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It is what it is and we should have no fear denouncing it

Dr. Ben Carson writes the following about the murderer of the 9 in Charleston:

Not everything is about race in this country. But when it is about race, then it just is. So when a guy who has been depicted wearing a jacket featuring an apartheid-era Rhodesian flag allegedly walks into a historic black church and guns down nine African-American worshipers at a Bible study meeting, common sense leads one to believe his motivations are based in racism. When the sole adult survivor of the ordeal reports that the killer shouted before opening fire, “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go” — well, that sounds to me a lot like racial hatred.

Let’s call this sickness what it is, so we can get on with the healing. If this were a medical disease, and all the doctors recognized the symptoms but refused to make the diagnosis for fear of offending the patient, we could call it madness. But there are people who are claiming that they can lead this country who dare not call this tragedy an act of racism, a hate crime, for fear of offending a particular segment of the electorate.

It is and was an act of racism.  Anyone with a tepid IQ should know that and why anyone would deny it is beyond me.  Racism is not dead in this country.  Plenty of racists still exist.  But here’s a news flash … they’re not just confined to the white race.

That said, Carson is right.  Face what it is, call it what it is and then deal with the aftermath.  The fact that this yahoo was a racist, however, doesn’t allow anyone the broad brush they’d like to have and we’ve seen waved about in the wake of this tragedy.

Oh, and by the way, the citizens of Charleston, much better than our leadership (political, cultural and opinion leaders included) have shown the world how a town handles such a crime.  They know it was an act of racism.  They also know that not everyone is racist.  And they’re uniting not dividing. The families have forgiven the slug who killed their loved ones – something I’d likely have difficulty doing.  But when all is said and done, the citizens of Charleston are acting like the adults in this tragedy.  Too bad our president hasn’t acted that way.



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28 Responses to It is what it is and we should have no fear denouncing it

  • “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel

    See: Hillary Clinton / gun control

    These people are despicable.

    • Ben Carson keeps demonstrating everyday how much better he is suited to be President, than the current occupant.

  • Of course it was racism. I’ve read nowhere a denial of that really obvious fact.

    I’d say…with Ace…that it was also an act of terrorism, just like this incident was both racist and an act of terrorism…

  • “Each time that these events occur, ironically, gun manufacturers make out like bandits, partly because of this fear that’s churned up that the federal government and the black helicopters are all coming to get your guns,” he [Obama] said.

    He also joked that the “black helicopters” that feature in conspiracy theories were real.

    “There are black helicopters, but we generally don’t deploy them … we deploy them against bin Laden but we generally don’t deploy them on U.S. soil,” he chuckled.

  • When the suspects name came out this morning the first thing I did was dive into his Facebook page. Turns out that he’s got about 80 friends or so, a large portion of which, nearly half are black. My guess is that these are people he went to highschool with. It was at that point that I realized that there was more to this story then we were being told.Given the history of the left jumping on the bandwagon was before all the facts are in, in theLeems wise to hold off jumping on that bandwagon with them.

    Trayvon Martin. That case turned up to be vastly different than the narrative had it, didn’t it? Same with Michael Brown. There was something in the rush to judgment on this case before the bodies were even cold, that made me suspicious and start digging.

    Suboxone is a word that keeps coming up in my investigations. Not proof, yet, but enough to make me worth it keeps coming up in my best to get a shins. Not proof as yet, but enough to make me suspicious.

    And before you start in about how I making apologies for this kid, think again. What I’m suggesting is that the Martin and Brown cases constitute clear examples of how not to handle such a situation. Sit back and wait for the facts to come in before you start with the label gun. Your cause will be far better served.

    There’s also something in the reported statements of the shooter that don’t quite mesh with reality. “You rape our women”, was one such statement. It seems to me that rapists, particularly racially motivated rapists, are not to be found in the average church

    . That bit of disconnect makes me suspicious of his ability to logically reason as of the time of the shooting.

    As I said in the Martin and Brown cases, I’m quite willing to sit back and wait for all of the little factoids to come in before making a decision, but at the moment I must say I’m inclined to think that there is some drug induced mental aberration going on here.

