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“Legacy” … that’s what Iran was about

Abe Greenwald explains:

As far as legacy, what politician doesn’t want one? For Obama, a nominal nuclear deal may make him feel as if he’s earned the Nobel Prize once furnished him as election swag. John Kerry’s own efforts to earn a Nobel by brokering Middle East peace became another footnote in the story of Palestinian obstinacy. He too had something to prove.

From the administration’s standpoint, the deal was a grand slam. If it left Iran as an official nuclear power on the perpetual verge of a breakout, well, that was always the bargaining chip to get everything else. And with the United States having shown extraordinary cooperation and forgiveness, the thinking goes, even a nuclear Iran will become a less bellicose and more collegial member of the community of nations. What good the deal has already done, the administration believes, will continue to pay dividends. As is his wont, Obama is now declaring as much. But by the time his vision is upended by facts, he’ll be out of office, and we won’t have the luxury of fighting reality with abstractions.

Obama is desperate for a positive legacy.  Obamacare is the White Elephant in the room.  It will, one day, be declared the disaster it really is (but that will require the time for it to really demonstrate how horrendous a piece of legislation it truly was … it’s getting there).  The man who wanted to make “government cool” has managed to make it not only cool but the butt of jokes.  Ratings for all branches of government have plunged on his watch. Race relations and corruption are worse on his watch.  And his foreign policy has been clueless.  It has also be reactive and rudderless.  Just as respect for government has plunged, so has respect for the US (even Jimmy Carter admits this).

So yeah, two guys who have accomplished little or nothing in their lives are wanting to leave a mark.

Too bad it will more likely resemble a skid mark in a pair underwear, when all is said and done, than any mark of accomplishment.  But then, we’ve always known the left was more into style than substance.   And Obama and Kerry have built in some blame shifting room in the Iran agreement.  If, 8 or 10 years out, Iran has the bomb, it will be the fault of whoever is in the White House (and GW Bush, if they can swing it), not them.

Just watch.


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25 Responses to “Legacy” … that’s what Iran was about

  • 8 to 10 years is optimistic restraint.
    I’m willing to be they’re a whole lot closer than that already.
    A problem Israel will no doubt correct.

    You’d think as part of his Bowie Bergdahl class legacy, he’d have traded them some terrorists for their present set of American hostages while he was at it.
    Most willful errors can be overlooked in former Presidents when it’s all said and done, the extermination of a couple hundred thousand people in one earth shattering kaboom probably isn’t one of them.
    Heck of a legacy.

  • I think that we are way past the point of dealing with Obama in these kinds of normative terms.

    Legacy? “America delenda est” is his legacy, from day one.

  • His Middle East legacy/Fumbling Foreign Policy just cost another 4 Marines their lives.

    • Shut up! That was just a random act of workplace violence inspired by the Confederate Flag!

    • There isn’t one flucking reason that trained killers should not be allowed to carry a side-arm, especially in a place like a strip-mall recruiting station.

      This shit will continue as long as we expose our service people to meet jihadists with a ball-point pen.

  • What Barracula has done in Iran is set up a new regional hegemon.

    Last time we LET that happen with like-minded people, it cost us wars with Japan and Germany.

    Someone will have to take that hegemonic power away from the Iranians, and it will be VERY expensive.

    • Well, this time we don’t have to do any tests – they’ve all been done.
      Question is, do we have anyone with the stones of Harry Truman.

      • …or a people with the resolve of WWII Americans to win a war?

        • I figure your half of the problem will be resolved when something we really care about goes kaboom, fragging a significant number of liberals/progressives/leftists in the process.
          Once they realize their ‘co-exist’ bumper stickers didn’t spare them the hatred the better part of the liberal/progressive portion of the country will get on board for a few years.

          And we’ll probably ‘detain’ the leftists and numerous foreign nationals for a few years, so that 40 years from now the next generation can feel all guilty about how we defended ourselves.

          • I hope you’re wrong, but fear you’re right.

          • It would be nice to think I’m completely utterly hopelessly wrong about the whole thing and we’ll never have to worry about it, that my biggest worry is I’ll be forced to marry an apple pie or face public opprobrium for being an outdated old foggey.

