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I get so freaking tired of this sort of nonsense

And, of course, this bit of pop-psychology comes from none other than The New Republic:

Ultimately, Rachel Dolezal’s story seems like a story about fear. It expresses the fear all white Americans have, or should have: fear of acknowledging our own cultural history as creators of trauma and inflictors of abuse; fear of acknowledging the guilt inherent in this narrative, and, even more staggeringly, taking on the task of alchemizing guilt into something useful. Dolezal’s story also expresses, in its most redemptive moments, the love and respect she truly seemed to have for African-American culture—and the weakness that allowed her to see it not as a culture she wanted to use her white privilege to advocate for, but as a shelter in which she could hide from herself.

This is gob-smackingly stupid and wrong-headed.  My cultural history has nothing in it that has me cast as a creator or inflictor of trauma and abuse. So I don’t fear anything of the sort.  And I certainly don’t accept anyone trying to invent a history that does. However, the history of my larger culture is fraught with it … but here’s a newsflash, so is the history of every other “culture” – many more than mine!  I had nothing to do with that.  The culture in which I abide today is one which, for the most part, cherishes truth and shuns a fraud, seeks peace and harmony and asks to be left alone to live their lives without government interference or the interference of SJWs.  I am and always have been for equal opportunity for everyone.  I treat all people as equals to me. So don’t try to heap on my head the abuses of the past.  It is the practice of con-artists, like Al Sharpton – lay the old guilt trip which, once established, allows the con to leverage advantages for themselves. We’re smarter than that – no sale!

As for Dolezal, in simple words, she is a consummate fraud.  A con.  My culture doesn’t celebrate frauds or cons.  It shuns and shames them.  It also doesn’t try to explain away their criminality or immorality by trying to place the blame on others.  It points at and criticizes the perpetrators of fraud!

And this:

Who are we allowed to become? Children growing up today are likely to believe they can be anyone they want to be, and parents and teachers have grown fond of the phrase “Whatever you are, be a good one.” The emerging narratives of transgender children dovetail perfectly with this philosophy, children whose parents do not force them into a lockstep performance of the gender they were assigned at birth have become visible members of society. Yet the increased presence of transgender issues in our national conversation has prompted some to wonder—with or without their tongue in cheek, or in check—whether this is merely a sign of the times, a side effect of the chaos of modern life. If you can be born male and “become” female, some argue, then can’t you become anything else you want? And if you can be transgender, then can’t the label “transracial” apply, just as legitimately, to someone like Rachel Dolezal?

Who are we allowed to “become”?!  We can “become” anyone we want within reason when it comes to making something of ourselves.

That some have decided to “become” something other than they are in terms of gender or race may impress the fools and other wannabes in our society, but it doesn’t at all impress anyone who can reason and understands how reality works.  You can “claim” to be a walrus, I imagine you can even “become” one with enough makeup, big tusks and a body suit.

But here’s a news flash – you’re not a freaking walrus.  You are still a wannabe.  The only difference between you and Dolezal is the level of fraud she perpetrated on others.  She was malicious in her fraud, a walrus wannabe would just be a bit sad.

For the wannabe walrus, I’m sorry, I don’t “accept” your claim.  Why?  Science.

Same with Dolezal.  While it isn’t at the level of Dolezel’s fraud, it is a fraudulent claim.

Call me intolerant if you wish … I really don’t care.  In fact I embrace the term given the level of asininity it takes to “accept” this nonsense.

You are what you freaking are.  Whether or not you’re mentally defective or unstable is an unknown.  But that doesn’t change what you are – genetically, racially, sexually or physically.

If you have a problem with that, you need to get over it and quit trying to normalize your delusions.


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35 Responses to I get so freaking tired of this sort of nonsense

  • I had a mild epiphany today

    Henceforth, all of us need to self-identify as African-Americans.

    Simple, beautiful in its simplicity, and overwhelmingly effective. We each have the “dignity” to do it, after all, and it solves all this crap in one swell foop.

    • I was recently told a story about a student who checked off on his college application that he was “Black.”
      Upon arriving at the college, it was quite obvious to the casual observer that the young man was “White.”

      Nobody ever dared to challenge his status as “Black,” so Rags idea could probably work.

