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How dare “black America” forgive so easily

Most of the country and the world have been touched by the forgiveness granted by the families of the victims of the Charleston church murders.  In an act that lives up to their faith, the families have forgiven the murderer and set the bar for civilized and compassionate behavior even that much higher.  And the city has rallied behind them, all races of the city, in an attempt to heal the wound the murderer opened.

But, of course, not everyone is happy about that, such as this creature:

If we really believe that black lives matter, we won’t devalue our reality and cheapen our forgiveness by giving it away so quickly and easily. Black people should learn to embrace our full range of human emotions, vocalize our rage, demand to be heard, and expect accountability. White America needs to earn our forgiveness, as we practice legitimate self-preservation.

Or, in other words … Baltimore.

Here’s a question for you, which event makes you think more about racial healing – Baltimore or Charleston?

Who has set the example for how the races should come together in the face of tragedy, even that driven by hate, and try to heal the community?

Baltimore or Charleston?


Given what Charleston has accomplished as a community, why should anyone listen to the race baiter above?


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21 Responses to How dare “black America” forgive so easily

  • Did this person fail to note that the victims and families were heard, and there was and is accountability.
    They tracked him down and arrested him ASAP from what I can see.

    Was she hoping for violent outbursts in response to violence?
    Is that what she thinks is a good solid answer to the senseless slaughter of innocents by a lunatic?
    Does she believe rioting and burning and civil disorder are better answers than those who suffered granting their forgiveness?

    • I suspect what really drives this type bananas is that a white person is free to view Roof as a solitary individual and they owe him no allegiance nor understanding nor shared guilt. Decades of education making us view each other as all different and individuals has seen to that. Blacks on the other hand have been led into a tribalism in which every action by every member must be justified and guilt shared. In that context it would make you angry you can never escape and seeing others of your tribe following their own hearts in forgiveness would be enraging. It is no wonder the only solution these people see is race war and destruction. And like all good collectivists they ultimately turn on themselves when the external enemy no longer plays the game.

      • That showed up in the article the other day too, and Rachel Dolezal was caught up in that referential frame, as were her apologists.
        As if ALL black Americans have an identical experience so you can just pull the cookie cutter out like Rachel did when you “identify black” and generate yourself a black identity even if you’re a sorry ass lying little white girl.

        This comes up every time someone, per the expression, “goes off the plantation” and says something that doesn’t gel with the alleged rules of the ‘tribe’.
        That’s how you become the an “Oreo” or “Uncle Tom”

        Given that the Master of Moosesqueeze is a white guy like me, the last thing in the world I want anyone to think is that he in any way, shape, size, or form represents ME on any given issue just because he’s a white guy.
        Nor do I expect him to want ME to represent him.

  • She doesn’t say it outright, but she comes very, very close.

    The people in Charleston who expressed forgiveness of the racist, terrorist-wanna-be loon were race traitors.

    Black rage is the only acceptable response.

    • Based on her credentials from the article I’m going to say that perpetuating and emphasizing the differences between us is part of her means of earning a living.

      • But isn’t that a matter of making your passion your livelihood?

        She hates, and she can earn a very nice living and a lot of approval doing it. Why would she dream of letting go of any of that?

        Racism of the right variety is warmly approved. It can make you rich and famous.

    • She sure went full-bore bat-shit. Extending the actions of a single murderer to equating an entire race with al Qaeda and Nazi Germany. I see she is a professor… enough said.

      • Matthew P. Guteral, an historian of race at Brown University, says: “For all the public talk about supposedly absent black fathers and derelict black culture, the extraordinary act of forgiveness might remind us that the nation’s most historically oppressed group does a better job of doing what we all say we want most: being decent and human. Even when it seems impossible. We cannot say the same thing about whiteness or what we should call white culture, which insists it is superior, expects this kind of forgiveness, and isn’t equipped to understand it as anything but a sign of weakness.”

