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Economic Statistics for 5 Jun 15

The Employment Situation in May perked up, with 280,000 net new jobs created, though unemployment rate rose 0.1% to 5.5%. The labor force participation rate rose to 62.9%, with 397,000 entrants to the labor force, of which 208,000 were re-entrants. Average hourly earnings rose 0.3%, while the average workweek remained steady at 34.5 hours.

Consumer credit rose by $20.5 billion in April, helped by an $8.6 billion increase in revolving credit.

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2 Responses to Economic Statistics for 5 Jun 15

  • This could possibly be the first sign that the economy wants to get better.
    I’ve known that the real uptick will be accompanied by an uptick in the unemployment rate, U-3 (AKA the BS rate).
    Of course, this could be derailed by Greece/Euro debacle.

  • Maxed Out Mama

    suggests “self-employment”.

    As in “companies are not hiring full-time employees, so individuals are being hired as ‘contract labor’ on an as-needed, not-covered-by-health-insurance basis.