    • I heard that the drug offense was a prior offense, what he was on at the time of the shooting was a SSRI, (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor) a psychotropic drug. The same type (family) of medicine the Sandy Hook, Batman, Columbine and other prominent mass shooters* were on. Given the amount of money big pharma spends in advertizing and political donations, the media and politicians will not offend big pharma and thereby disrupt the cash flow by talking about this wide-spread problem. Read about these drugs, the warning labels read: high risk of suicide, violent behavior (euphemistically called behavioral disruptions), night terrors (euphemistically called sleep disruptions) so much so, you are instructed to call your doctor if they occur so they can change dosage, change drugs, or take you off them completely. Many people have adverse reactions to these brain chemical altering compounds they must be monitored very carefully at the onset (several months) of treatment, but all bets are off if the patient doesn’t report adverse effects…

  • There was a Charleston activist who mumbled later on the day of the attack that he/she was afraid it would lead to riots and to race war.

    There wasn’t the usual, possibly innocent black shot by police.
    Nor the usual investigation of same with usual crowd of witnesses who actually saw nothing and frequently weren’t even on the scene.

    No, this little puke was hunted down as quickly as possible by the Charleston police as should have been done for any such suspect regardless of color.
    He was apprehended.
    No one suggested he be let off.
    From what I saw people of all colors worked together to capture him and begin the process of trying him and giving him a fair trail (to be followed by a fair protracted hanging…)

    There was no excuse to riot, no excuse making for the POS who killed these people, and no blaming of the victims.
    There were pretty much no questions about any of it – horrid crime, racist crime, swiftly known killer, swift apprehension, no indication he was going to take a walk.

    Except for the 9 dead this was EXACTLY how it was all intended to work.

  • You know what just struck me as sadly amusing? Here we have a murder in a church, clearly racially motivated by a young man with some messed up ideologies drawn from the past. The world, literally, is in uproar over this and how can America be so racist, gun control, etc etc. But you come to Europe and you have attacks on synagogues happening literally like clockwork. In “enlightened” places like Denmark a security guard must be posted outside a synagogue… and he is murdered. In France synagogues are attacked and firebombed on a regular basis. Jews avoid identifying themselves on the streets if the can. Jews are actually being driven out of Western Europe to Israel. A high profile massacre in France by perpeptrators of the same ideology actually leads to half the world concluding that the Frenchmen brought it on themselves. Compare to the reaction to the Breivik massacre in Norway, there was no shortage of crackdowns on rightwing suspects and rhetoric against intolerance.

    • [weird, I couldn’t post all this in one go…]

      Now tell me, just why the f**k the world is focused on one deranged killer with a racist agenda? Are blacks being driven out of America to seek more security in a country literally at threat of annihilation by its neighbors?

      If I was a European jew I’d be pretty sure it was time to haul-ass before it goes all kristalnacht on my ass again, because clearly no one really gives a shit in comparison.

      The other observation is that the world’s intellectual commentary is so easily lead by US media with no apparent awareness it is a wonder to behold.

      • Well, and the world needs to feel comfortable that Americans are really arrogant racist asshat hypocrites who talk big and keep getting all up in their special European stuff.

        We’re held to a standard they don’t even hold some of their hated neighbors too.

        • the world needs to feel comfortable that Americans are really arrogant racist asshat hypocrites

          Almost. If the current POTUS is Republican you are correct, if the current POTUS is Democrat then the special distinction is made to say “rightwing American racist asshats etc”. Thus Bill Clinton exploiting an intern while bombing people is just a swish gent. GW Bush bombing people after an act of war on the USA is devil incarnate. Obama bombing Libya long after Gadaffi had been tamed is wise statesmanship. Reagan bombing Libya was of course the act of an irresponsible cowboy, nevermind the terrorism. The non-American commentators are led like a herd of sheep by the US media, the sad thing is that the US media is not even trying to lead them.

          • Yes, according to President Weak Coffee, the world loves President Weak Coffee.

  • Sensor check –

    All of this of course is a direct result of the use of the Battle Flag of the Army of Tennessee (or the Confederate Naval Ensign).

    As such of course we will solve these sorts of problems with sick fracks like this kid by banning guns and burning all flags that resemble the above two flags where ever they may be found
    Because them flags, they cause hatred, and them guns, they kill people.

    If you detect a hint of disgust and sarcasm with the usual political “know nothing but must do something!” bozos, your sensors are in acceptable working order.

