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Sorry, I refuse to play this game

One of the problems associated with the military is the issue of “stolen valor”, i.e. wannabes who claim service, awards and decorations they haven’t done or earned.

No one other than other wannabes defends this because it is so outrageously wrong in every way.  They haven’t done the service or haven’t earned the  awards and they aren’t who they say they are.  And they are shamed and shunned because of their lies.

That seems to be the proper way to handle those sorts of things.  If you’re not what you say you are, no amount of wanting changes that.  So why should we as a society have to humor that?  We don’t in this case.  Why do we in other cases?  If I paste a horn on my head and claim to be a unicorn, does that make me one?  And do you have to accept my desire as “valid” or “true”?

Of course not.



Meet Spokane’s NAACP Chapter President Rachel Dolezal.  Ms. Dolezal, as she appears now, claims to have been a “bi-racial” child and having African-American blood.  On the right is a picture of a younger Ms. Dolezal as she appeared years earlier when she was naturally blond haired and blue-eyed.

She’s claimed a black father and a black son for some time.


The young man is actually her brother, adopted by her real parents years ago.  The man on the right she claims is her dad.  He’s not.  Here he is with her mom.


Yes, about as “white-bread” a pair of parents as you can get.

Ms. Dolezal has claimed a horrific earlier life to add to her “black” bona-fides.  But they are as false as her racial claims:

In an interview with the Coeur d’ Alene Press, Dolezal’s mother shot down many other claims her daughter has made in interviews over the years. Specifically:

Dolezal’s claim she was born in a tepee.

‘Totally false,’ said her mother. She and Dolezal’s father once lived in a tepee but it was before Dolezal was born.

Dolezal’s claim she once had to use bows and arrows to hunt for her own food as a kid.

Not true, says her mother.

Dolezal’s claim she once lived in South Africa.

‘Rachel did not even ever visit us there,’ said Ruthanne, who lived there as a missionary.

Dolezal’s claim her parents punished her ‘by skin complexion’ with a ‘baboon whip’ reminiscent of those once used on slaves.

‘She is fabricating a very false and malicious lie,’ Ruthanne said.

Dolezal’s claim that Larry Dolezal, who is white, is actually her stepfather.

‘Anybody who lives in the town of Troy or Libby knows that Larry is her father,’ Ruthanne said.

So, what should we think of this pretender who has lied and fabricated so much about her life as well as making up horrific stories about her parents?

Well, my inclination is to treat her the same we we treat valor thieves … shame her.  And to point out that as much as she wants to be black, claiming she is doesn’t make it so (take note, Bruce Jenner, your chromosomes still say “X” and “Y”, no matter how you dress or what you hack off).

But apparently that’s not how it works in this day and age:


Make up a few “facts” (“10% of all people are born (with the wrong skin color)” – really?  And from whence does that little pearl originate?), claim victimhood, and bingo, you’re a “minority” with a “cause” which should be a) tolerated and b) treated as if your fantasy is reality.

Yeah, sorry, not playing this game.

You are what you are – that’s reality.  If you can’t deal with it, it’s not my fault or my problem.  You’re not a victim.  You’re not entitled.  You need help.

End of rant.


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29 Responses to Sorry, I refuse to play this game

  • Nature is a cruel Muther.
    The “Freak Show” must go on.

    By the way, 80% of all statistics on the internet are made up (including that 80% number)

  • At an old job, I had a co-worker who was Japanese-American.
    One day he came in all upset and muttered .. “I hate eggs !!”
    “Eggs?” I said.
    You know .. white people who want to be Asian. White on the outside, yellow on the inside. They want to hang out with you so they can feel Asian.”

  • The name “Godfrey Elfwick” makes me think this is a parody account.

    Though it’s getting really, really hard to tell. I started talking about how the left lost their hold on reality over ten years ago. They’re into full-scale psychotic delusions at this point.

    • I also read it as parody.

      But… it’s a very near thing. It’s parody because on some level, the grievance-mongers understand that if everything is a social construct, and everything is choice, then the straight white males get a trivial “Get Out Of Jail Free” card, simply by claiming to be anything else, and if you can’t question them, you can’t even point out that they’re still white and male without bringing the whole thing down. So grievance-mongering must, of practical necessity, stop short of that point or the whole thing collapses in a puff of no longer having anybody who can be tapped to deliver recompense for the grievances. If the straight white males manage to escape the system, what’s the point of the whole system anymore?

      (Note my use of the term “practical”. Logically of course the whole thing is gibbering nonsense, it always has been, and this merely reveals a pre-existing state of total collapse. But in practice right now, by sheer exertion of social power, the construct is being held together.)

      So, socially, it can’t be real, or if there is someone who really believes that, socially nobody can line up behind them. The job of the straight white male is to get stuck with the bill, not to discover their inner oppressed group. It can’t be allowed to be a real thing.

      But logically, there’s no way to contain it. If gender and race are purely social constructs….

    • It absolutely is.

      However, it was pointed out that sometime his parody is so close to the real skin as to be indistinguishable.

      I won’t be at all surprised to find the trans-racial thing suddenly become a reality.
      Why not, we’ve stood convention on it’s head long enough and are expected to let how someone feels about something take precedence over the real, uh, reality.

    • I believe this guy Godftey IS a parody account. He’s supposedly a world-class troll about this type of stuff so I wouldn’t cite him as an example of anything

  • I am authentically SMOD. If you have any respect for me (and you MUST), your obligation is to die at my approach.