      • Especially after the events of the recent past.

        Who is going to challenge us? We have every right to identify as anything we want. IT’S PART OF OUR HUMAN DIGNITY!

        We may have found the means to burn the race card at long last…

    • If you go back far enough, we are all Africans. Sticking to recent times, how many self-described “African-Americans” have ever set foot in Africa?

  • I keep thinking about the Junior Senator for Massachusetts. She of the Non-native native American ethnic background.

    • Actually, Fauxcahontos is the senior senator in MA because of Ed “the ice cream man” Markey being elected. She’s really using her Non-native native American background to her full advantage.

  • It’s the ultimate in white privileged, you can be a white female, but as long as your liberal you can claim to be native american, or black, or any thing else, and nobody will question it.

  • She retreated form her birth because in her environment her race is denigrated as horrible people and Blacks are elevate as the Hero-Victim class. And environment provided in part by her parents.

  • It’s generated an interesting trend as liberal/progressive morons do all this deep soul searching on these stupid subjects to define their societal stand and get in touch with their ‘true feelings’.

    “Oh my, I accepted Bruce Jenner is really a women, but, oh, oh, I’m having a hard time reconciling that I don’t accept Rachel Dolezel as black when she was born white but WANTS to be black. Oh no, oh no”.

    What weird Bruce did didn’t make him a woman. All it did was make him look like a woman by giving him a more convincing costume than Ru Paul.
    Rachel Dolezel isn’t black, and will never be black. She didn’t try to be a person who was half black and looked black, like our President, she was a little white girl who wore blackface, classy blackface, but still blackface. She’s no more black than Robert Downey Jr was in Tropic Thunder (what do you mean you people!)

    What’s most entertaining about this is the number of ‘fact based’ liberal idiots out there wrestling with these asinine conundrums.
    Stressing out over whether or not they’re wrong to accept Bruce, but not accept Rachel. If not, why not.

    Actually we should hope this continues.
    All that’s going to come out of this is a brilliant demonstration the bankrupt nature of progressive philosophies.
    We should encourage them and hand them all the tools they request because the best way to kill this stupid crap is to hold it up for exposure to the mockery it begs for and so richly deserve.

    • Actually we should hope this continues.

      Anyone with half a functioning brain saw this coming at least 20 years ago, specially if they were anywhere near a university. It was only a matter of time before the various progressive identity factions turned on one another. Regardless of what “educated” white liberals think about Dolezal, what do you imagine your average black person is going to think of her? Yeah, the probably despise her and with good reason. These are just among the first really visible fractures in the progressive facade that has all been built on hatred (not fear, but hate) of certain outsiders. Once you remove the external enemy (which in this case is really just every sane person asking WTF? and then shrugging their shoulders and walking away) an alliance built on hate and exclusion will turn on itself. Follow Sun Tzu’s advice, never interrupt your enemy when he (she? it?) is making a mistake. Just let them have their civil war.

      • Yeah, the probably despise her and with good reason.

        Good reason ?? Could you be alluding to some sort of “Black privilege” that Rachel Dolezel took on ?

  • If you can be born male and “become” female, some argue, then can’t you become anything else you want?

    Well, no you can’t be born male and “become” female. You can be born male and “appear” female, but your genetics remain the same. You have not “become” female. So yes, you can become anything you want, in that sense, depending on how good your acting is and how big your bank balance is.

    In contrast I can be born “Australian” and become “American” because those attributes are not intrinsic to my genetics, they are granted by the state. I can be raised in one culture and be accepted into another culture because, again, that is granted by the members of the culture in question and culture is not genetic. Ms Dolezal identifies is black (but I suspect actually more as a youthful rebellion against her white heritage), but knows that she won’t be accepted by that culture, so she went blackface. What your liberal brights want you to think is that this is really just like a drag queen masquerading as a woman. The thing is, most woman don’t give a stuff about drag queens. Whereas most blacks do seem to care about whitey getting all blacked up.

    • “Whereas most blacks do seem to care about whitey getting all blacked up.”
      I wonder why….I mean, apart from when some have experienced, you know, real racial conflict, and this dumb brat is inventing things that happened to her to get street cred while she sitting under the tanning lamp doing her weave.