  • The hidden message in taking it us about denying it, is that he is our column. I believe there is a ‘have you stopped beating your wife’ quality to the accusation that commenting either way makes you look guilty on some level. IE we let them cast the debate with out prompt response to the claim being anything but to identify the political smear attempt..

    I also am irked by the fact the left does their best to (a) put their crazies in our column (b) identify them as mentality deranged and therefore not representative or (c) find some tangential motive and we never hear from the person or issue again. The Left gets to entertain these without backlash.

    • precisely so. And that’s part of the point in my comparison to the previous with those incidents, there are large numbers of people trying to make this out to be something its not, something larger than jus is settled, my antenna goeswhen the usual suspects tell us that the science is settled, my antenna goes up. When people tell me that the faction for all speak for themselves, my antennas go up. Facts don’t speak for themselves. People speak. And the problem is a lot of the people that are speaking don’t have all the facts yet.

      • I agree. his idiot is all over the news, but Al Sharpton – who whipped up a jew-killing mob in crown heights- is the height of respectability with the Dems. As is Bill Ayers for that matter.

  • The people at the Emanuel AME Church got it right.

    They represented the victims in their deep belief, the survivors shared a deep, and remarkable Christian faith in God, and they answered from that.

    This Roof savage is as unhinged and delusional as any of these assassins, serial killers, spree killers, and mass shooters, who show up, and that his particular bent mind was bent into racism should be acknowledged. And if he had immediate and equally deranged teachers, eggers on, and he might well have had them, then they should be called out as well.

    Obama and that whole crowd of Left opportunists have their responses prepared in advance, the purpose of which is to make hay before the blood dries.

    Obama in particular is a revolting liar, a vile monster, and I don’t have any trouble saying that.

  • This whole column and the comments practically drip with White privilege

    • As a single, black, Chinese mother, I think all you clackers are insensitive racists.

      Don’t you mock me! I have my dignity…!!!

  • the point I’m trying to make here, & I think I’m not making it very well, is that there is a major difference between institutional racism, and one drug addled brain damaged individual. most of the screaming and hollering is trying to make this out to bethe former, when it is in fact nothing more than the latter.

    far from making excuses for this cupcake, what I’m suggesting is the usual suspects would find there cause better served by actually waiting for the day to come in, before making their pronouncements. When there is so much of a hurry to make their pronouncements and get us to make the same pronouncements before using all the facts are in, there not doing themselves or their cause any favors. As I’ve suggested, consider Ferguson, consider Trayvon Martin, etc. We’ve had a whole line of incidents like that which proved out to be nothing what the usual suspects Bill that as

    why is it that the examples that these usual suspects shoes to use to pursue their political goals always so damned shaky?

    • Probably because they use any incident that comes to hand.

      They are firm believers in never letting the crisis go to waste. If the facts turn out to be different than their story on day 1 and day 2, oh well, enough dumbass people will believe them.

      That’s why they cast their hole filled nets widely and often because they will always catch a few fish and once they’re caught, they usually stay caught.
      Hands up! black lives matter! (no kidding, really?)
      A young thug gets shot while attacking an armed guy, racism, a cop shoots a black kid that attacked him, racism.

      But we can’t expect that when a real honest to God racist incident occurs they’re going to step back and say “no no, not this one”.

  • Now Mr Obama is touting the internet meme from a comedian that after Australia’s 1996 Port Arthur massacre that the following crackdown on gun ownership has prevented any more massacres. As it happens in 1997 New Zealand had a massacre at Raurimu and the gun laws were not changed… oddly no further massacres since then. In 1996 the Dunblane massacre in Scotland led to a severe disarming of the British population, and they have had at least one massacre since then (Cumbria, 2010). Then of course you have the Utøya massacre in Norway in 2011, where the guns were legally obtained under hunting and sports shooting licenses, no change of gun laws since hunting is a national pasttime in Scandinavia. And this is all without even looking hard for even more examples under different gun ownership laws around the world.

    What does it all prove? Really, stuff all apart from the fact that if someone is going to commit a massacre they will find a way to do it whatever the gun laws.

    • Yes, the President prefers it be done with pressure cooker bombs you see.

      No flags banned, no guns confiscated, hell, not even a clamp down on immigrants of either the legal or illegal type.
      Certainly no suggestion that a certain religion be viewed rather suspiciously at an official level.
      And an excuse to monitor your phones and internet.