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Global cooling? But the “science” is settled!

Not according to a new British study:

new study out of the United Kingdom predicts the Earth is about to go through a major climatic shift that could mean decades of cooler temperatures and fewer hurricanes hitting the United States.

Scientists at the University of Southampton predict that a cooling of the Atlantic Ocean could cool global temperatures a half a degree Celsius and may offer a “brief respite from the persistent rise of global temperatures,” according to their study.

This cooling phase in the Atlantic will influence “temperature, rainfall, drought and even the frequency of hurricanes in many regions of the world,” says Dr. Gerard McCarthy. The study’s authors based their results on ocean sensor arrays and 100 years of sea-level data.

Got to love the attempt of these people to try to conform their findings to the current “conventional wisdom” of the alarmist crowd, i.e. we’re heating up – despite the fact there has been no increase in global temperatures for 15 plus years.  They claim this will give us a “brief respite” from something that hasn’t been happening.

“Sea-surface temperatures in the Atlantic vary between warm and cold over time-scales of many decades,” said McCarthy, the study’s lead author. “This decadal variability, called the Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation (AMO), is a notable feature of the Atlantic Ocean and the climate of the regions it influences.”

“The observations of [AMO] from [sensor arrays], over the past ten years, show that it is declining,” Dr. David Smeed, a co-author, said in a statement. “As a result, we expect the AMO is moving to a negative phase, which will result in cooler surface waters. This is consistent with observations of temperature in the North Atlantic.”

Researchers argue that a negative AMO will bring “drier summers in Britain and Ireland, accelerated sea-level rise along the northeast coast of the United States, and drought in the developing countries of the Sahel region,” according to the study’s press release. Interestingly enough, the study also predicts fewer hurricanes hitting the U.S.– a result of a cooler Atlantic.

Oh, you mean natural forces at work?  Well maybe the environment isn’t as sensitive to a trace “greenhouse” gas as some would like us to believe.

And this:

For years, scientists have been debating why satellite temperature data shows there have been about 18 years with no warming trend. Surface temperature data shows a similar pause in warming for the last 10 to 15 years.

So far, the dominant explanation seems to be that oceans have absorbed a lot of the heat that would have otherwise gone into the atmosphere. And most scientists argue the world will continue warming because of increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

But it’s not, is it?  Maybe, as we’ve been saying for years, it’s that big, hot yellow thing that hangs in the sky everyday and alarmists continue to ignore as a major factor in climate change:

Some scientists, however, have been arguing the world is indeed headed for a cooling phase based on solar cycles. Scientists from Germany to India have argued that weakening solar activity could bring about another “Little Ice Age.”

“The stagnation of temperature since 1998 was caused by decreasing solar activity since 1998,” wrote Jürgen Lange Heine, a physicist with the German-based European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE).


“From 1900 to 1998, solar radiation increased by 1.3 W / m², but since 1998 it has diminished, and could reach values ​​similar to those of the early 20th century. A drop in global temperature over the next few years is predicted,” Heine wrote.

Imagine that.


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12 Responses to Global cooling? But the “science” is settled!

  • One side effect of Obama’s AGW zealotry and negative perception he brought to himself and the US is inspiring a tiny spark of resistence in Europe to AGW absolutism.

  • So far, the dominant explanation seems to be that oceans have absorbed a lot of the heat that would have otherwise gone into the atmosphere.

    Because, let’s see, the heat capacity of water is about 1000 times that of air, the mass of the oceans is about 1000 times that of the atmosphere and so the oceans are carry roughly 1000000 times the energy of the atmosphere… and you think maybe the oceans maybe just maybe determine the temperature of the atmosphere and not vice-versa? You think?? The atmosphere is merely the pee of an ant in the oceans effects.

    This is just the nervous rats lining up on the edge of the ship watching the iceberg draw closer, ensuring they are closest to the lifeboats in case the idiots at the helm run the SS ClimateChange at full steam into that big cold thing just ahead.

  • Well, clearly our production of hot air and CO2 in discussing the coming Ice Age global warming AGW climate change weather has caused GAIA to recognize that WE recognize we can’t just take her for granted any more.

