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A short quiz …

Who is one of the only groups successfully fighting ISIS and consistently winning?

If you said the Peshmerga or the Kurds, give yourself a point.

What should we, the US, be doing because the Peshmerga is, in fact, winning engagements regularly against ISIS?

Well the smart thing, and something a leader would do at a minimum, would be to help them in any way we can and supply them with the weaponry they need.

If you said that, another point.

Now, the big question – are we doing that?

If you said “no” you get 3 out of 3.  If you said we’re actually working against that, you get a bonus of 1 point.

Yes, according the the Telegraph, we’ve been active in blocking needed heavy weapons shipments to the Kurds:

The Peshmerga have been successfully fighting Isil, driving them back from the gates of Erbil and, with the support of Kurds from neighbouring Syria, re-establishing control over parts of Iraq’s north-west.

But they are doing so with a makeshift armoury. Millions of pounds-worth of weapons have been bought by a number of European countries to arm the Kurds, but American commanders, who are overseeing all military operations against Isil, are blocking the arms transfers.

One of the core complaints of the Kurds is that the Iraqi army has abandoned so many weapons in the face of Isil attack, the Peshmerga are fighting modern American weaponry with out-of-date Soviet equipment.

At least one Arab state is understood to be considering arming the Peshmerga directly, despite US opposition.

The US has also infuriated its allies, particularly Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Gulf states, by what they perceive to be a lack of clear purpose and vacillation in how they conduct the bombing campaign. Other members of the coalition say they have identified clear Isil targets but then been blocked by US veto from firing at them.

“There is simply no strategic approach,” one senior Gulf official said. “There is a lack of coordination in selecting targets, and there is no overall plan for defeating Isil.”

Another in a long litany of failures by this administration.  We have both the means and a reason to supply the Kurds with the weaponry they need, and yet ….

As mentioned yesterday, Jimmy Carter is right.

Failure of leadership.



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9 Responses to A short quiz …

  • “There is a lack of coordination in selecting targets, and there is no overall plan for defeating ISIL.”

    But wait…!!! Erp told us MONTHS ago that defeating ISIS was no great trick. He KNEW how to go about it. They were cream-puffs. Nuthin’. The JV, just like Pres. Deft told us.

    HOW can this be…??? Are those bad generals letting the LightWorker down…AGAIN…???

    • I thought they would have been rolled up by now, but apparently the Iraqi army is gutted.

  • Something this obvious, winning force & not your troops and not pursuing this hurts our relationship with the Kurds & other allies, but we’re not allowed to consider this anything else but a competency issue?

    • I thought it very interesting that the piece in the UK Telegraph did not mention the Turks even once.

  • My Turkish friend points out to be that 25% of the votes in the last Turkish election went to Kurdish leftist candidates.
    Back near the end of the British Empire, the Brits told the Kurds that they would get a country of their own if they cooperated with the Brits.
    Now, some 3/4 of a century later, the Kurds scare the Turks as that promise still is alive among the Kurds.
    A strong Kurdish army and nation would come by taking sections of Turkey, Syria and Iraq.
    Turkey, which has the 2nd largest army in NATO (after the US), doesn’t want to cede any portion of Turkey to a Kurdistan.
    It is an obvious extension of my Turkish friend that if the Kurds got too strong, Turkey would intervene to crush the Kurds, even if it meant helping Assad or ISIS.

    • Leave it to the British, they fucked up so much of the world in order to make it easier to control. Then the Americans stumble in ignorant of all the history and let themselves become the responsible proxy for the resulting mess of the British.

    • THIS.

      We are not arming them because Turkey does not approve.

  • What? Surely you don’t mean to say that Joe Biden was right in 2006 when he called for an autonomous Kurdistan.