            Pearl Harbor and 9/11 tells me that would be terribly naive of me, despite certain parties who think that the magical new millennium has so altered mankind that those sorts of things (one of which occurred slightly AFTER the new Millennium….) will never happen again.
            We have one country in the world that is nuclear armed and completely nutzo. Fortunately enough it’s aptly name “the hermit kingdom”.
            We’re about to allow “the persian empire” to build nuclear chariots. Hermits and stay at homes, these guys are not.

          • You know Rags, along those lines, I can be pretty sure that any attack on us here in the US by anybody is going to be a surprise attack.

            The days of formally declaring war like gentlemen are gone.
            Especially since we can reach across the globe and smack you shortly after you make your declaration, so we’ve almost guaranteed it will work that way if the war is launched by someone who theoretically intends to win.

    • What Barracula has done in Iran is set up a new regional hegemon.

      >>> On the only plus side, it’s time our “friends” the Saudis started defending themselves and not having us do it for them. Enjoy dealing with Tehran boys!

      • The Gulf States are not asleep here, shark. They are buying (or will buy) nukes.

        The world is realigning and rearming in response to the Obamic Decline. It is getting MORE lethal and MORE dangerous every day.

        Erp, back to you…”one of the greats”…???? BWWWWWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA…!!!

        • Great. Let them, this way the destruction will extend both ways.

          The sad part is I’m just assuming Israel is finished unless they strike first, and overwhelmingly.

  • McQ talks as if facts will have anything to do with history in this era.

  • Their “legacy” won’t be what they think it will.

    I’m reminded from this quote from Babylon 5:

    Elric: As I look at you, Ambasador Mollari, I see a great hand reaching out of the stars. The hand is your hand. And I hear sound; the sounds of billions of people calling your name.
    Ambassador Londo Mollari: My followers?
    Elric: Your victims.

  • Legacy:
    Guns to Narco-terrorists, guns to Islamic terrorists.
    Abusing the powers of the IRS as a political blunt instrument, then lying and hiding evidence of the same
    Inciting race/class/wealth divisions among the citizens for the very purpose of dividing the nation.
    Unprecedented influx of Illegals and all the disease, crime and job loss that comes with it
    Soured relations with our closest allies while simultaneously emboldening our enemies.
    Make a complete mockery of “transparency”
    Marched our debt to sickening heights our grandchildren will never see the end of.
    So many Unconstitutional executive actions too numerous to expand on here,
    The list could go on, I’m sure I haven’t even hit all the low-lights.

    But the one legacy that tops them all was the racist shamming of America to vote for a man simply on the color of his skin.
    We got what we deserved.
    Now the same Progressives want you to vote for a person simply based on mammary glands, that is sure to work out equally well.

    • We have to vote for Caitlyn Jenner? 🙂

      • OK, dude. Bags of saline are NOT “mammary glands”, regardless of what we see or want to believe when the hormone gauze kicks in.

        As for the real thing, if they’re connect to a lying Collectivist bitch (see Clinton, Hellary), NO SALE.

  • “The case is being handled as a terrorism probe, though officials cautioned they still hadn’t determined a motive for the shooting. The gunman was identified as Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez.”

    Yes, possibly a few of those Confederate flags escaped the last round up and made Mohammod shoot those Marines.
    Could have been work place violence though.
    Possibly he “identified” as a female dolphin and the Marines wouldn’t allow him to enlist so he was getting his(it’s) revenge.

    The FBI must have a bigger checklist that you have to go through for something to be terrorism than I do.
    I was there after, Marines, Mohammod and Kuwait.

    More than likely though they’re waiting for cheery folks down there at 1600 Pennsylvania to explain to them why they have to explain to us that it was, once again, NOT Islamic Terrorism.

    • OMG!!!
      I just realized we need to start worrying about the ‘backlash’ as Marine flag inspired haters track down innocent practitioners of the ‘religion of peace’ and extract revenge even though consistently that hasn’t happened in the past.

      • The U.S. Marines…

        paid killers of brown people from the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.

        Bless them…

  • Them fellers are pretty much hell on anyone you direct them at in anger – as you say, bless them.

    “When it absolutely has to be destroyed overnight”