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The politics of political convenience, Harry Reid style

Did you know that Harry Reid and Donald Trump agree on the immigration issue? Or they certainly sound like they do.  Of course Reid will likely tell you that his position has “evolved” over the years – what is commonly called a “flip flop” in politics.  Like Hillary Clinton’s present position on gay marriage (and any number of other issues).  They’re positions of political convenience, not principal.

Of course, today Harry Reid condemns Donald Trump’s position on illegal immigration.  But not so long ago, Harry was an immigration hawk:

Reid authored the Immigration Stabilization Act of 1993 to remove asylum seekers, end birthright citizenship, expand deportations, and exclude legal immigrants from public assistance. The bill also included amendments that closed loopholes dealing with criminal aliens and mandated more cooperation between local and federal law enforcement, the Conservative Review reported on Tuesday.

“Our borders have overflowed with illegal immigrants placing tremendous burdens on our criminal justice system, schools and social programs. The Immigration and Naturalization Service needs the ability to step up enforcement,” Reid said in a statement.

“Our federal wallet is stretched to the limit by illegal aliens getting welfare, food stamps, medical care and other benefits often without paying any taxes,” Reid continued. “Safeguards like welfare and free medical care are in place to boost Americans in need of short-term assistance. These programs were not meant to entice freeloaders and scam artists from around the world.”

Apparently 1993 marks the date when Mr. Reid allegedly held the interests of American citizens to the forefront recognizing the drain unchecked and illegal immigration has on the nation’s budget, health and resources.

Now, not so much.

Had a Republican said all of what Mr. Reid said back then, he’d be branded a “racist”.

Oh, wait …


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19 Responses to The politics of political convenience, Harry Reid style

  • In Harry’s defense, he was likely trying to get re-elected when he said that. He will always get a pass from his democrat supporters who recognize that their leaders must lie during campaigns in order to wield the “correct minded” power once elected.

  • But things were different back in 1993!!!!

    Yes, indeed. One would have thought, rather than a more porous border after 9/11/2001, we’d have a more effectively controlled border.

    Oh! I know, that was more of that last century thinking that we had borders stuff!
    One world! Open Borders! Islamic JV!

    Everybody join me in a chorus of kumbaya.

  • Huh. So even Dirty, Filthy Harry at one time got it?

    Here’s a thought or two…

    I’m for “controlling the borders”. But I understand that CONCURRENTLY, we have to change the gradient. We have to make the U.S. MUCH less attractive to people who think about coming here illegally.

    It has to be understood they may not work here, or live off of benefits here. If we do that, the gradient is reversed, and they will…over time…self-deport. It’s simple cause >>> effect.

    There is another problem respecting criminal aliens, who will ALWAYS come here. Catch and release will never work, and is a formula for recidivism that can’t be beat. So, we have to consider catch and NEVER release if we want to deal with reality.

    This isn’t hard. Not when you shave off all the BS that’s fouled the issues.

    • Yes, I’m confused about our ‘obligation’ to release people who are criminals IN our country just because they happen to be from another country, and are here illegally.

      I could be wrong but I think that makes us rather unique (uniquely stupid).

      “I robbed a bank, but….I’m not a citizen!”
      “Oh, is that so! Well mister! We’re going to take down YOUR name!
      And we’re going to put it in a big book!
      And THEN!!!!! We’re going to arrange to have you taken out of here and dropped off in the country you came from!!!!!
      How’s THAT buddy! You don’t mess with us!
      And don’t you even think of coming back because IF YOU DO!!!!!
      We’ll do all that stuff AGAIN!
      And we’ll do it as many times as we need to until you understand that we’re just going to keep catching you and kicking you out! ”

      Immigration and law enforcement, managed by people with the intellectual capacity of a 4 year old.

      • Even if we…

        1. deport them (they bounce back immediately), or…

        2. imprison them for a few years AND deport them

        they just keep coming back, because this is where the real rich hunting is.

        So, if they’re convicted of a felony and here illegally, they should go to prison for life. Seems to me.

    • Only one real way to dry up the jobs, penalize employers. That’s the problem. They are a major contributor category due to their numbers inherently bypassing campaign limits as a group.

      Which I don’t understand the idiocy wrt normalizing them. Their “I need to stay off the radar”, at will employee will become a workman’s comp eligible, wrongful dismissal eligible, cry racist eligible employee. Good luck with that. If your formerly illegal alien shop wants to form a union, you will be a racist perhia on the 6 o’clock news is you don’t let them.

      • You are right about the law having to target BOTH employers and employees with real penalties that make using illegal labor uneconomical.

        Everything else you said is silly.

        • Really, which part and why?

