starve under collectivization and incompetence, just as long as Gaia thrives, it’s all good.  Turn the clock back a century and we’re there.

It never changes does it?  The only answer most of those who consider themselves “elites” -such as this woman – is total control.

Because, you know, if they gave you a tax refund you might not spend it right.  And yeah, the wife of the guy who said that is running for president and is no less a control freak than this woman.  She’s just smart enough to know that we’re not as stupid as some of these people think we are … but trust me, if she could throw over “democracy” and have herself crowned queen, she’d do it in an NY minute.  Instead, she’s committed to the incremental diminution of our rights and the incremental increase in the power of the state.




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11 Responses to In case it was ever in question …

  • …many who are aligned with Figueres are motivated, as she is, by a raging desire to quash capitalism, the fight against man-made global warming and climate change has become a religious crusade for more than a few.

    Ah, but it’s ALLLLLLL religious for these people, since no part of it is rational, especially in light of ALLLLLLL the times this crap has been vaunted and tried. Unerringly, it has led to stunted human lives, misery, and death.

    They only have faith, and that faith of those who insist on averting their eyes from reality. Because reality shouts the lessons of the benefits of letting people choose, of market economics, and of sound science.

    The inescapable conclusion that one must draw of people like this vicious UN bureaucrat is that they hate people.

    • Ah, the UN. Tell me again while they’re based here?

      If they’re so goll-durned excited about central planning, have them move to Cuba/Venezuela. What? No foie gras? Heck, something as simple as toilet paper is becoming a rare commodity with their fellow travelers to the south.

      • Were it my call, the UN would have been packed off decades ago, and the money we provide them crimped off to a trickle.

        But in Cuber or N. Korea, the elite will always get their asses wiped. Of that you can be assured. It may be the main part of a prol family dinner thereafter, but the elite won’t know or care.

  • I have always considered it selfish of the USA to have kept the UN all these years. I proposed decades ago that the UN HQ should move every 20 years. Prime choices: Cuba, NK, Zimbabwe, Russia, Yemen, Somalia, that’s enough for 120 years.

    • I think it should go to Chad

    • Sure! Just like the Olympics! All the “experts” claim the Olympics are a great boost to the local economy, so why are we bogarting the UN? Think of all the economic stimulus it would give deserving and needy countries.

  • Is Thomas Friedman about to retire ? Sounds like Christiana Figueres is bucking for his job.

  • Yo!
    Why you dudes hatin on Syria, Iraq, or Iran? Not a single mention!
    The UN could go to any of them.
    All of those places are loaded with historical significance and the various high muck-a-mucks in the UN who own slaves can bring them along without any legal concern at all.

  • I’m not thinking China is the poster child for success against Global Warming. I’m pretty sure its not their success in helping Global Warming that she envies. Its purely the control.

    These are veiled attempts to bring in more Communism. And Communism is a veiled attempt to bring back Serfdom. And basically the Republicans are filled with people who would love an elitocracy of some kind. Really do you think its just cowardice that they give Democrats everything they want, talk a big talk to take up the oxygen against alternate opposition, and are the only media acknowledged opposition?

    • China is still trying to get up to The Air Pollution Control Act of 1955 standards (without getting any where near the Clean Air Act of 1963).
      They aren’t doing a damn thing about Global Warming.
      They just promised that they would try to stop increasing the CO2 output by 2030, when they foresee their economy slowing down.
      Simply, if we stop making more CO2, we sill stop making more CO2.

  • AP has, reportedly, scrubbed the term “climate skeptic” in favor of “climate denier” because…science.