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Economic Statistics for 12 Aug 15

The MBA reports that mortgage applications rose 0.1% last week, with purchases down -4.0% and refis up 3.0%.

The Atlanta Fed Business Inflation Expectations Index fell -0.2%, with businesses now expecting annual inflation of 1.8%.

The Labor Department’s JOLTS report shows that job openings fell to 5.249 million in June from 5.357 million in May. 

The Treasury reports that July’s budget deficit totaled $149.2 billion. The Fiscal Year to date deficit stands at $428.0 billion vs $460.5 billion a year ago.

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One Response to Economic Statistics for 12 Aug 15

  • “Every month government comes out with a statistic on unemployment. Last statistic said that official unemployment was 5.3 percent but what they forgot to tell you is that statistic doesn’t include those people who have given up looking for work, those people who are working part time. Add it all together and real unemployment is over 10 percent.” — Bernie Sanders