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How will Hillary wiggle out of this one?

You know you’re asking yourself that question:

The inspector general for the Intelligence Community notified senior members of Congress that two of four classified emails discovered on the server Clinton maintained at her New York home contained material deemed to be in one of the highest security classifications—more sensitive than previously known.

You may or may not remember this, but in March of this year, she stated flatly, “there is no classified material” on the server.  How she expected anyone to believe she could conduct her job as Secretary of State with that being true is left to you to imagine.  And, it seems, no one did:

The untruth revealed, [Mrs.] Clinton changed her story in July to claim that no email was specifically marked as classified. Not that it matters. Clinton wants Americans to ignore the fact that federal rules put the onus on government officials like the secretary of State to protect classified material, even when it’s not marked as such.

You know, “accountability”?

So now, she’s agreed to “voluntarily” turn over the server and the emails.  James Taranto gives us a little insight into that:

In fairness to Mrs. Clinton, it appears her decision to turn over the server and the thumb drive was “voluntary” in the formal—dare one say Clintonian—sense that she yielded to the investigators’ request rather than wait for an order.

Because, you know, for a Presidential candidate, such an order would have been politically damaging.  So the “voluntary” aspect gives the campaign and the Clintons at least a little “good spin” on a very bad event.  You can almost hear the klaxons sounding and the announcement of “battle stations, battle stations” within the campaign.

But back to that accountability thing:

Fournier notes further that “government officials have been convicted of mishandling unmarked classified material.”

Yes.  Yes they have.  But that’s not how the Princess of the Ozarks figures this should go.  So who does she need?

Mr. Obama, of course:

And at least one critic is now speculating that the possibility that she is in legal jeopardy is influencing Mrs. Clinton’s policy pronouncements.

On Monday, as the Los Angeles Times reports from Manchester, N.H., Mrs. Clinton “made her most forceful defense yet of President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran on Monday, saying that ‘all bets are off’ if Congress were to reject the deal and warning of the potential impact to America’s standing in the world”:

“The Europeans, the Russians, the Chinese, they’re going to say, ‘We stuck with the Americans. We agreed with the Americans. We hammered out this agreement. I guess their president can’t make foreign policy,’ ” Clinton said at a campaign stop in Manchester. “That’s a very bad signal to send in a quickly moving and oftentimes dangerous world.” . . .

“I’ve gone into this detail because you’re going to hear a lot about it in the weeks ahead,” she told an audience of more than 500 at the foot of a ski slope in New Hampshire’s largest city. “So please, educate yourself. . . . We have to pursue diplomacy if we expect to be able to solve difficult problems with the rest of the world supporting us.”That’s odd. Earlier, as we noted last month, Mrs. Clinton refused to take a position on the Trans Pacific Partnership—of which she was a forceful advocate as secretary—because, as she said, “I thought it was important for the Congress to have a full debate without thrusting presidential politics and candidates into it.” She now gives precisely the opposite reason for taking a clear position, if not a particularly well-argued one, on the Iran deal.

Ah, what a surprise.  It is pleasing to be politically malleable, isn’t it?  Principles … well, she left those at the Watergate hearings.  It is raw politics and “I’ll do what ever it takes” to gain power for her.

One has to wonder how ever the cult of true believers can stomach her paranoia and willful disregard for the law.  This is who they want to be President of the US?

Anyway, is Obama the key to how she wiggles free?  Will her attempt to provide him his much desired legacy find this all to be “much ado about nothing?”  Will she actually ever be held accountable for what others have been jailed for?


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15 Responses to How will Hillary wiggle out of this one?

  • What was it? October 2014 this all started?

    Yeah, I’m sure there’s just a ton of that illicit data left on that server today.

    I mean, they swept it before anyone noticed they even had a server they shouldn’t have had ( no doubt originally masterminded and created by interns in Cincinnati or something ).
    And they’ve probably swept it half a dozen times since.

    If there’s anything of an illicit nature on it after all that they should go to jail just for being complete morons.

    • Joe Scarborough: The State Department, the intel agencies, are setting themselves up for scathing reviews in the future. Because I talked to a top intel person three days ago by phone who told me this is very simple. If there’s classified information outside of the agency, the first immediate concern is for the FBI to go secure it and then conduct the investigation and this top intel leader said to me it’s unprecedented that the State Department and intel agencies and the White House knew and the FBI knew for as long as they knew that there was classified top secret material outside of their domain, unsecured, and they allowed it to stay that way because it was Hillary Clinton.

