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Is Trump worse than that?

Donald Trump – wow, how did we get here?    How do we get to the point where Donald Trump is polling as a serious candidate for President of the United States?

Right out of the gate, “The Donald” would not have been my first choice for a Presidential candidate, or second choice, or, wait, my choice ever. I question his commitments to conservative values, I question his loyalty to smaller government, there’s a whole list of things about him I question, including being a Republican (not that that means much these days anyway). He’s a flamboyant showman. Once I would have ruled him out completely, utterly, as nothing more than a modern P.T. Barnum putting on a show.

Well, that was up until 2015 and my watching Washingtonian showmen for about 50 years. Now he’s certainly starting to sound sensible when he talks about national topics the squishes in the GOP Gentry have been completely talking around, or just plain lying about.

I stood at the sink this morning cleaning the scrambled egg bits out of the cast iron fry pan and it hit me – why the hell not? For a while now I’ve been thinking the whole sordid kleptocratic oligarchy needed to be brought down like the Hindenburg, so why not give Trump a shot at it. The usual critics on both sides have been yelling about how he’s everything I said above and more, implying, sometimes openly saying, only emotional, angry, STUPID, dangerous, low information voters will support him.

I mean, he could…what? Then it hit me. WHAT?????? What was he going to do that was worse than what I already have? – and worse yet, some of which I helped create in voting for people who think they can lie to me every day and I won’t notice.

Could he do a worse job than Barack Hussein Obama has done? Could he be hated by the world and the Democrats more than George W. Bush? Would he be more likely to pocket cash and grant favors and have Oval office sex (not with each other you understand) than Bill and Hillary Clinton? Could he in fact run a more corrupt/lawless government than the one we have at the moment?

Pause for a second.

Ask yourself, is he a bigger joke than the current Democratic candidates? A former governor no one knows or talks about? An avowed Socialist. Or the leader of ‘em all, a woman whose sole accomplishment is notoriety derived from being married to the former Philanderer in Chief of the United States. A woman who shrugs like a 10 year old and pretends the whole secret and secure Secretary of State server/government documents thing is beneath her or too much trouble or too complicated or too inconvenient or just too confusing for her widdle brainy brain. And that’s not even starting on the plethora of pay for play glad-handing arrangements her ‘charity’ is probably involved in and also manages to completely ignore the scandals from a time when her job description was chief cuckquean of Little Rock Arkansas and Washington DC. Exactly what was it again that qualified her to be a US Senator or a Secretary of State aside from her last name?

Has Trump less real world experience than the Marxist constitutional scholar who has worked diligently and consistently over his two terms to degrade the standing of the United States in the world while he invents new Presidential powers? A guy who’s busy using his EPA to screw up something as intrinsic as our electrical grid and our coal production and stops us from achieving full energy independence from the Middle East. The President whose prior positions were largely achieved thru hatchet jobs on his competitors and whose chief qualifications seem to be an affection for golf and the ability to read a teleprompter and speak at the same time without falling over. Do you think Trump is going to go out and disrespect our allies and long standing international friends? Will he appoint tax cheats to head Treasury? Maybe run guns to Mexico? Create the most opaquely transparent administration EVER? Is he going to tell NASA their new job is making casino owners feel better about themselves and their contributions to space travel? Insert himself into local incidents where people with comb overs are involved in altercations with the police?

Think about it! The current President is going to be a tough act to follow! From Lois “the logjam” Lerner in the IRS holding up 501c Non-profit designations, through the alphabet soup Obama government agency thugs to Eric “the Enforcer” Holder in the Justice Department, what would Trump do that was worse? Is Trump going to strong arm us into another National Health Care plan? Screw up the implementation, move the goalposts on it and lie about how well it’s going? Is he going to sign a nuclear treaty with Iran, chief Islamic terrorist enabler in the Middle East? Will he agree to let them inspect their own weapon sites to see if they’ve been working on proscribed weapons? Will he lead from behind in deposing weak foreign governments to curry favor with Islamic fundamentalists?

Is Trump worse than that?

How about the pseudo conservative side then –

Is Trump going to campaign on and then betray conservative values any more so than the 2014 Republican Congress has? Is he likely to be worse than the many RINO clowns in the Republican controlled House and Senate? The guys who said they were going to rein in government, rein in spending, rein in the imperial pen and phone Presidency, if only we’d elect them. Remember they were going to FIX immigration? They were going to dismantle Obamacare? The guys who in fact had hardly convened the new year in Congress before they started acting like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi? John Boehner, Mitch McConnell? King of the WackoBird Hobbits John McCain?

