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A trot around the intertubes

There’s a lot going on but not much that needs a long and laborious explanation or rant.

The Clinton Foundation and our former Secretary of State are really starting to stink it up.  And my guess is there’s a lot more to come.  Years ago Terry Goodkind wrote a book called “Wizard’s first rule”.  The Clinton’s operate by that rule.  The rule?  “People are stupid”.  And there’s a Clinton corollary – “so is the media”.  They’ve operated off of that rule and corollary for decades.  They don’t see any reason to stop now.

The administration is claiming it has killed 10,000 ISIS members since it began its campaign of airstrikes.  Most people in the know doubt that number is anywhere near the truth and that, in fact, it’s much, much lower.   Here’s why:

Three out of every four times that Obama dispatches American warplanes over Iraq, they return to base without dropping any bombs or firing any missiles.

“Seventy-five percent of the sorties that we’re currently running with our attack aircraft come back without dropping bombs, mostly because they cannot acquire the target or properly identify the target,” said U.S. Army General (ret) Jack Keane in testimony before the U.S. Senate last week.

That’s why White House and Pentagon briefers usually talk about the number of sorties, not the number of air strikes. The number of missions flown is four times larger than the number of bombing runs.

There’s a simple fix, but it is politically unpalatable to the “lead from behind” crowd:

Gen. Keane offered a straightforward solution. “Forward air controllers fix that problem,” he said.

You know, “boots on the ground?”  Doing what they’re doing is sort of like firing artillery without forward observers.  Yeah, you’re likely to hit something every now and then, but is it really effective?  Uh, no.

Apparently ISIS acted as our own forward air controllers:

“Defense Tech reports that at a Air Force Association breakfast meeting in Washington DC on Monday, General Hawk Carlisle, the head of Air Combat Command, shared a story of how a careless social media post directly led to an airstrike against ISIS.”

While that is all well and good and wonderful, my question is why we have a General out there sharing this intel?

“The guys that were working down out of Hurlburt, they’re combing through social media and they see some moron standing at this command. And in some social media, open forum, bragging about the command and control capabilities for Daesh, ISIL,” Carlisle said.

“And these guys go: ‘We got an in.’ So they do some work, long story short, about 22 hours later through that very building, three [Joint Direct Attack Munitions] take that entire building out.”

He was careful not to share sensitive details about the location of the building and airstrike, but he noted how ISIS’ enthusiasm of social media was turned against them in this case.

“It was a post on social media to bombs on target in less than 24 hours,” he said. “Incredible work when you think about [it].”

He shared a timeframe for a mission to be put together and why they were successful.  Who is the real “moron” here?  Before ISIS may have been guessing why they were hit.  Now they know.

This is going to disappoint the enviro-whacko crowd:

A decade into an energy boom led by hydraulic fracturing, the Environmental Protection Agency has concluded there is no evidence the practice has had a “widespread, systemic impact on drinking water.”

The report is the federal government’s most comprehensive examination of the issue of fracking and drinking water, and it bolsters the position staked out by the energy industry.

Yeah, fracking has only been around 66 years and been used on a million wells.  One might think that if there were a drinking water problem it would have been discovered before now.

That won’t stop the narrative however.  “Science” is only useful when it backs that narrative.  When it doesn’t, it’s just to be ignored.  See “climate change”.


Another liberal professor speaks out about the SJW “crisis” on campus:

The current student-teacher dynamic has been shaped by a large confluence of factors, and perhaps the most important of these is the manner in which cultural studies and social justice writers have comported themselves in popular media. I have a great deal of respect for both of these fields, but their manifestations online, their desire to democratize complex fields of study by making them as digestible as a TGIF sitcom, has led to adoption of a totalizing, simplistic, unworkable, and ultimately stifling conception of social justice. The simplicity and absolutism of this conception has combined with the precarity of academic jobs to create higher ed’s current climate of fear, a heavily policed discourse of semantic sensitivity in which safety and comfort have become the ends and the means of the college experience.

Hey, you created it.  You get to live with it.  Either that or you grow a pair and take academia back.

Finally, in the “out of control government” category, we have this little jewel:

IRS lawyers have ruled that once illegal immigrants get numbers, they can go back and re-file for up to three previous years’ taxes and claim refunds even for time they were working illegally.

The lawyers said since the EITC is a refundable credit, that’s allowed even when the illegal immigrants worked off-the-books and never paid taxes in the first place.

Now, these are “laws” the Obama administration is more than happy to follow.  Pay up, sucker.


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22 Responses to A trot around the intertubes

  • Talk about channeling past administrations, Nixon, Carter, now Obama has acquired the Kennedy/Johnson administrations patented Robert S. McNamara method of determining “victory”.

    • With that in mind, perhaps someone check to see if Xerxes won the war after his army annihilated Leonidas and 300 other Spartans (and assorted others city state’s warriors making heretofore uncredited appearances) at Thermopylae.
      I’m sure the Persians counted bodies too.

    • I really couldn’t believe that they issued “body count”.
      The Bush Pentagon was slow to announce any numbers then it bent over backwards to make sure the count was verified, which usually was low, but was “bumped up” by critics of the Administration.

      • That’s because President Useless Tool and his asswipe cronies are either too young to remember, or were too stoned to pay attention to the nightly score body counts we were subjected to.

      • Remember, its all just a way to get through another day with the media.

  • That won’t stop the narrative however. “Science” is only useful when it backs that narrative.

