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No Podcast

There will be no Observations podcast at QandO this week, as summer vacations interfere with the podcasting fun.

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4 Responses to No Podcast

  • On Friday, Chrysler announced that it’s issuing a formal recall for 1.4 million vehicles that may be affected by a hackable software vulnerability in Chrysler’s Uconnect dashboard computers. The vulnerability was first demonstrated to WIRED by security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek earlier this month when they wirelessly hacked a Jeep I was driving, taking over dashboard functions, steering, transmission and brakes. The recall doesn’t actually require Chrysler owners to bring their cars, trucks and SUVs to a dealer. Instead, they’ll be sent a USB drive with a software update they can install through the port on their vehicle’s dashboard.

    The revolution will be installed from a USB flash drive.

    • 20 bucks say within 6 months there will be a way around the security update…

  • I blame Mister Wade for this unforgivable lack of podcast…