Free Markets, Free People

Observations, The QandO Podcast for 19 Jun 15

In which we hear the dulcet tones of Hillary Clinton’s speechifying. On the Podcast Page.

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6 Responses to Observations, The QandO Podcast for 19 Jun 15

  • About the OPM data, anyone consider if you’re a compromised worker at high enough level you don’t sneak data out files stuffed down your underwear, you contract it out to places that are essentially fronts for foreign agencies.

    There’s a long change of management in this that needs a full rectal exam, but that won’t happen.

  • I hope I’m not the only one who spontaneously went into the chorus of Tom Lehrer’s Vatican Rag when Michael described the Catholic liturgical order…

    Great show guys, from one of your anarchist (ancap) listeners.

  • Test.

  • Recently started listening to the podcast – loving it. Must know – what exactly is in the glass with the tinkling ice cubes each week? Is it as prosaic as ice water or iced tea? Or is it, as I hope, a gin and tonic or bourbon and ginger ale or some kind of cocktail? As you can see, I’ve been thinking deep thoughts about the podcast and have really concentrated on what’s important in it.

    • Hi Amy, glad you’re enjoying the show. Yes that tinkling of ice is me refilling my glass of bourbon. Sometimes I make a perfect Manhattan (bourbon, sweet and dry vermouth, and some Angostura bitters).

      Thanks for listening!

      • Thanks for letting me know Michael, that makes me happy. When I listen and hear the tinkling I feel like I’m hanging out with smart friends shooting the breeze about politics and having a drinky drinky. 🙂