          The Republican leadership is tripping over itself to kill the party, why?. Not for themselves. they aren’t getting votes from current voters and no one believes in any reality they will get a net gain in hispanice voters from this (that’s smoke they blow no one with a brain believes). They aren’t doing it for country or the public.

          There are only two explanations
          1) They are really Democrats who’ve managed to take over the party, talk a good talk but are working to kill Conservatism. That’s tin foil hat time. But it would explain a lot.
          2) They are working for their contributors who are blinded by short term selfish personal outlook in their businesses or homes. Good luck for them once they can sue.

          • Their “I need to stay off the radar”, at will employee will become a workman’s comp eligible, wrongful dismissal eligible, cry racist eligible employee. Good luck with that. If your formerly illegal alien shop wants to form a union, you will be a racist perhia on the 6 o’clock news is you don’t let them.

            That part. And because it is divorced from reality.

  • Reid’s Immigration Stabilization Act of 1993, included Social Security ID cards with photo and fingerprint, for aliens and citizens alike.

    You had to bring your proof of identity and citizenship and pay a nominal fee of $50 to get your card.


    (1) IMPROVED CARD FOR CITIZENS- The Secretary shall cause to be issued improved Social Security account number cards to United States citizens and United States nationals upon application, proof of identity, proof of citizenship or nationality, and payment of a reasonable fee.


    (3) REQUIREMENTS- The cards described in paragraphs (1) and (2) shall–

    (A) be uniform in appearance,

    (B) be as tamper-proof and counterfeit-resistant as practicable,

    (C) contain a photograph and fingerprint,

    (D) display the name, sex, date of birth, place of birth, and Social Security account number of the issuee, and such other identifying information as the Secretary shall determine, and

    (E) incorporate a machine-readable encoding of the information displayed on the card.

    This is obviously, according to Voter ID opponents, unconstitutional.
    Yes, Jim Crow was averted

    • Modern standards would require the electronic inclusion of a “Southern blot” which would be kept on record at the OPM so all the world would have access to it.

  • Odd that too was a Democratically controlled Senate. I wonder why Harry’s grand plan wasn’t passed.
    You should, however, consider how important things like the filibuster were back then too.
    Harry changed many of his views over the years out of need for convenience.

    • Harry changed many of his views over the years out of need for convenience.

      In some cases, the convenience of not getting beaten up by thugs.

      Who apparently can be described as “exercise bands” to a gullible media, if one is a Democrat.

      • No, seriously –
        These are bands of young Democratic ‘voters’, frequently out exercising, dancing, and/or drumming. Protesting their college loans, marching for immigrants, that sort of thing.

        There were many such bands in 2011, often called “Occupy” at the time, and another group who demonstrated the proper techniques for shopping without benefit of cash in Baltimore more recently who really didn’t get named.

        Harry might have had an unfortunate encounter with some of the more….energetic….elements of these bands.

  • Trump is as much a republican as Bloomberg but fact is we’d be hearing just about NOTHING about the SF murder or sanctuary cities if he hadn’t opened his mouth.

    Furthermore, all he did was make crude remarks about illegals, and they’re going apesh-it trying to destroy him. I mean jeeze, it really is nuts.

    And yet he has my vote over Jeb. Sometimes let it burn starts at home

    • Trump is that lightning rod that lights up the media. If he hadn’t picked the topic, the Democratic media would pick it for him.

    • They’re giving him press, and frankly I think the polls are skewed because the pollsters and the Democrats WANT the Republicans to have to account for him.
      The usual “you’re a Republican, what are you going to do about Trump!!!!!” with the Republican candidates. That’s like my being an American means I’m personally responsible for Charlie Manson and I have to account for his behavior.

      Though that’s not so far fetched I guess, I’m white of European descent and I have to account for American slavery even though 3/4’s of my gene pool wasn’t in the US prior to 1900 and the 1/4 that was was nasty old New England Yankee and yet I’m responsible for slavery so I can see how anyone who doesn’t vote Democrat is responsible for Donald Trump.

    • They are also driving home and reinforcing propaganda victories.

      1) Republicans are prone to racism.
      2) illegal aliens = all Hispanics, so negative comments on illegal aliens = negative comments on all Hispanics
      3) criticism of open border and its consequences = racism.

      and getting highly visible republicans to buy into these ‘propaganda devised’ givens’

      • Controlling the conversation…..again.

        Some of Trumps following has to be because he’s not backpeddling on every other statement he makes. The usual ‘clarification’ on why what he said : isn’t what he meant is not forth coming and people have to be noticing.

        All that said, I guess if my choice was Trump or Hillary I probably will write in Pat Paulson. Still I genuinely believe Trump is more likely to do a slightly better job than Big Ears.