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Hillary’s renewable energy plan

As you’ll see it’s as unachievable and utopian as all the other “clean energy” plans we’ve heard.  In fact, IBD calls it a “farce”.  And rightfully so.

Why?  Well here are the basics:

Clinton says she has two big goals that she’ll start working on “day one” to combat climate change. First is to expand solar energy supplies by 700% by installing half a billion solar panels by 2020. Second is to power “every home in America” with renewable energy by 2027.

She describes these as “bold national goals.” The more appropriate label is “expensive pipe dream.”

Again, the latter description is more apt.  Consider the goal of half a billion solar panels by 2020.  That’s 5 years from now, folks.  We all know that solar panels are a) expensive and b) don’t live up to their billing as to making us energy independent (well unless we are willing to carpet every sun touched surface on our house and property with them).  So how will she accomplish this goal?  Well, with your tax dollars (or borrowing) of course.  Subsides, tax credits, outright grants, subsides to solar panel manufacturing and big government projects that install millions of panels in desert areas (Environmental impact? Only pipelines have that.).

My goodness, haven’t we done this before?  And what’s that popular definition of “insanity”?

Also consider that perhaps the cleanest renewable energy, one that has contributed most to the use of renewable energy, is hydroelectric energy (46%).  That source has been in decline due to pressure from environmental groups.  We have less hydroelectric power now than we did in 2000.  And that trend is likely to continue.

Biomass comes in second (9%) and is also in disfavor with environmental groups (greenhouse gasses).

That leaves three “renewable” sources – geothermal, solar and wind.  Between the three, they currently contribute just “6.7% of the nation’s electricity capacity, according to the Energy Department.”  In total, we have about 15% of our energy from all renewable sources.  So you get an idea of how small the contribution of these three really are.

While Clinton didn’t say much about the other two, wind is a favorite of the renewable energy crowd.  The problem with both wind and solar is the usual – powerful environmental groups oppose both.  Especially groups concerned with the negative impact on wildlife they’ve demonstrated.  It is no secret that both wind installations and large solar instillations are abattoirs for wildlife, especially birds.

So how likely is a President Clinton to see this bit of campaign positioning come to fruition?  Well thankfully not very. It’s a slapdash bit of campaign nonsense. It is pure pandering with no hope of realization.  It is the usual political campaign “policy” making that is all talk with no walk.  It has no possibility of being realized and is just thrown out there to feed the base and keep them happy.  It is the underpants gnomes in action.

It doesn’t even stand up to casual scrutiny.  But don’t worry, her base has no reason for even casual scrutiny.  If she said it, they believe it and that ends it.

Meanwhile, upon finishing her delivery of this devilish clever energy plan, she boarded her private jet and smoked off to her next destination.


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10 Responses to Hillary’s renewable energy plan

  • We all know that solar panels are a) expensive and b) don’t live up to their billing as to making us energy independent…

    AND c) quite environmentally unfriendly, PLUS d) very likely impossible to produce in the quantity Hellary’s delusions contemplate. The rare earth components in a solar panel (as we now know them) make their production prone to a lot of pollution, and they are…you know…RARE.

    Now, we may face new discoveries that make “peak earth” as obsolete a term as “peak oil” has proven to be. Who knows? But we’ll know how rare are rare earth elements by how expensive the become in the future.

    In short, this is just more moonpony engineering, much like we’ve seen in the Obamic Decline years. It won’t work because it can’t work .

  • “If she said it, they believe it and that ends it.”

    And if there’s any doubt in anyone’s mind about that – check out the comments section from an average remotely negative story in the New York Times about her various ‘activities’.
    The recent one about her email server and the ‘criminal complaint’ by the DOJ being a particularly awesome example of an echo stadium (a chamber ain’t big enough here).

    She said she didn’t do anything illegal and based on the comments, that’s good enough for most of the brightest of the bright that read and comment at The Times.

  • The sun’ll come out Tomorrow
    Bet your bottom dollar
    That tomorrow
    There’ll be sun!

    Just thinkin’ about
    Clears away the cobwebs,
    And the sorrow
    ‘Til there’s none!

    When I’m stuck a day
    That’s gray,
    And lonely,
    I just stick out my chin
    And Grin,
    And Say,

    The sun’ll come out Tomorrow
    So ya gotta hang on ‘Til tomorrow
    Come what may
    Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
    I love ya Tomorrow!
    You’re always
    A day
    A way!

    Somehow more poignant today than ever.

  • Well, she might be thinking of luring people into the market with tax credits and subsidies, or she might be thinking of forcing people into the market. It will not work either way. Why? Because it’s a lot more involved than “putting panels on roofs.” Panels on the roof is what you see on the brochures. Reality is something else again.

    • In Michigan, I wonder how many old people won’t be able to run their furnace because the panels on their roof are snow covered and they can’t afford the punative tax on traditional power.

  • A campaign speech, written by a focus group, targeted to a specific voting block, without a reality check.
    In a word: Noise.

  • It’s not even 5 years from now, Bruce. If this is her day one policy, then that means she’d have less than 3 years to do it since she wouldn’t be inaugurated until Jan 20, 2017. That doesn’t even qualify as a pipe dream. It should qualify as a direct trip to the nuthouse, do not pass Go, do not collect tax payer dollars.

    • Or almost any plan Barack Obama implemented during his terms.

      All engineered to occur either after his re-election from his first term to negate the effects of any voter outrage, or after the start of the next President’s term.

      Including Iran finishing a nuclear weapon. Though I think Iran is closer than Lt Magic Hat and President Big Ears know.
      Any sane (insane) Iranian planner would want to finish that work before President(x) takes office.
      With Obama, they know they can not only eat his lunch, but come over to his house, read, fold, spindle and mutilate his comic books, break his Buzz Lightyear, demand Falafel for dinner, and expect to be invited back to do it again tomorrow.

  • Take it from our experience in Ontario as a small business owner…our electricity bills 8 years ago were in the 3k to 4.5k range. 8 years of Liberal energy policies…and our bill last month was 7.5k.

    Why? Renewable energy mandates paid for by high $$/per kilowatt hr rates to producers, gross fiscal mis management (cancelled power plants in politically sensitive risings prior to voting day), and finally buying off powerful unions with rich, irresponsible contracts.

    Of course these high bills mean we are incented to try and conserve energy…install energy saving appliances etc…it’ll be costly, but cost effective with rising energy costs.

    We are not in control of our pricing…franchise model, so without pricing power I don’t need to point out to this crew where we will find the money to pay for our new expenses.

    This is your future with these policies. They will destroy wealth, but hey…its for the environment!