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“Who would have imagined we would be giving up the conventional arms and ballistic missile embargoes on Iran? In nuclear negotiations?”

That’s the question Charles Krauthammer asked today.

Anyone care to make a guess?

When asked Wednesday at his news conference why there is nothing in the deal about the American hostages being held by Iran, President Obama explained that this is a separate issue, not part of nuclear talks.

Are conventional weapons not a separate issue? After all, conventional, by definition, means non-nuclear. Why are we giving up the embargoes?

Because Iran, joined by Russia — our “reset” partner — sprung the demand at the last minute, calculating that Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry were so desperate for a deal that they would cave. They did. And have convinced themselves that they scored a victory by delaying the lifting by five to eight years. (Ostensibly. The language is murky. The interval could be considerably shorter.)

There is the second pregnant question – if the hostages are a separate issue, so are conventional weapons, aren’t they?

But then, you find out that both Obama and Kerry fell victim to a negotiating trick that only a rookie would cave too.  The tactic is well known and has been associated with Cold War USSR negotiations for decades. They teach it in Negotiating 101.  This is what they always do and you have to know your opponent well enough to expect it and have a strategy to counteract it.  As usual, Obama and Kerry were unprepared.

What Obama said about the hostages, if he really believes it, was the perfect answer to the Iranians when they sprang this on them.

But desperation is what the Iranians and Russians were counting on.  Anything to make the deal. They knew how desperate these two were.  So they held one of the most outrageous demands until the seeming end of the negotiations.  When the end was tantalizingly in sight and time was running out.  The Iranians gauged well the desperate desire for an agreement that the Obama/Kerry cabal had.

And so they used it against them to make a mockery of the deal.

Stunning.  The incompetence and ineptness aren’t what stun anyone – that’s been demonstrated so many times in the past 6 years it’s the new normal for this administration.  What’s stunning is what they gave away when they didn’t have too.

But then, this is the Obama administration and the Secretary of State is John Kerry.

‘Nuff said.


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8 Responses to “Who would have imagined we would be giving up the conventional arms and ballistic missile embargoes on Iran? In nuclear negotiations?”

  • Noooooupa.

    I’ll say it again; this is not a question of incompetence. One could not arrive here by incompetence alone.

    We’ve seen Obama in his “community organizer” guise being a very tough “negotiator” when something matters to him. Indeed, so tough that it’s hard to see anything like a good-faith negotiation happening.

    No. This is design at work. This is about the legacy thingy.

  • … or about giving ValJar a really, REALLY nice “thank-you” present for all her help …

  • A lot of people in a very blue city are now destined to die as a direct result of this deal

    • I’ve been resigned to that for years. Because fanatic Islamists won’t stop until they manage a catastrophe of that magnitude.

      Our political class is too feckless to stop them. Though it does surprise me a bit to see how much they *help* them.

      • I read that actuarial tables had been adjusted not long after 9/11 to reflect a nuclear disaster in the U.S.

        I’ve never confirmed that, but I will say I have far enough outside the Ship Channel and Houston to not be kilt outright.

      • It’s a bugger in that the Russians weren’t planning on speeding up the end of the world so the hidden Imam could make himself known.
        I wouldn’t want to bet my house that none of the Iranian leadership would.

        • Soviets didn’t want to be little shadows on the scorched earth where their dachas once stood.

          For the ayatollahs, that would be a mark of piety.

      • Well, think of it this way, it will probably cause us to replace a great many members of our current political class….methodologies are left as an exercise for the reader.