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Feminism being redefined on the college campus

It seems everyone is weighing in on the oppressive nature of today’s college campus where “rape culture” is a given (even if it isn’t true) and “triggers” and perceived “aggressions” are treated as unforgivable sins to be punished by the “student collective” in the name of feminism.  I remember when feminism used to mean strong, empowered women. Now, apparently, it means women who are victims of hurtful words and are afraid to come out of their “safe spaces” lest they hear some.

David Brooks actually does a fair job of describing the problem.

The problem is that the campus activists have moral fervor, but don’t always have settled philosophies to restrain the fervor of their emotions. Settled philosophies are meant to (but obviously don’t always) instill a limiting sense of humility, a deference to the complexity and multifaceted nature of reality. But many of today’s activists are forced to rely on a relatively simple social theory.

According to this theory, the dividing lines between good and evil are starkly clear. The essential conflict is between the traumatized purity of the victim and the verbal violence of the oppressor.

According to this theory, the ultimate source of authority is not some hard-to-understand truth. It is everybody’s personal feelings. A crime occurs when someone feels a hurt triggered, or when someone feels disagreed with or “unsafe.” In the Shulevitz piece, a Brown student retreats from a campus debate to a safe room because she “was feeling bombarded by a lot of viewpoints that really go against” her dearly and closely held beliefs.

Today’s campus activists are not only going after actual acts of discrimination — which is admirable. They are also going after incorrect thought — impiety and blasphemy. They are going after people for simply failing to show sufficient deference to and respect for the etiquette they hold dear. They sometimes conflate ideas with actions and regard controversial ideas as forms of violence.

Essentially the special snowflakes, who can only exist in a closed system like a college campus, have created an oppressive atmosphere in a place that should be open and free because … feelings.  And college administrators have allowed this nonsense to go on because of two reasons – students are paying the freight and Title IX.  But Brooks is right … the end state of this nonsense is the creation of thought police.  And the SJW’s on campus use their leverage (paying customer) and a wildly misinterpreted law (Title IX) to carry out their vendettas.  And for years, college administrations have been complicit in advancing this nonsense to the the point, now, of absurdity.

However, it has begun to bite back, as it had to, within the college collective.  Megan McArdle brings you up to date on the latest:

In February, Laura Kipnis, a professor at Northwestern, wrote an article for the Chronicle of Higher Education in which she decried the creeping bureaucratization and fear that surrounds sexual activity on campus. Last week, she revealed that as a consequence of that article, she had been investigated for violating Title IX of the Civil Rights Act.

No, I’m not eliding some intermediate step, where she used printed copies of the article as a cudgel to attack her female students. The article itself was the suspect act. According to Kipnis, it was seen as retaliation against students who had filed complaints against a professor, and would have a “chilling effect” and create a “hostile environment” for women in the Northwestern community. Northwestern put Kipnis through a lengthy process in which she wasn’t allowed to know the nature of the complaint until she talked to investigators, nor could she have representation.

You need to read that article to understand what kangaroo courts the “system” within colleges have set up to appease their Title IX requirements as directed by the Obama Administration.  They are incredible and a far cry from anything anyone in the country would call “fair”.  But then fairness isn’t the goal … silence is.  They want to silence all “uncomfortable” ideas that may “trigger” their angst.  And, as you’ll note, the inmates are running the asylum.  Title IX is out of control as Naomi Schaefer Riley points out:

Yes, that’s right, legislation that was originally supposed to combat sexual discrimination in public education and athletics is now being used to silence professors who write essays that contradict progressive wisdom.

Because, you know, they were offended.  They thought they were “safe”.  And since they weren’t or at least didn’t consider themselves to be, they had to act by attacking the source of their angst.  Anonymously, of course.  With no burden of proof.  Just an accusation is all that is necessary, because in SJW-land, feelings rule, no matter how arbitrary and capricious they may be.

Is this the new face of feminism?



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23 Responses to Feminism being redefined on the college campus

  • ” Just an accusation is all that is necessary, because in SJW-land, feelings rule, no matter how arbitrary and capricious they may be.”

    Now try to imagine that same environment back in, say, 1998 – Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey.

    My how times change.
    I’m surprised that no one has suggested that if you drag a hundred dollar bill through a college campus, you’ll never know what you’ll find.
    I think Denny Hastert should just tell the prosecutor that it was a private matter about sex, and none of their business, right?

    Ah, isn’t it grand to have a solidly flexible moral code. I mean, so long as it fits whatever agenda they’re practicing today.

  • I love the part about Laura Kipnis bringing a support person to one of the hearings. The support person wasn’t allowed to do anything or even talk at the hearing, but was strangely brought up on a Title IX charge shortly thereafter.

  • Hey, Barracula NEVER does things that would have the SLIGHTEST propensity to divide people.

    You can’t hang that whole Title IX explosion on him, nosiree. And he and his drunk, gropey V.P. have NEVER, EVER aped that whole lie about 1:5 college girls being sexually assaulted. No. Mmm, mmm. Not those uniters.