      Born in a wigwam, teepee, wikiup, whatever, lived in South Africa, hunted with a bow for food (omg, is Ted Nugent a black woman?!!!!!!), threatened with lynching, her black Marine father attacked by his white subordinates, etc, etc, etc.

    • Personally, I think all transgenders should be required to register with the Selective Service System.

  • Here’s a classic example from CNN – talk about projection

    “The outing of Dolezal seems ironic given the recent public embrace of Caitlyn Jenner, the transgender woman formerly known as Bruce Jenner. Jenner seems to have ushered in an era of greater tolerance about the constructed nature of identity. After all, when a transgender woman is elevated to the cover of Vanity Fair, it’s as though we have reached a tipping point. We can accept the idea that one’s social identity can be radically transformed if it doesn’t match with what one feels in the heart”.
    (my empha-sis)

    Well! I mean, there it is, if it’s on the cover of Vanity Fair then all of American society has probably accepted it! Vanity Fair!!!! Dude(ette) Wow!
    That’s not just not the measure, it’s not ANY measure in society at large at all
    – with 222,000 (that’s thousands….) subscribers…..
    That’s a measure of what the clowns at Vanity Fair think, and the people who consume Vanity Fair think, and more than likely not even ALL of either of those groups.

    Talk about delusional reach.

    • Did they actually miss the point that Bruce Jenner never actually set out to deceive anybody with his “transformation”? Did they miss the point that Dolezal deliberately set out to deceive and essentially commit fraud with her “transformation”? Have we reached peak dumb-assery yet??

      • Yes they missed that.

        They were quickly busy wrestling with having ‘accepted’ Bruce/Caitlyn and patting themselves on the back for being so brave about it all…
        and then worrying because they thought bad thoughts for a couple of minutes about the fraud that is Dolezal when they heard the news
        before realizing that those two stands might somehow be contradictory (when they aren’t).

        Now they’re busy flogging themselves, and other non-believers, for failing to be accepting of Bruce and Rachel and people like me, who are trans-elephant North Korean dictators.

        • I have today decided that I am actually identifiable as a Twin Peaks waitress, because I spend so much time there I might as well be paid for it and I feel like a cute 20 year-old lass right now.

          • I just had a very very unfortunate vision flash.

            Sorry, but for just a moment, I saw you more like the guys they rounded up AT Twin Peaks here in Waco, rather than one of the waitresses 🙂

          • Heh, unfortunate indeed! No, you can find me in Shenandoah every now and then, trying to empty the stock of bourbon. The girls are at least very accepting of my lifestyle choice. I hope one day to make the cover of Vanity Fair for my bravery.

  • Steve Martin – Navin R. Johnson…..

    “I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin’ on the porch with my family, singin’ and dancin’ down in Mississippi… ”

    “Mother: Navin, it’s your birthday, and it’s time you knew. You’re not our natural-born child.
    Navin R. Johnson: I’m not? You mean I’m gonna STAY this color? ”

    dealing with issues that we didn’t even know we had, long before we knew we had them.

  • The Beatles got there first:

    “I am the walrus, Goo-goo-g’-joob”

    Thing is, they had to take lots of LSD and other psychedelic drugs to reach that point; nowadays an Ivy League education brings the same results.

    I don’t think that says a lot of positive things about the worth of an “Ivy League Education”, by the way.

    • they even dressed in Neru jackets!

      Hey! Wait a minute…..I had a Naru Jacket!

      And I’m a trans-elephant.

      That makes me an INDIAN Trans-Elephant (north Korean dictator….), from, uh, Nepal. My father was an African Elephant who was brought over against his will as a slave!

      (look, my story makes almost as much sense as hers….just run with it)

      • And it’s because I’m a trans-elephant that I can’t spell Nehru (not only incorrectly, but incorrectly two different ways in the space of one sentence)

      • Remember those movies and TV shows about the future where everybody wore Neru jackets

  • I heard that the cause of Ms Dolezal’s issues was that as a curious young lady she misunderstood a girlfriend noting “once you go black, you never go back”.

