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Almost half of all Federal criminal charges are made in 5 southern border districts, but we don’t have a border security or illegal immigration problem

41.7% of all Federal criminal charges come from 5 districts that are on the US southern border.  In one district, West Texas, the US attorney filed 5,832 cases.  That’s more than all the cases filed for the entire length of the US norther border (5,257).  The southern district of Texas ranked 2nd, followed by Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California.

And that’s not all:

“In addition to criminal cases brought before United States district judges, the United States Attorneys also handle a considerable criminal caseload before United States magistrate judges,” explained the U.S. attorneys’ statistical report for fiscal 2013. “The utilization of magistrate judges varies from district to district in response to local conditions and changing caseloads.”

“Magistrate judges are authorized by statute to perform a variety of duties as assigned by the United States district judges, including presiding over misdemeanor trials, conducting preliminary hearings, and entering rulings or recommended dispositions on pretrial motions,” said the report.

In fiscal 2014, according to the Table 2B, 67,401 criminal defendants were determined to be guilty in magistrate proceedings. Of those, 63,253 — or 93.8 percent — were in the five districts along the U.S.-Mexico border.

And yet this administration has, for its entire tenure, ignored the crisis on the border and even encouraged illegal immigrants to enter the country. While some may buy into the argument that the fault lies with Congress (and, more specifically the GOP) for not passing immigration reform legislation, the problem at the border is a law enforcement problem.

Law enforcement is not a Congressional duty, but instead, the job of the Executive branch.  However, despite their being laws on the books concerning illegal immigration, this administration refuses to enforce them and has, in fact, has defied them.  Compound that with blue cities offering sanctuary to illegals (again, in defiance of existing law) and you have a situation out of control.

While it is certainly true that some form of immigration reform needs to be legislated, that doesn’t excuse the lax or non-existent enforcement of existing laws by the administration.  It is clear to most that this crime wave that has engulfed the southern border is squarely the responsibility of the Obama administration, and no amount of attempted blame shifting will change that.


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9 Responses to Almost half of all Federal criminal charges are made in 5 southern border districts, but we don’t have a border security or illegal immigration problem

  • Of course, the vast majority of these cases deal with drug smuggling, usually by people legally present in the United States, rather than illegal immigration.

    • As if millions of people crossing the border at will and deliberately ignored don’t create a conduit for drug traffic? None of those millions are dealers or their mules?

      • No man, those drugs magically appear all packaged within 15 feet of the border (denoted by a big yellow painted line), and rogue legal Americans constantly cross over and bring them back.

        • Actually I’ve thought about changes in Drug Activity since border crossing became rampant. The Drug Lords didn’t feel the need to control Northern Mexico like they do now. There is likely a major tie between human traffickers and drug traffickers. Either because they are run by both maybe as separate businesses, but more likely there is overlap in transporting the drugs. I also suspect that people who cross the border sending money back home, the payment to the human traffickers isn’t a one-time deal but a percentage.

          I would not be surprised is the criminal control of Northern Mexico is heavily connected to the human trafficking. Who would report it? If the general public knew support for human trafficking would melt. Neither the Democrats, the media, or establishment republicans want that. Whose left to make the connections to the public?

    • Does being stupidly wrong hurt…???

      It should, you know.

    • Perhaps if we actually controlled our borders some of that smuggling wouldn’t be possible.

  • Vast majority drug related.

    From the article –
    “Obviously, the offenses people are convicted of in federal courts are not local crimes but federal ones. According to the statistical report’s Table 3A, the top category of offense for those found guilty in U.S. district courts nationwide in fiscal 2014 was immigration offenses. 23,871 defendants nationwide were found guilty of those. 23,387 were found guilty of drug offenses. 12,617 were found guilty of violent crime.”


    • Oh, that was probably “drug related” violent crime.

      But I can see it all clearly now … Obama is transforming the Democratic Party into the “Party of Death and Drugs.”
      No wonder they are now trying to implement the “death panels” that they laughed about in 2008.

      • There was another report of the number of illegal immigrants involved in drug related crime….that isn’t a small number either.

        Let’s use the over and poorly used word just for giggles and grins – vast.