    But the current crop of crazy feminazis will eventually kill each other, die off, and not breed. So there’s that…

  • More accurately, it is the face of campus feminism, or more broadly, the face of campus leftism. Combine Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism with Mark Levin’s Ameritopia and you find the seeds. Inspired by dreams of the perfect society, just as long as the right approved left people have plenipotentiary powers, the affluent and influential left seed the universities with insipid and bankrupt visions of this preconceived but unrealizable dream (by Marx but he wasnt the first, just the most influential to the mind bending that professors 80 years ago still practice). And with the general populace not acquiescing to the brilliance of these vanguards, there is only one proven solution. Communism has failed everywhere, socialism has been tempered by the real world. Liberal fascism is the answer. Hell, Woodrow Wilson recognized this a century ago. Recalcitrant thinkers knew the folly then. Quietly reforming, regrouping, and repackaging, over the decades, these leftwing utopianists have taken over control of our schools, and consequentially, our media, our unions, our city councils. And note, that these vanguards are almost never from the downtrodden they seek to unleash – in fact they almost always profit (see the Clintons, Harry Reid, et al).

    The silver lining is that these wilting lilies have been so coddled by their cloistered education/lives they have no clue how the real world works (see Barak Obama et al). Dark lining is that they have enough allies everywhere that they may hide the emperors nakedness to thrust us into Heinlein’s periods of “bad Luck”.

    • The upshot of having absolutely no clue how the world works in any way, shape, or form, is that it will sort of keep us safe from them. They have no idea how to go out into the world and make their visions manifest; the necessary understandings of the opposition’s arguments and mentality are straight-up thoughtcrime now. The effective leftist revolutions that actually manage to enslave and murder people are driven by people who still have some connection to reality, enough to lead, anticipate and counter their opposition’s move, etc. But even if they produced someone who could do so, they would be guilty of thoughtcrime.

      The downside is that they’ll be completely and utterly anti-productive members of society once they get out here, and it’s going to be hard to maintain a great nation with such useless wastes of perfectly good brains.

      • Hmmmm… they’ll rule their enclaves, which eventually through will wither provided people stop supporting them.

        The only problem with that is, the roots of this crap reach all the way down into the elementary education systems, where we start at an early age to neuter boy’s natural (often unruly) inclinations with drugs, rather than discipline, and where they convince children, and parents, that if they don’t go to a ‘good school’, which inevitably will be one of the marxist hell holes like Berkley or Northwestern (or Hahvahd or…etc…), their children will end up sleeping under railroad bridges and panhandling at intersections in hopefully tolerant cities (like, Austin Texas…..).

        They’re comfortable, and it’s bearing out by demonstration of all the idiots who take on 6 figure college loans for education in Social Science majors, that they’ve established a processing system that forces ‘us’ to go to their indoctrination camps.
        Like any good South American army colonel will tell you, you need to (and they do) control the better part of the media (TV, movies, radio, and now the internet). They’ve kinda lost on Radio, but they’re always working to negate that by claiming right wing voices are actors for the Republican party and need regulation. They pretty much own the Twitverse and Facebook too.

        They took a long march approach on this, and maybe they got a little ahead of themselves and unleashed it too soon, but they sure haven’t missed it by much from what I can tell these days.

      • They have one way to have their vision manifest. Pull a Jar Jar and vote the Chancellor Emergency Powers. I see the Congress vilified and portrayed as inept beyond what you would expect a Republican Congress to normally incur. The de-education about who runs the place. Congress is suppose to make the policy decisions. You’d get an argument about that now among young liberals that probably won’t go away even if the Party’s reversed.

        Just look how Democracy fell in Rome. The Senate drifted too far from representing the public & too much to self-interest and the public swung in behind dictatorship (the emperor) as a way to get thing back ‘on track’ and it was downhill rapidly from there. Of course our current congress is playing its part admirably. You could probably relate other historical falls of democracy by public disillusionment with their representative body looking to hand over ‘temporary’ authority to a single person who will ‘get the job done’. Like Hitler in Wiemar German.

        The Left is creating a bunch of dolts that will chuck ‘innocent until proven guilty’, ‘rule of law’, or ‘representative government’ at the first sign of inconvenience. Don’t be surprised if most of us check out after we see an entrenched dictator rise to power and Congress effectively dissolved. We have that now, but technically there’s still an expiration date that hasn’t been violated just yet. But seeing how far they were able to get, most of us are not checking out before we see the turn to irreversible dictatorship unless something changes soon.

        • Part of my point is that I am unconvinced they are competent enough any longer to pull this off. Look how much self-immolation they’re already going through; the circular firing squads have started, but they aren’t actually in enough power yet.

          And the nature of politics in the US is conspiring to make them look more powerful than they are. The fact that an SJW is the President right now makes them look very powerful, but I’d contend that just as QandO has documented on occasion, every day that goes by with that being the case they are actually weakening, even as they think they are strong and are tricked into terrible overreaches. They’re spending capital to maintain their position and even foolishly overextending themselves further, and successfully creating the illusion of dominance, but, look at things like the Sad Puppies to see just how wafer thin that dominance is in many places. The problem with building the aura of invincibility they have built is that the same price they paid to make it happen is what makes them anything but invincible.