  • This is just another stop on the downward slide on the slippery slope that was predicted when the left forced normalized homosexuality on everyone. I may not give a crap what people do in their spare time, but it also doesn’t need to be crammed down everyone’s throats. (No pun intended. Well, kind of intended.) The left decided that because it so badly wished to normalize homosexuality, it would instead simply declare that there is no such thing as “normal,” and declare anyone who thought otherwise to be “intolerant.” Those who said that logic provided a very obvious slippery slope were dismissed as bigots. After that followed bi-sexuality. After that followed gender.

    Having a lady pretend to be black while claiming that race is now also a “social construct,” as opposed to a biological fact, is just chickens coming home to roost. This lady just uses the left’s own tortured logic to state about race nothing more than the same thing that the left said for years about sexuality and gender. The left now has a problem, because black people, who are nearly uniformly leftists themselves, very much beg to differ with the idea that race can simply be chosen. Watching leftists try to walk the tightrope is amusing.

    • I always saw this as Democrats wanting to cash in of upper middle class homosexuals.

  • Now….I wonder….will there be any federal prosecution for the lady, who surely on the 2010 census identified herself as whatever the term that describes ‘black’ was.
    That was one of those lying on official government document thingies wasn’t it.

    Oh my think of all the government forms she’s probably lied on since she decided to be black while being white.

    My my my.
    The JustUS department will be all over this like ducks on a Junebug I’m sure.

    • … but this is the kind of thing this DOJ would prosecute.
      On the other hand, a Black pretending to be White would be seen by the DOJ as novel.

  • “To be African-American is to be born into a highly specific cultural world, to have a specific history rooted in specific traumas and specific triumphs”

    Reading that article again, there is an overall sense that ALL “African-Americans” grow up in some fictional cookie cutter ghetto imagined by Sarah Marshall and those in her social and cultural circle.
    I am to believe that, for example, Maxine Waters experiences in being black are practically identical to those of Condolezza Rice. That Spike Lee’s apartment was just a floor down from the one where Tiger Woods would later be born. That all black men who have managed to survive past 18 are really pretty much Trayvon Martins and Michael Browns who just didn’t run into a bullet with their names on it, and all black women are some minor variation of Rachel Dolezal only REALLY black.

    Apparently us White Folks will grow up as individuals in wide ranging circumstances because of white privilege, but people who have darker skin tone will all grow up experiencing all the same racist things, have to all walk the same road to school, have to all dodge the dogs, avoid the cops, be harassed, be beaten down by ‘the man’, eat the same foods, listen to the same music, think the same way, behave the same way.
    It’s implied that black culture for a family from Liberia that emigrated to America after the Civil War, will be identical to black culture for a family who’s slave forebears came off a plantation in Louisiana after 1865.
    Colin Powell is really pretty much the same guy as Samuel L. Jackson is pretty much the same guy as Barack Obama because they all happen to be “African American” males and the only reason they didn’t end up dead like Trayvon Martin is because they were clever enough not to jump a guy with a gun.
    Swell view of not only being black in America, but America in general since the Civil War ended.

    And best of all, a little white girl who can color her blonde hair, and weave it and darken her skin and probably acquire a fake speech pattern and accent can “self identify” with this cookie cutter view of black life in America and live the ‘black experience”, lay claim to “a heritage” by pretending to have experienced “pain and injustice and ongoing trauma” that not only don’t belong to her, but don’t belong to a good many authentic black Americans.

    She’s acquired and pretends to have grown up with the STEREOTYPICAL cookie cutter heritage that dumbass racist liberal/progressive whites assume ALL people of color experience in America, right down to the fictional noose.

  • If you’re seeing absent outrage over the ‘fraud’ part there are a couple reasons.

    On the NAACP’s part, they claim to not be discriminatory on they hiring policies, so her fraud is only on her race. If they are overly outraged about it, it highlights race as a qualification. If her fraud was in her resume aside from race, like school or other jobs, then I would be a little puzzled by their in-action.

    But the second point applies to everyone who is an activist or an arm chair SJW. She didn’t lie about being black on some form to qualify for some grant or some one-off opportunity. She took on a Black Persona. Being black in the US is so to be so disadvantaged, no one would want to become one. They can’t fathom a net personal gain. That conflicts with the narrative. So they can’t see it as fraud.

  • In the bad old days, blacks aspired to white privilege. Now whites aspire to black privilege. I am so confused.