    All of this climate cooling can be explained by recognition that man is not natural, and that we have prevented reaching the tipping point of a molten surface by rallies all over the globe where numerous people danced and drummed the climate back to a sensible temperature.

    At no point should you be confused into believing that AGW was not real and if you are a denier, you should still be sent to a salt mine, sewage treatment plant, or other suitable re-education facility.
    The bad news is that even though huge amounts of wealth were needlessly pissed away on gimmicks and croney wealth transfers from the public to campaign contributors, the major transfers from the 1st world to the 3rd world that would bankrupt the 1st world didn’t happen before the cooling set in.
    The good news is, the President will still use warming as an excuse to wreck American industry in the remaining two years of his administration through the heavy hand of EPA regulation.
    So be happy! It’s not a total loss yet.

  • So now the polar bears will go extinct because they’re too cold!?!?!?

    Man, those bears can’t win.

    • They’ll be fine if they keep up their caloric intake.

      I advocate sending them boatloads of greenies. Soft and pink, with a taste like chicken.

  • I just had to take time out from my yearly trip to Italy, to respond to this attempt to harm my gender-neutral children by undermining the holy writ settled science on climate change.

    Here in my hotel room in Italy, to the sound of giggling nubile females in the next room, I happened upon this sterile, inbred attempt to deny what 97% of scientists agree upon. And don’t start up with how that 97% thing has been debunked. I don’t want to hear it. It’s all part of the narrative now, which means it’s the truth, so you can just stop it with those charts and graphs and “hasn’t warmed in 15 years” so-called facts.

    It’s too late. Your kind are being left behind. Just accept it. And shut up about how leftist Democrats are at the lowest point in state government since before the Depression. Because Obama. Peace be upon him.

    Here in Italy, everyone I run into is completely convinced that the climate is changing, and it’s just catastrophic, and we definitely want to give a lot more power to wise leftists to deal with it. Though for some reason they all seem to expect that part of the solution is for them to get more government benefits, so that every citizen can prepare himself, or herself, or itself, for this crisis. Have I left off any genders? It’s hard to keep up these days.

    Which doesn’t either mean that I’m thinking of going trans-gender like Bruce Jenner. I’m not, though I think I would be pretty cute as a woman. But no, I’m definitely a man. Not a woman. Not a computer program that spits out the same talking points no matter what I’m responding to either. Stop saying that.

    No, I’m just as manly as the ex-military basket cases who post here. Just because I couldn’t even keep a Russian bride happy doesn’t mean I’m not just as much of a man as, say, you Army Rangers around here. I’m tough. I have to be, because the infestation of giant magenta caterpillars with Sarah Palin’s face and ample bosom is a constant challenge. I fight them off almost every night. I strangled one coming out of my luggage last night with my bare hands. And it didn’t either turn out to be a pair of tube socks when I looked back at it. I swear.

    And those caterpillars, more than anything, make me confident that you dense righties are wrong about climate change. Why, I went back to my “Really Simple Statistics for Social Science Majors” textbook, and did a correlation between rising CO2 levels and rising numbers of magenta caterpillars as recorded in my journal. The correlation is over .9! Yes, I have strong evidence that you climate deniers not only want to harm my gender neutral children, you also want to see the world overrun with giant caterpillars. Which seem to be producing mind-controlling waves to boot.

    So far, I have resisted their winks behind those naughty librarian glasses. I just close my eyes, and hear the nubile females next door giggling. And put on a movie to distract me. Which certainly isn’t something like Hard Bodies 7: Get Laid or Die Hard. I told you, I have no idea how those movies end up on my bill.

    • Maybe you could experiment with the thongs that go missing from the nubile co-eds rooms….mysteriously. I mean, you might like the look…

    • Ah, I just realized you’re seeing Chtorrans gatropods, except for the Sarah Palin face, and uh, bosom thing…I think.
      Get your meds checked Chtorrans do NOT have bosoms.
      Anyway, by now you must know it’s not really climate change, it’s alien terra-forming.