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Observations: The QandO Podcast for 7 Jun 15

The podcast is up on the podcast page, where we discuss Bruce Jenner’s Olympic victory and tits.

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4 Responses to Observations: The QandO Podcast for 7 Jun 15

  • I can’t help but suspect alcohol involved in this delay.

  • ” Every plan made is just another means by which The Universe can beat you over the head. ”
    — from famous sayings by Me, Myself, and I

  • Trival Question:
    Who was the first woman to be chosen in the NBA draft ?

    Bruce Jenner was selected in the 1977 NBA draft by the Kansas City Kings (now the Sacramento Kings).

    Jenner, then the reigning Olympic decathlon champion, was chosen in the seventh round.

    Jenner hadn’t played basketball since high school. He declined to join the Kings.

  • Lockheed and boeing are somewhat manufacturers and for the most part are primarily contractors. They build things according to the available options. The number of planes ordered don’t merit a factory. Therefore they are hand-built so you get 2 a month.

    When in WWII we needed to build planes en mass we turned to the general American Manufacturing base. There was some of that dedicated to military at the time but it was far too little. They turned to the other industries, automotive, appliance, farm equipment makers. Planes and Tanks rolled out of US auto plants and those other places.

    The only part left today is what’s left of appliances and automotive. So we can’t produce en masse like in WWII. If the war is protracted we’re done like dinner.

    Its fine to plan on a 5 minute war. But that’s pretty much what the German’s did. Their supply lines of raw material and fuel were somewhat vulnerable, but they’d figured the war would be over in months or a few years and they had the best stuff, they’d win in that time. On average they did have the best stuff. If WWI was Gen I modern military weapons, the Germans had brought themselves to Gen 3 by the start of WII, we were still on Gen 2 and hastily brought ourselves up to Gen 2.5 as war was inevitable. The reason we won is that we could build more stuff than they could blow up.

    We don’t have a manufacturing base that size anymore and people can’t kill what’s left fast enough. So the 5 minute war better be correct. Problem is that the Germans thought the same thing and how well did it work out for them.