        See, it isn’t about individual people. These guys see groups, and they impute characteristics to groups that don’t necessarily line up with reality. Instead of individual believing Christians…who are very likely very decent people in every aspect of life…it is “oppressed blacks”. And, of course, “whiteness” offers no parallel example of decency. “It” simply demands it from the oppressed and insists on superiority.

        It’s all about division, and none about humanity. This is Collectivism on race.

        • The implication and insistence is that “white culture” has no “humanity”. Thus the answer is … Baltimore.

          • Well the dude is as white as the driven snow, so he must know what he is talking about with this superior white culture stuff.

          • Which really gets confusing and complex. Because Baltimore is about as “Chocolate” a city as New Orleans. I’ve read apologists opine that police work makes black officers white in order to try to reconcile the obvious problems with the simplistic race identity that they struggle to defend. It’s sometimes darkly hilarious.

            Plus, in Baltimore, nobody knows the facts as yet. Nobody knows who did what, to who, and when. There’s no “whiteness” to forgive or assail.

            So the “decent and human” response is to put (or let) your teens on the street as shock troops and burn down your own neighborhood?

            Myself, I prefer simplicity. Good people are good people. All brains are gray.

          • makes black officers white

            So there are no true Scotsmen amongst black US police officers? I can see why one needs to be a professor to really get to grips with this subject.

            Myself, I prefer simplicity. Good people are good people. All brains are gray.

            There you go, being all whitey superior.

          • I know, right?

            And, according to our race-healer-in-chief, I’m doomed. It’s in my DNA. Or something.

            Just a blue-eyed devil, I suppose. Helluva “honest conversation on race”, innit?

    • POTUS Obama had no problem moving beyond the deaths … and got right to gun control. Can’t let a crisis go to waste.

      The day before the shootings, Whoopi Goldberg said …

      “I’m sorry, I got to ask this question. The first part of it is you’re running, I assume you’re a person who is very, sort of, pro-life. Are you going to run as a person going to govern for everyone or are you running on your Christian beliefs?” asked Goldberg.

      I think it’s safe to assume that all 9 victims were in fact Christians. So what makes anybody think, by Whoopi’s reckoning, that they represent everybody ?

  • this goes directly to the point that I was trying to make yesterday. There are a number of people whose interest in personal power and position is secured by making more out of this event then is there.

  • and as if to bring some realities of the situation, let me point out the results of the study that I saw a few weeks ago based on the FBI statistics from a few years ago.

    The study suggested that yes there is a gun problem in the United States. But when you started breaking it down by groupings, the locus of the problem takes on an entirely different feel.

    . If you remove certain groups from the gun crime stats, gun crime in this country falls to a level that even New Zealand and Australia where guns are banned would be envious of.

    Guess which groups?

    now before you get started, I’m not suggesting that this is a race issue, I’m not suggesting it is an ethnicity issue. I am suggesting it is a cultural issue. Why the refusal to deal with a problem on that level?

    • Because it would require admitting that some cultures (other than white culture, natch) might just possibly, conceivably, maybe be more dysfunctional than others.

      • How is working your way up from a street thug to a drug lord, or a rapper, dysfunctional?

        Doesn’t every young man dream of such things?

    • White privilege. You don’t need to rob store to eat.

      Really, the Left has this fuzzy perception that the worst of the worst that happened to Blacks though history is an everyday occurrence for almost all blacks today. This racist attack for them is the one that made the news. There are dozens or more of these racial killings happening all the time and a large portion by the police. So it all get swept under the rug by the man.

  • They want there to be a race war and the only solution appeasement via them.

    The Left is a bunch of win at all costs bastards which is why the Right will lose if they play only by marquess of queensberry rules.

    Those people are willing to sow strife & death for more votes. Really they are. Its wake the f*** up time for those who don’t realize it yet. It isn’t about who gets to parade with the Stanley Cup for the next year. Its about keeping control mongers from entrenching their power ever deeper.