          They are grossly overextended and frantically borrowing and spending every bit of literal and metaphorical capital they can to maintain their position.

          The second worst thing that ever happened to them was Obama’s first election, and the worst thing that ever happened to them was Obama’s re-election. It convinced them that they were safe to take the masks off far too early.

          And remember, everything the SJWs are strong in is in the midst of collapse… media, universities, city and state governments… eventually this will all collapse in on them.

          Of course this will take good stuff with it, and by no means do I think we’re going to do anything but pay a huge price collectively for this massive pile of folly that we’ve so greatly invested in.

          Keep fighting, and keep your spirits up. They are investing capital they do not have in keeping up the appearances that are depressing you. It’s not a sign of strength, it’s a sign of weakness.

          • Heh – what we need is another Hitler Berlin Bunker video for SJW’s……
            Because, that’s practically what you are describing, and I pray you’re right.

            I agree though, they moved too soon, Obama is too soon.
            He will not be remembered as a great President, or he will, in the same way that old broken down drunks remember their days of glory.

          • They have all the power they need. One man (or dolt), one vote. With that they have all the power they need to f up the place. In fact the less self-reliant they are the more they will seek to turn over ever larger power to ‘the right man’. Ineptness only reinforces the drive to give up their independence and everyone else’s along with theirs.

            Also, they are not becoming weaker the same nepotism they exerted to spread through the media and through Hollywood, they’ve used to spread through Silicon Valley and I’m starting to see it everywhere.

            You don’t have to be on the correct side of issues to have power.

          • jpm100, recent voting is not swinging their way. The actual, real voting, not what it feels like is happening in the SJW-owned media.

            Indeed, this is part of their problem… the SJW-owned media can not afford to admit that voting is not going their way lately, but that leads the other SJWs into the overreach I was talking about. Their own communication mechanisms are not capable of telling them they have problems, so they aren’t capable of addressing the problems. It’s not a slur that they are disconnected from reality, it’s a description of their current state. Being connected to reality is thoughtcrime for them now. Being disconnected from reality always leads to diminished capacity to affect the real world. Witness how often they appear to think that they are losing because they haven’t explained their positions well enough to the dumbkompf hoi polloi and they just need to shout louder. You’re hearing the shouting… what you can’t see in our SJW-controlled narrative bubble is that it’s not working… and all they know is to shout louder.

          • Yeah this congress is some loss for the SJW’s. A congress that tripped over itself enabling Obama’s illegal immigrant normalization. The likelihood that Jeb Bush will get the GOP nod just spells doom for everything they got out of Obama. Not really. Sure the young vocal SJW’s panties will be in a bunch. But the reality is the left so controls everything, the opposition isn’t only that in name only, a farce.

  • Those girls should shut up and make their man a sandwich

    • Okay man but what are we going to do about pajama boy and his hot cocoa?

      I mean, we can send them off to man camp, but I don’t look for much success with that.

    • Coupla problems there that totally bar that happy notion…

      1. these girls/wimmins are crazy as peach-orchard boars (see McCain, Robt. Stacy), and…

      2. they couldn’t BUY a man into their lives (maybe a pajama boi, but that’s a contradiction in terms)..

      • There’s hope though, because somewhere out there are people who are still raising sons like these two guys.

        Memorial day post

        Excuse me, every time I’ve read this post the room seems to get really smokey or something.

        • I know what you mean. And some fools think they can bring the Iraqis et al. up to that standard with just a little more training and some modern equipment.

      • I really liked R.S.McCain’s tweet: “Until I started studying radical feminism, I never thought of “normal” as an achievement.”

        Isn’t that really what all the Leftist B.S. is? … First they deconstruct Reality, so that “Your Truth for you, my Truth for me, his Truth for him … everybody’s got their own vision of ‘What Is Real’, and who can say which one –if any– is more correct than another?” … Then they let their inner demons come out and play.

        The problem is, We-The-Normals didn’t call them on it, back when it might still have been possible to put The Crazy back in its box. Now The Crazy is running amok like Godzilla, claiming more and more segments of American life/ culture/ business/ politics/ social norms/ etc/ — and the rest of us are starting to realize there’s no safe place to hide from the coming sh!tstorm…

        • I think it’s time to push back. People can be freaks…that’s their call and they have to live with it. They are NOT free to demand that the rest of us agree that being a freak is “normal”. NOR do they have any claim whatsoever on you or me being COMPELLED to finance their freak.

  • The good news is they will eventually leave the safety of the nest into a mirthless world. LOL
    The bad news is they will likely vote their petty anger.

  • And now mattress girl has made a, uh, porn flick.
    Which contains instructions of how you should watch it and whether or not you’re participating in ‘her rape’ if you watch it in the wrong frame of mind.

    Sheesh. Is this for real?