Is Trump going to, as George Will seems to fret over, single handedly launch nukes at the first country that comments disrespectfully about his comb over? As an aside, does super intelligent George Will really understand how the whole nuclear arsenal checks and balances thing works or is he just confused about Presidential powers these days because no one puts a stop to Preznit Precious when he starts using his pen?

Is Trump going to lead a party that will sabotage its conservative wing with underhanded politics and throw its support to its opponents rather than see an honestly or even pseudo-honestly conservative candidate get the job, will he actively try and break the back of genuinely conservative voting efforts and ‘crush’ their candidates so he can ensure the jobs go to squishy GOP gentry office holders.

Will Trump grant amnesty to millions of people who broke our laws because enforcing those laws is toooo haaaaarrrrdddd and the New York Times columnists, reporters and editorial staff will say Republicans are mean!? Will Trump NOT build the wall that 40 years of previous administrations promised they’d build? Will Trump NOT enforce the laws? Or will he just selectively enforce the laws, as we do now, making sure to punish people who piss him off while rewarding his cronies? Is Trump going to use his position to increase his wealth like the insider traders in the House and the Senate and the former Secretary of State? Will Trump allow himself to be bought by the cool megarich?

Is Trump worse than that?


How about the man on the street –

Is Trump more ignorant than the people who twice elected the current disaster? The people who bought into ‘hope and change’ as if they were tangibles and without any evidence apart from an Olympian Temple stage set? Does Trump know less about the economy than an army of government appointees and workers that lie about unemployment every quarter and seem actively engaged in keeping us locked in a recession they pretend we’ve been out of for years? Is Trump less wise than pundits and people who think Hillary is a good candidate, who think Barack Obama has no scandals, who believe we can trust Iran, who think unemployment really IS only 5.3% and that the economy is beginning to surge?

What about the Republican Presidential candidate circus?

If you are hoping for Scott Walker, or Ted Cruz, about the only 2 Republican candidates who I might trust in this crop, forget it. The GOP Gentry have been bought and paid for. They have a donor empire to protect even if it means opening the borders to everyone in Central and South America and spending every last dime in your pockets and your kid’s pockets on ever larger versions of ‘small’ government. By many indications Walker and Cruz are likely to try and do some of the really conservative things they claim they want to do. That isn’t going to be permitted.


So if it’s not Walker, or Cruz, and the GOP Gentry will do its damnedest to make sure it’s not… who will it be?

Carson? Drone strikes on our border? And George Will thinks Trump is dangerous?

Immigration flip flop Rubio?

“Act of love” Jeb Bush?

“Skinny dip” Biden?

Hillary Clinton?

Is Trump worse than that?

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38 Responses to Is Trump worse than that?

  • Mr. Establishment? Donald “American Oligarch” Trump!?!?

    Could he be worse than Barracula? How ’bout a different kind of frightful? You’re setting a weird bar here looker.

    I do NOT want another narcissist. I do not want anyone with NOT Conservative core values.

    It’s insane to me that anyone is toying with Trump in a field with this much depth. I sort of understand people who think in terms of using him as a stalking goat, but I think that’s toying with disaster. What I really find beyond comprehension is people who would seriously support him all the way. They’re often very like Obama voters in 2007 in many disturbing respects.

    • Everything you said is true.
      Trump is a very low level of expectation.
      My question is – can he be worse than what you have.
      What I really expect is he’s going to give us Preznit Sanders or Biden in a three way rope pissing match with Jeb Bush.

      Damned if I’ll vote for the Republican candidate if it falls the way I outlined though.

      • I’m going to work my ass off for Cruz here in Texas.

        I’d vote for Walker happily in the general if Cruz is out. After that, it’s a thought problem respecting Fiorina. I love Dr. Carson, but he’s not ready.

        I would not vote for Trump at all, nor Jeb!, nor Hucksterbeeee. I think Rand and Rick are already gonners, though I’d like to see a resurgent Rick. Actually, I think Jeb! is dead in the water and nobody’s been so crass as to tell the nice man.

        • same page man – I’ll take either Walker or Cruz, though I prefer Cruz, and yeah I think Fiorina would work, despite the tarring and feathering I expect as they “respect her being a woman” while they trash her for her time at HP.
          You know she’s just not the right kind of woman.

