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Boston U, Grundy hire update

What a debacle the hire of Saida Grundy has been for Boston U.  8 years ago, Ms. Grundy apparently plead down two felony accounts for a misdemeanor in an act of irrational jealousy in which she tried to hurt, bully and harass someone she’d never met:

Grundy used the identity of a Virginia woman in a jealous fit over a man in late 2007 to create online accounts in the woman’s name, including one on an adult website for people looking for trysts, according to a police report obtained by the Herald under a Freedom of Information Act request.

Grundy got one year of probation after pleading guilty to malicious use of telecommunication services, a misdemeanor, according to online court records and Dan Dwyer, the court administrator at Washtenaw County Trial Court in Michigan. Two felony charges, identity theft and using a computer to commit a crime, were dismissed.

The cyber harassment took place in December 2007 when Grundy was at the University of Michigan, where she earned a master’s degree in sociology and a doctorate of philosophy in sociology and women’s studies in 2014.

The victim told police in Charlottesville, Va., that someone was creating accounts in her name and posting her personal information online, according to the police report.

A detective traced the suspect, identified as Grundy, to Ann Arbor and reached out to police there.

During an interview with detectives at her home in May 2008, Grundy said she had never met the victim but “this was a jealous thing regarding another man,” according to the police report.

She claims it was a bad decision by a 24 year old.  Yet we saw last week that she’s either not learned a thing or is still prone to bad decisions.  This was highlighted with her bullying a white rape victim on line.

Boston U’s reaction?  “Meh”:

In a statement Wednesday night, Boston University said: “A number of years ago, when she was a student at the University of Michigan, Dr. Grundy made a mistake. She admitted the mistake, accepted the consequences, and brought closure to that case. Eight years later, we do not see any reason to reopen it.”

In other words, character doesn’t matter when it comes to “diversity”.  Diversity always wins out.  Boston U would rather inflict a racist bully on it’s student population than admit it’s made a wrong decision in hiring her.

Oh, and the department she will teach in?

On Monday, BU’s African American Studies faculty posted an online message welcoming Grundy, saying she had been hired after a nationwide search and chosen from over 100 applicants. The post mentioned Grundy’s tweets and said they’ve been “shocked by the number of voicemails left and the hostile emails sent to our office and our individual accounts. … However, most troubling was that among the numerous that were serious expressions of dismay were many vile messages, explicitly racist and obscene, that consider cyber-bullying a substitute for frank discussion and freedom of speech.”

“Physician, heal thyself.”  You’re welcoming a cyber-bully into your bosom, for heaven sake.  You ought to be ashamed.


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13 Responses to Boston U, Grundy hire update

  • You’re welcoming a cyber-bully into your bosom, for heaven sake.

    Boston U, have you no idea what irony is?

    Yeah! It’s like goldy and bronzy, only it’s made of iron.

  • Racism of low expectations. The same reason the same people put one of the worst Presidents of all time back in office, they never expected any better. Boston U (as with most Lefties) doesn’t expect better from Blacks.

    And for a group BU’s African American Studies, aggitating their perceived opposition is a selling point.

    • I remember that thread. And how Erb proved my point so thoroughly that someone accused him of being a sock-puppet I created.

      I couldn’t figure out whether I was being complimented or insulted.

  • A number of years ago, when she was a student at the University of Michigan, Dr. Grundy made a mistake.

    “Well, not so much a mistake-mistake. Really more kind of a yootful resume enhancement. So, she fits right in here!”

  • I’ve always thought that colleges should be required to offer a prospectus on their degree programs to prospective students (much like a public stock offering) which would include typical job prospects and annual salary for graduates, etc.. Of course, past performance does not necessarily predict future results, but damn, what would it say for a Women’s Studies program ?

  • Cluebat for BU – Grundy’s old stuff isn’t what started this – digging it up was the result of what she’s doing in the NOW.

    Poor Saida Grundy
    Was a Racist on Monday
    Was a Bully on Tuesday
    Washed her mouth out on Wednesday
    Washed her brain out on Thursday
    Was still racist on Friday
    I can hardly wait for Saturday.
    Poor Saida Grundy

    • Alan- I like your re-working of that very old poem.

      • She should reflect that asshats come in every color.
        So do racists.

        • I have this old story of a senior Black woman saying … “you have your n****rs and we have ours”

  • While it is off-topic, at least it is timely…

    “thank you” to all the “men with chests” who have stood in the breach all these many decades, and done what their times and circumstances put them at peril to do.

    That we still breed men…and women…ready and able to do those things is one of the great sources of the hope that I live with for this nation.

    • And hopefully whatever country the red states of America become also continue to do so.

      Why anyone would stand in the breach for blue America is beyond me. I guess that’s why they’re better than I am.

  • BU Alum, cast your vote with your purse.
    Money talks. BS walks.