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Observations: The QandO Podcast for 07 Aug 15

Vacations are over, so the Podcast once again fills out empty Friday evenings. It’s on the Podcast Page.

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3 Responses to Observations: The QandO Podcast for 07 Aug 15

  • Hard questions are journalism. Promoting infighting is not. I think the reason most people are upset is they no there will never be a comparable grilling of the Democrat candidates. Are they even going to have ‘debates’?

    Handing over the microphone to Debbie Wasserman Schultz at the end for a minute or two of cheap shotting and not making her justify here cheap shots, though, was that journalism?

  • No Iranian hardliners voted against Obama in 2008 or 2012, so …

    so they like him more than Republicans

  • The numbers are in since the Debate
    Trump, Cruz, Carson, Fiorina. (Fiorina is tie with Rubio, but she is +6 while Rubio is unchanged, so she gets honorable mention).
    23, 13, 11, 8.

    Jeb down to 7 from 8.