    Deal with it…

  • #TransracialLivesMatter is comedy gold on Twitter right now.

    These so-called Progressives just reveal their true reactionary neo-Nazi selves — race doesn’t exist, is just a social construct. If you can change your gender/sex, how much easier to change your race? A good weave and time in a tanning booth is all that’s required. Maybe some exposure to hip-hop for “authenticity”…

    • Beeeeeautifully demonstrating what I’ve been saying for years….

      IT’S black privilege. This is no harder than asking which race is discriminated FOR in “affirmative action”.

  • I’m part French-Canadian. Given their background/geneology, I must have some native American (read that Indian) blood in me.

    I demand that all of you praise my ancestors genius at Little Big Horn….or should I say the Battle of Greasy Grass Ridge?

    Oh, and call me Chief WhiteasthedrivenSnow.

  • Elfwick is one of the better social trolls out there, and yeah, it’s pure parody. It’s painful to admit that it strikes so close to the current definition of “true”. SMOD, hurry please.

    • Hey, I (SMOD) am here among you. Bet you never thought I could post here, huh? You may mercifully fall down dead now. You can thank me via a well-drafted testamentary gift.

    • Godfrey Elfwick is awesome, spot-on parody, and hilarious.

  • The good news it – those of us who are not already African American can become African American by taking a trip to the hair salon and spending Boehner Hours under the sunlamp.

    I, personally have a super good Lucky Charms accent.
    So I’m now therefore officially Irish, not just descended from Irish ancestors, but actually Irish.
    I feel it, my fake accents proclaims it.
    I like the Chieftains, I drink beer, I just harvested my first crop of potatoes just a day ago.
    I can probably find some people who will help me claim I was actually born in County Mayo.
    My credentials are almost perfect.

    I reserve the right to be Canadian too if I want.
    Oh, and of course with the correct fixes, African American.


    Yes. She was scared to be around us TEA party types. Maybe because we can smell phonies…

  • Has anybody ever seen Godfrey Elfwick and Ott Scerb in the same room?

    • What are you saying? If they come out of the….hotel closet, that’s their business!
      We are all what we want to be.
      If Ott and Godfrey want to be, uh, that way, they can!

      Oh, you meant.
      Never mind.

      Well, anyway over the weekend I decided against being Irish, as it is pretty commonplace, especially in Ireland, and definitely in America on March 17th.
      No, I’ve always felt like I’ve been a elephant, especially with the weight gain here in the past few years.
      I’m just an elephant that can type, I’ve gotten a very large keyboard too, only because it seems right.
      That’s it, I’m a trans species elephant.
      Or maybe I’m Kim Jong Un. I can’t decide.
      If we can be what we want, why can’t I be who and want AND what I want?

      So, that’s settled, I’m Kim Jong Un, the elephant.
      Until I change my mind….

      Maybe I’m a woman too.

      • I want to be a firetruck.

        • And why not, who doesn’t love a firetruck!
          Flashy red? or one of those lemon yellow ones that were all the rage at one time?

          There was an old open cab unit in a one engine station house at the head of my street – Good old Engine 7, hurrah for Engine 7! – all the kids liked Engine 7 – red and chrome with shiny brass fittings.
          Is your goal to get a job as a firetruck in a city, or were you thinking a rural area?
          And your ability (or lack thereof) to pump or carry water and ladders and rescue gear and a crew of firefighters shouldn’t matter!
          We’ll just lower the firetruck standards a bit to accommodate you, because after all, it’s about you!
          You’re a special firetruckish snowflake!

          Ya know, they used to call people like us Loonies.
          But now, we can dress up any way we like and claim to be whatever costume we’re wearing!
          Thank the Deity, or the non-deity, for the new age and the new millennium where we can finally be accepted for what we are!

          • But now, we can dress up any way we like and claim to be whatever costume we’re wearing!

            My younger sisters did this when we were kids. My parents advised ignoring them. Then, as now, it just enraged them. There is nothing these millenials hate more than being ignored. I am pretty sure that all these people literally hate that most of the population just … does … not … care.

  • There’s serious mental illness on display with these people.

    I’m going to tell my gym I “identify” as a lady and I’m going to use that locker room. I also encourage all high school boys to do similar.

  • I am having trouble keeping up with the left’s rules.

    1. Gender is not biological, but is apparently a “social construct.” This confuses the scientist in me, but apparently rebutting this notion would be insensitive.

    2. Race IS biological, and it is extremely insensitive to refer to race as a “social construct.” To do so is to ignore biology and history.

    3. Religion is essentially a political idea, and it should be open to criticism, mocking, and ridicule. It is an ideology, and does not define its adherents in total. Except and unless the religion is Islam, which means its adherents should never be questioned or criticized for their ideology, lest they become offended and you become a “phobic” of some sort.

    It all gives me a headache.

    • Dood….
      They use the same logic for their rules that the playing card monarchy uses in Alice In Wonderland.
      No wonder you get a headache if you think there is consistency in them 🙂

    • In reference to the other (Obama) thread… you have to be a genius to hold all this together. And by genius I mean either (a) batshit crazy or (b) a political prostitute.

  • This attention whore might very well end up with a book deal. The publishing industry is dominated by out-of-touch leftist/feminist editors. One of them might very well be stupid enough to think this woman is a pioneer in the next frontier of social justice.

    No, it doesn’t make any sense. But when did that matter with the left?