        • I think Jeb has been written off. Rubio is the new Jeb. Pretty sure it won’t be much of a stretch for him to fill those shoes.

        • So you would rather have Hillary “empathize with the enemy” Clinton to win? Because if you will not vote for the Donald (assuming he is the nominee), that would be one more vote for Hillary “empathize with the enemy” Clinton.

    • The choice is between a fair weather Conservative or demonstrated liars about being Conservative?
      Someone who could be a liar on some issue vs. those who are proven liars on those issue.
      Someone who will be a liberal on some issues or someone who will be a liberal on those issues but lie about it?

    • “that’s toying with disaster.”

      Sort of like trusting Iran to inspect itself, or allowing de facto unrestricted immigration, or….

      ” a field with this much depth.”

      Really? And how is this “depth” any different from the “depth” we have been promised in the past? The trust is gone, and justifiably so. The plebs seem to have had enough. Eventually all the false promises and the scary boogy men lose their effect. I myself am tempted to vote for Trump just on the theory of “The worse, the better”.

  • Now it becomes obvious why Obama won two terms.

    The personal cost of becoming President is so high that you get the “leftovers”.

  • Don’t worry Bruce, the Republican strategists have this covered. The current issue of Anchor Babies is their way back in. They will end anchor babies if we just go along with normalizing the rest of the situation. Although its the most egregious of the current situation, its a drop in the bucket to what the no borders/labor dumping puppeteers want to do. They moved on from ignoring the people to tossing us an occasional half-eaten cookie. All’s good.

  • Listen to him and the impact he’s having….he’s changed the entire terms of the discussion.

    Suddenly the idea of birthright citizenship being a bad thing vis a vis illegals is actually being spoken openly about instead of whispered in hushed tones so as not to show what a monster you are. I heard the exchange he had with the journo over using the term “anchor babies” and you know what?

    He can win.

    I don’t say he’d be my first choice. I don’t say he’d be a “conservative”. I don’t say he’d even be good as Pres. But I simply say he can win in this election. It may be unique in this can be the ONLY year he’d have a chance. The parties are set to trot out a low-voltage Bush rerun and either an incompetent criminal or an old white socialist.

    He’ got a shot. Pass the popcorn.

  • The only choice for Republicans at this point seems to be Hillary or X. In that case, does X really have to be all that good?

    • They pushed forward the only candidate that could conceivably take the Republican Primary but lose to Hillary, Jeb [b]Bush[/b]. They are either want to lose, are out of touch with Conservatives and the General Public, or operating from a position of self-interest & disregard for the conservative populous and pushing their luck since nobody wants Hillary.

      I think they are intentionally pushing their luck.

  • As I said over at Daily Pundit when Conor Friedersdorf bleated

    You’re right to mistrust conventional politicians. But why do you think he’ll treat you any better?

    I don’t. But if he and the establishment GOP are fighting tooth and nail, hopefully that will mean the establishment GOP has less time and resources to screw me over. Weakening them is the first step towards any meaningful change, and at this point I can’t be fussy about how they get taken down.

    The old quote on strategy applies: If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something else. Anything that shakes up the situation has a chance of moving things in a better direction.

    The reason the old-line GOP mynah birds at NRO, etc. don’t agree is that they don’t think there’s anything very wrong with what we have now. They think the establishment GOP is just fine, with a tweak or two for their personal hot button (which is usually some kind of socon nonsense).

    Sure, they would like to see an establishment GOP type win the White House. But given a choice between winning with a Trump, a Ted Cruz, a Rand Paul, or a Carly Fiorina, vs. losing to a Democrat, they would rather lose to a Democrat. Then they get to settle into a cozy “loyal opposition” meaningless sinecure, churn out predictable critiques of the Democrat, and keep on going to the best cocktail parties.


    This is not a new conclusion on my part. From two years ago: The need for more direct action against the GOP establishment

    That post is about changing the game and using unconventional means to break the hold of the establishment GOP. They are *not* going to change – they are far too invested in being squishes for the ruling class. Their only interest in voters on the right is sucking them in for another round of “The Democrats are Worse!(TM)”.

    If all Trump does is make it feasible to break through the politically correct cone of silence on issues such as immigration and deep state corruption, he’s done us a great service. When the ground rules for what gets discussed in TV interviews gets changed, the resulting fracas will not be good for the left, which partially depends on voluntary censorship on the part of their opponents to hide their failures.