    Are you saying that they would DENY the science ?

    • I bet that you could actually use RICO, per the suggestion of Sen. Whitehouse (D-RI), to go after science DENIERs in Albany where Governor Cuomo sat on a study of fracking, till he finally rejected it by DENYING the science.

    • Deny is such a harsh word – ignore is really the term you’re looking for here.
      This skill is but one of the many they count in their repertoire as members of Symphonia Cognitive Dissonance.

  • The SJW had completed their project. Big law, true safety from badthink!
    But the SJW’s forgot one thing!
    Monsters, John! Monsters from the Id!

  • “Doing what they’re doing is sort of like firing artillery without forward observers”

    Also called H&I (harassing and interdicting(?)) fire. I imagine the 10,000 figure is from the Air Force, which has historically been, ah, ‘optimistic’ about its own effectiveness.

    “He was careful not to share sensitive details about the location of the building and airstrike,”

    LOL. “Ssshhh! We don’t want them to find out we bombed them. If we don’t mention it, they will never know.” Gen. Hawk Carlisle. Col. Bat Guano’s superior.
    Their number system goes; one, two, three, many, ten thousand. They know they have killed more than many, ergo they must have killed ten thousand.

    • Ever get the feeling the 10,000+ figure is sorta like this…

      There have been reports of American planes over our bases, these are false stories, they are false lies. My feelings….

      I am on the air here!


      Oh, yes.

      We have ISIS surrounded with our planes!
      I mean to say, this will be the mother of all bombings! We will roast them in their dishdashas!
      There have been stories of ISIS soldiers resisting our valiant troops, do not listen to them.
      My feelings – as usual we will slaughter them all.
      We destroyed 10,000 men, and their shovels, we have driven them back.

      • Hello, Professor Erb? Yes, the 20th century called and would like their failed military strategies back.

  • return to base without dropping any bombs or firing any missiles

    Nonsense! I have seen many a youtube clip and commentary from enlightened anti-war mouthpieces assuring me that the US military will kill any fuzzy-wuzzy in the desert just for shits and giggles. That they would return with full payloads is therefore imperialist running-dog propaganda designed to show, errrmmmm, something bad. On the other hand, if I were a good leftist I could simultaneously deride the US military for being incompetent enough not to find targets but managing to massacre thousands of innocents far and wide.

  • simplicity and absolutism of this conception has combined with the precarity of academic jobs to create higher ed’s current climate of fear

    Does anyone else get the feeling that these academics are getting jumpy not because of the threat to unfashionable concepts like free speech, academic freedom, etc… but because these star chambers without legal representation or even knowing the charges is a direct threat to their otherwise bomb-proof tenures??

    • OH, yeah. The Red Diaper Cadres are unstoppable…when they can wrench themselves off their fainting couches and out of their Play-Doh dens! When they get cranked up, tenure is toast. And the professoriate all know that the other denizens of the faculty lounge will turn on them like East German play writes.

      It’s really kind of pretty to watch…in a sort of “we told you so” kinda way…

  • So…300 days – for (assuming 10,000+, it must be less than 11,000 or they’d have said 11,000….) so we’ve killed (at great expense) off 33.33333 ISIS fighters per day over the last 3+ quarters of a year.

    If we knock out the estimated 2300 vehicles ISIS/ISIL captured in Mosul alone at a similar rate we”ll have them all knocked out by August 12th!

    And I mean, good thing we killed 10,000 of them!
    Imagine how much of Iraq they could have taken over with a force that size when you consider that the estimated number that kicked 6000 Iraqi troops out of Ramadi was 150….

    • I always giggle a little in my Scotch when I think of how the Maven Of Moosesqueeze soberly told us how easy defeating ISIS would be, and how inflated were our half-wit concerns about them.

      Well, along with all our “faux scandals” concerning Hellary and Barracula. None of which seem to be receding in the rear-view mirror as predicted.

      Odd, that…

      • Easy, sure.
        And Obama will be known as one of the great Presidents of history.
        Methodologies for doing things, like winning a war, or tying your shoe, or running a country, were made obsolete and dated by the change of the left most digits of the year when they transitioned from 19 to 20.
        Arab Spring would bring democracy to the Middle East.
        Global warming was settled science.

        Yes, pretty much across the board if Moosesqueeze says go in a direction, you’d always be best served by heading in the diametrically opposite direction.

      • I also thought they’d be run out by now. I was assuming Mosul was a fluke and the Iraqi Army had other, decent units.

        That as then they were also fighting in Kobane, too.

        There is now a possibility that they finish up in Syria.

  • The rule: “People are stupid and so is the media”.

    I’s just waiting for some GOPer to respond to some pay inequity or new spending program with something like:
    “So I guess all the Clinton Foundation fund raising was just practice ?” .. or
    “I suppose you will get funding for that [new] program from the Qutaris”

    … but we know they won’t

  • The one good thing about Obama’s foreign policy is that its essentially a test-run for a more isolationist stance.

    If Obama can muddle through, then Rand Paul is much less scary of a candidate.

    Another problem is if it goes full scale Sunni-Shia…are we really going to pick sides?

    this is why we keep talking about Iraq even though it no longer exists.

    Because Iraq was an ally…wherease Shias? sunnis? Oh my.

    • If by muddling through you mean, avoiding a war with someone using 19th century acquisition techniques…
      that isn’t any way to run an airline.
      That means the muddling has nothing to do with US, and more to do with their desire to acquire.