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Someone, anyone, give Bernie Sanders an economics book

I’ve been reading about Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders announcing for the presidency.  In reality all he’s likely to do is make Hillary seem “moderate” in comparison.

I guess what I don’t understand is why someone like Sanders is even taken seriously.  Read Ed Driscoll at Washington Monthly’s “Political Animal“:

And despite Clinton’s great strength, [Sanders is] also perhaps the most credible seriously lefty candidate in living memory. He’s no Dennis Kucinich, doomed to become a figure of fun.

Really?  When have any “lefty candidates” of his pedigree been “credible”?  Socialism?  It’s now credible?  Where?

Venezuela’s bolivar is collapsing. And as night follows day, Venezuela’s annual implied inflation rate is soaring. Last week, the annual inflation rate broke through the 500% level. It now stands at 510%.

That’s just the latest example.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg there.  The Bolivar is now more valuable as toilet paper (something that is impossible to get in the Socialist paradise of Venezuela) than money.

And now this “credible” socialist wants to take us down the very same path:

In his campaign “launch” yesterday, Sen. Bernie Sanders presented one of the most succinct, easy-to-summarize policy agendas we’ve seen from a presidential candidate in a long time. More progressive taxes. Breaking up the big banks. A constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. A carbon tax. A single-payer health care system. Expanding Social Security. Universal pre-k. Free college tuition. A trillion-dollar infrastructure program. A $15 an hour minimum wage. And a reversal of international economic policies that promote/allow job exports.

“Free” health care, “free” tuition, “free” pre-k, $15 minimum wage, more taxes to include a carbon tax, anti-capitalist laws to cripple the producers and spending of a trillion dollars on “infrastructure” (didn’t we just do that a few years ago?).  This is “credible?”  He is “credible?”  In what universe?

Would someone please, please send Sen. Sanders a freaking book on economics?

Oh, and Ed Driscoll too.


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19 Responses to Someone, anyone, give Bernie Sanders an economics book

  • easy-to-summarize policy agendas

    Even more easily summarized as “all the bad bits from Atlas Shrugged, except this guy is for real”. Shit, not even the worst Euro-socialists dare dream of implementing ALL of that list.

    • Euro-Socialists aren’t trying to break their countries. Our socialists are still infected with a destructive purpose. Either because they are still trying to make the US lose the Cold War with the Soviets (robotically executing the last orders from the Kremlin or out of spite, idk) or because of the guidebook that says collapse of democracy is a step in the move to Communism.

  • Don’t worry – it’ll all work this time because they’re the smartest people evah. Just ask ’em!

    Gotta give him points for honesty though – unlike their frontrunner.

  • as for ED Driscoll, I suspect and suppose that what he was saying there was that he was credibly leftist. By that measure he is certainly more credible than Hillary Clinton.

    but ponder the state of a political party where it takes the like of Bernie Sanders to make the leading candidate look moderate by comparison.

  • Sanders is] also perhaps the most credible seriously lefty candidate in living memory.

    I think Driscoll meant that Sanders was at least credible in the sense that he was open about his positions, NOT that most of the American people would find him credible.

    Because we know he’s a nutburger. Filberts, I think…

    • My point was there is no such thing as a “credible” lefty, except to other lefties. Their principles and policies have never been credible. Credibility at least starts from something other than a false premise.

      • We totally agree as to all that. To start from a position that ALLLLLLLL of the models demonstrate is ruinous is simply crazy, delusional, and…frankly…evil in my estimation. I cannot imagine how anyone still fosters any of the Collectivist ideas, with all the lessons of history, from the French Revolution on down, so vividly screaming “NO!”.

        • It’s pretty obvious that you haven’t listened to Bernie.
          While he doesn’t spend a lot of this time on his socialist past and present, the subjects that he does talk about are more refined than any of the BS coming from Hillary (“vote for me because I’m a Democrat and a woman and ignore my criminal enterprises”).
          Mind you, I’m not going to vote for him, but I give him credit for plainly speaking mind, which is better than 99% of Democratic politicians would or could do.

          • I am left wondering WTF you are talking about. Because you sure didn’t make it at all evident.

          • Hey, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  • If you are going to send Sanders any kink of book at all you better make sure it is in comic-book form – I don’t think he could read it otherwise.

  • I firmly believe the entire Left is architected. His run is strategic and not directly sincere. Perhaps to take some of the spotlight off Hillary. Perhaps to help splinter the Hillary vote so the ‘Acceptable Alternative’ can enter without looking like a looser to Hillary from the sheer inertia of her lead.

  • “A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy,” wrote Sanders. “A woman on her knees. A woman tied up. A woman abused.”
    Sanders didn’t specify as to how he had gained such a deep understanding of the male psyche.

    In terms of his understanding of female sexual fantasies, Sanders provided similar insight.

    “A woman enjoys intercourse with her man–as she fantasizes about being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”

    Any man with insights like these cod only be a Democratic politician

  • Bruce, the idea that socialism itself isn’t credible, is not an issue here. We fully agree. What I’m suggesting is that what Driscoll is saying is that Sanders is credibly socialist in a way that will set him apart from the wannabes.

    that said, I refer you back to my original comment about it taking the likes of Bernie Sanders to make Hillary Clinton looks sensible.

    as I said yesterday elsewhere….
    strated move.

    We already know that Sanders stands a snowball’s chance in the fires of hell to get the nomination, despite a lot of fellow idiots, willing to cast their nomination vote for him. So, there’s only two things that happen as a result of his candidacy. Hillary Clinton’s image is improved among Democrats, and she get to tilt further left… Promoting and ever larger government, with impunity as a result of the supposed mandate of the Democrat voters, who really wanted Sanders.

    I ask you…Who, but Sanders, could claim that Barack Obama was not liberal enough? We’ve already seen Hillary Clinton saying that she would go further than Obama did, so how to do that, while still maintaining a supposedly moderate image? Get Sanders involved, as the stalking horse. As I said yesterday, the Clintons know how to play this game, and have played it very well over the years. I can’t imagine this situation, as perfect as it is for Hillary Clinton, not being designed by the Clintons and their minions.

  • “Someone, anyone, give Bernie Sanders an economics book”

    Why? You know he is only going to use it as a doorstop.

  • That lying, corrupt, crony riding in on her husbands coattails on a broomstick doesn’t look so evil now.
    Mission accomplished Bernie.

  • Hey, you mean “Ed Kilgore”, not “Ed Driscoll”. Ed Driscoll is my colleague over at PJM.