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ObamaCare: fewer doctors, higher premiums and deductibles – oh, boy!

A new report by Avalere Health points out what an “improvement” ObamaCare has been:

[E]nrollees in ObamaCare plans have access to 34% fewer providers than those who buy a commercial plan outside the exchange. On average, it found, ObamaCare enrollees had 32% fewer primary care doctors and 24% fewer hospitals from which to choose.

Worse, ObamaCare plans covered 42% fewer oncologists and cardiologists than non-ObamaCare plans.

Yes indeed, what a deal.  Couple that with sky-high deductibles (according to Health Pocket, average deductibles for the lowest cost Bronze Plan in ObamaCare are 42% higher than before the law was passed) and you’ve got a real winner on your hands.  By the way, the average Bronze Plan costs around $3,500 a year and has a whopping $5,181 deductible to be paid.

Oh, and here’s the good news:  “insurers are pushing double-digit premium hikes for 2016, some as high as 50%.”

So again, let’s ask, what good is insurance if you can’t find a doctor or it doesn’t pay a penny until you’ve paid your huge deductible (not to mention the premium) out of pocket?  As should be obvious, for the most part it isn’t any good.  Especially if you have a young, relatively healthy family.  In that case, be prepared to pay for everything out of pocket.

Sounds like a pretty bad deal, doesn’t it?  However, remember, if you don’t have insurance, well, the IRS will make sure to make life miserable for you.

Another example of the Democrats looking out for the middle/working class in this country.


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15 Responses to ObamaCare: fewer doctors, higher premiums and deductibles – oh, boy!

  • Yes, because…economics.

    And, may I add…TOLDJA…!!!

    Why, yes. Yes, I CAN.

  • Actually, insurance that doesn’t pay anything until you’ve met your deductible is a great idea for the young and healthy. Chances are, they won’t need much medical care over the course of a year, and can handle those expenses out of their own pockets, rather than paying for an expensive insurance policy that they don’t need.

    The problem is, even the high-deductible plans under Obamacare are more expensive than they would have been, because the plans are forced to amortize all kinds of items that they normally wouldn’t cover.

    • … like the Pap smears for men, not to mention pregnancy coverage….

      Why hasn’t the shooting started yet? Aren’t we WAAAYY past New-Declaration-of-Independence time?

    • You must know different young people than I do, several ObamaCare plank owners – all the ones I’ve talked to would be in a deep hole if they had to use their medical coverage and certainly can’t handle it out of their own pockets.

      Admittedly not a man of them had coverage before, but I’m trying to figure out how having to pay $5000 out of pocket PLUS the premiums is a good deal for them when most of them won’t do anything that will run over about $2000 (which doesn’t take long, I’ll grant).

      So maybe I’m misunderstanding your first sentence.

      • I was a young man once, and remember my 20s very clearly. I almost never went to the doctor, and incurred almost no medical expenses. I had a catastrophic indemnity plan with a $2500K annual deductible in the 1980s. The premiums for that plan were more than $2500/year cheaper than the premiums for other plans available to me. So, it made economic sense to chose the high-deductible indemnity plan.

        The numbers may not work today, but I suggest that any variance is due to Obamacare, and not to a fundamental flaw in high-deductible plans.

        • Ah, now I understand. As my grandparents used to say “Light dawns on MarbleHead”.
          I was lucky in that I had health coverage, which I never used, from the time I got out of college.

          From what I’ve seen of the plans these kids (I call them kids, but they’re not) have they’re no bargain.
          Being the stable parent couple three asked us about Obamacare plans when they came over the house. They know we watch the news and so I guess we were therefore ‘experts’.
          The wife frowned on a certain person suggesting that perhaps paying the IRS penalty was a better deal for them.

        • You plan probably didn’t include oral contraceptives.

          My 80 year old mother got a prescription formulary update a few years ago. Influenced by Obamacare, idk. Influenced by this administration, for sure. She lost some diabetic medicine options including one she was taking but she can have all the oral contraceptives she can consume.

  • True scenario…

    Father of four loses job and is forced onto the exchange. He has to ‘estimate’ how much he will make next year (huh? remember, he’s unemployed), complete the online form and sign up for a plan. So he makes his best guess as to how much he’ll make next year, plugs in the number to find he’s only eligible for Medicaid.

    Not wanting to subject his family to this he enters a slightly higher estimate, now slotting them
    into the basic bronze plan. With the accompanying hefty deductible. And gets a subsidy to help with the high premium.

    Now the fine print: Way down at the bottom of the page is a disclaimer of sorts. If he happens to make more than he estimated when he was unemployed, he has to return the subsidy. Didn’t notice if there was interest involved though.

    Is the Administration trying to crash the whole thing? Seems a rhetorical question at this point.

  • For the faithful, the Obamacare problems derive entirely from the compromises that had to be made with the Republicans.

    • For the faithful, everything that ever goes wrong with anything in the whole country derives entirely from the compromises that had to make with Republicans. Including hurricanes, floods, etc., all the way down to the crack in their iPhone screen.

  • Just bear in mind that Trump is for universal health care, too.

    • Bear in mind that the big money contributors to both parties want the Government to take their employees medical costs off their hands and. And many more also further want to subsidize illegal immigrants. So Trump more or less in that group, surprise; wants it too. At least Trump is honest on his position.

      Whereas the crap that controls the Republican party now has had power to do something for 4 years and even more power now and had done nothing. Because they don’t want to do anything.

      So who is better? People who want universal care but lie about it or someone who wants it and is honest about it.

      • Ewww…. That’s a real toughie.

        How ’bout NEITHER. Plus, there are a lot of “big money” people who are NOT for government health care. What is it with you?

  • Yep, my premiums are going up 20% this year thanks to Obamacare.