      And they suggested when this blows up, that it isn’t just Hillary Clinton who is going to be facing charges if there are any charges to be faced, or it’s not just Hillary Clinton who is going to be possibly losing, well not losing her job but there are people in the State Department that are covering up for Hillary Clinton every day. There are people in the intel agencies that are allowing her to get away with things that nobody else would. This leader told me you know classified information is out there. It’s a very simple two-step process. You immediately secure it. And then you bring it into the facility and then you conduct the investigation. State Department has been absolutely shameful in how lax they’ve been pursuing this. They’ve been stonewalling, they’ve been lying to the American people. They’ve not been, they have not been straightforward because it’s Hillary Clinton. And it wasn’t until the IG of the intel agency started talking about this. And the IG of the State Department started talking about this that there was movement on this at all. Is this not the entire intel system and the State Department system breaking down and failing for political purposes?

  • She’ll wiggle out by dropping out, then they will leave her alone.

    Followed by the de-cloaking of the Obama strategy.

    • I think as long as she agrees to enshrine his ‘legacy’ (and not seek prosecution) they may come to terms. Biden’s Presidential rumblings may be a doorway into becoming part of Team Hilary to ensure such things.

      • I don’t think so. Obama and the Clintons apparently hate each other in a big way.

        Biden seems to be … well … bidin’ his time until Clinton drops out or her campaign collapses.

        Obama seems to be giving Clinton room to gracefully exit, but at some point if she doesn’t he will go ahead and appoint a special prosecutor and force an ungraceful exit.

        That point is fast approaching. When you go from “front-runner and obvious nominee” to “losing to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire” well ahead of the first primary, you’re done.

        Hillary’s only value to the Democratic Party right now lies in the fact that there’s no obvious GOP nominee nailing things down yet, so the Democrats might as well let her be the punching bag for that big field for awhile, then roll out the true big gun when and if the Republicans get serious.

  • And….

    “There is no evidence she used encryption to shield the emails or her personal server from foreign intelligence services or other potentially prying eyes.”,

    I am really getting pissed off at what I consider to be the incompetence of congressional investigations. Instead of questioning political hacks like Koskinnen, Lerner, etc. they should be questioning the IT folks who actually worked on the computers. The company that installed and administered Hillary’s server should have been questioned under oath months ago. The tech who replaced Lerner’s allegedly failed hard drive should have been questioned under oath. Trouble tickets, system logs, etc. should have been subpoenaed a long time ago.

    • But, timactual, you’re presuming they WANT to “find something”.

      What they *REALLY* want (I’d guess it’s what *everybody* in Washington DC wants) is to LOOK like they’re “doing something important” — without stepping on the toes of somebody with more clout (who won’t hesitate to make his displeasure known).

      All of the Beltway Bigwigs (no matter what party label they wear) are propping each other up like the good little Potemkin Pretenders they truly are: “We pretend to investigate you, you pretend to oppose us”; then after the news-media-types go back to the office to submit Today’s Important News, they all get together for a round of drinks and discuss tomorrow’s theatrical production of “How To Bamboozle The Stupid Voters Some More”.

  • She’s become accustomed to breaking the law, and lying about breaking the law, with impunity. Kind of ironic for someone whose early government experience included working on the team that put together the impeachment case versus Nixon.

    And she’ll almost certainly get away with it with a slap on the wrist, at most, so far as legal measures are concerned. But I doubt she’ll ever be POTUS, or the Democratic nominee for same.

  • Long past time for an Independent Prosecutor.

    • …or, hell, ANY kind of prosecutor. Under the Obamic Decline, the AG is just another member of the outlaw gang.

      • I wonder how long before even Democrats grow tired of the lies, but then again these are Democrats …

        If you like your email server, you can keep your email server

        • Well, until you’ve cleared all the evidence of your wrongdoing off of it.
          And possibly destroyed the drives.

          Would up to 2 years be a sufficient delay before we pretend we’re serious about getting the drives and so forth from you?

  • Wriggle out of what? You make like the laws actually apply to her or any of the political class Ds?

  • At least everyone waiting for that big fat giant, twice as big as it already is, red glaring sign that shows the Federal government/Federal law enforcement has officially become a criminal enterprise won’t have to wait any longer.

    Not that it will make a lick of difference of course because “war on women and LGBTs!, black lives matter!, Koch brothers, Abortions and Birth Control for all, Obamacare, racists!”

    LGBTs? Isn’t that old naval shorthand for Landing Craft, Great Big Tanks?

  • CHRISTIE: Let’s just have an analogy here. Can you imagine if after the bridge
    investigation began, I came out and said, oh, by the way, I’ve done all
    of my business as governor on a private server and I have deleted now
    30,000 of those e-mails, but trust me, none of it had to do with the
    bridge. Give me a break. I mean, she wants to talk about being held to a
    different standard?