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Economic Statistics for 12 Jun 15

Producer Prices for Final Demand rose 0.5% in May. Prices less food and energy rose 0.1%. Prices less food, energy & trade services fell -0.1%. On a year-over-year basis, PPI-FD is down -1.1%, less food & energy up 0.6%, and less food, energy, and trade services up 0.6%. Other numbers from the release:

PPI-FD Goods – M/M change: 1.3 %
PPI-FD Goods – Y/Y change: -4.3%
PPI-FD Services – M/M change: 0.0%
PPI-FD Services – Y/Y change: 0.6%

The University of Michigan’s Consumer Sentiment index rose 3.9 points to 94.6.

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One Response to Economic Statistics for 12 Jun 15

  • These numbers would mean something to me if I didn’t us food and fuel, because I do and those two make up a considerable portion of my monthly expenditures. It is practically meaningless (except for politicians who make a career on obfuscation) to cite CoL minus some of the main contributors.