    • ““The Democrats are Worse!(TM)”. ”

      They won’t use that battle cry when it comes to an unfavored dark horse candidate – in this case Trump.
      I wonder even if they’d rather lose than see Cruz or Walker get in, and I half think they would – not a good sign.
      But seriously, I can’t occasionally say “let it burn” and then worry a lot about how someone like Trump might go about setting the fire to start the process.

      At least I’m 100% comfortable that when no one’s looking he’s not tossing his prayer rug down and spending some quality time with his forehead pressed to the floor generally aligned towards Mecca.
      Because I don’t think Mr. Casino thinks the evening call to Islamic prayer is one of the prettiest sounds on earth.

      • We need a President w/ a forceful personality like the Donald (assuming he is the nominee) instead of someone who would rather compromise his principles in order to pass whatever laws that person wants to pass.

    • At one time Newt Gingrich seemed to be the one to upset the establishment. Remember the “Contract With America”? None of the current GOP leadership seems want to, even though it worked. If Trump came up with his own “Contract” he might very well win.

  • Just try to imagine the SCOTUS nominations of Trump ..

    • Are you hinting he would fail to nominate a “wise Latina”?

    • Roberts screwed us all with decisions that have put the start of deep cracks on the Protection the Constitution once offered. Could Trump do worse?

    • Well, there I’ll lay odds on two bets…

      1. they will be Kelo friendly, and

      2. they will LOVE YUUUUUGH government.

      Additionally, there’s this: Mr. Establishment is an economic moron.

      AND, he’s as PC as anybody: “We have to take care of women”.

      Some people are just suspending critical thought.

      • Some people are just suspending critical thought.

        Well, many of us are not, Rags. See my response above. I know exactly what Trump is. I also know (as sometimes I’m not sure you do in your gut) just what the establishment GOP is.

        Trump is one man. The establishment GOP is an organism. It sides with collectivism and multi-culturalism at every turn. It assimilates those who come to DC to fight it. It is corrupt to the core, unreformable, and an enemy of freedom. It’s as bad as the left, and worse in some ways, because it’s less honest about its intentions. It is perfectly happy to continuously defraud freedom-loving people of their money on the pretense that they are fighting collectivist government when in fact they are promoting it.

        If Trump takes them apart, I can hope that better men will then have the opening to move us in a positive direction. As Alan pointed out in the post, there’s a limit to how much damage Trump can do, especially compared to Obama. But there is no limit I see to the damage that the establishment GOP can do, because they are the fraudsters who are working to erode our freedom. At least the Democrats are honest about it. The eGOP are lying sacks of shit, and I don’t much care at this point how they get taken down.

        • Trump is the guy with the flamethrower that may implement the ‘let it burn’ plan.

        • I also know (as sometimes I’m not sure you do in your gut) just what the establishment GOP is.

          I’m not sure that was what you wanted to say, but I’ll proceed.

          I don’t think in my “gut”. I have NO delusions about what the eGOP is. My rational synthesis of their actions makes all that quite clear. And it’s something I’ve been saying for quite a LONG time. DC is a machine. It grinds up good people we send there or co-opts them. The exceptions are rare. Trump is a cog in that machine, and that’s all he is.

          As Alan pointed out in the post, there’s a limit to how much damage Trump can do, especially compared to Obama.

          Really? What limits apply? If you have a tyrant who is popularly supported enough so that impeachment is considered impossible, what limits are there?

          But, in what particular do you find my rational assessment of Trump faulty?

          • Here’s the thing, I’m not sure we’re finding your assessment faulty.

            But something has to jar these asshats loose and so far Trump is the closest thing I’ve seen in quite a while. He genuinely has the usual GOP Gentry mouthpieces and lords more than just slightly flustered. He has them scared.

            And given the fact that they’re normally smug arrogant lying SOBs seeing them scared has a certain appeal all it’s own.

            They’re going to try and give us Bush or Rubio. They would have done that quite happily and told us to go pee up a rope if we didn’t like it because they’re counting on us figuring that’s still better than the Democratic alternative.
            They need to be AFRAID of the result, instead of complacent, confident and certain that in the end we’ll grudgingly sit down and eat the crap banquet they’ve laid out for us. Because if they think that’s going to happen, again, they’re wrong.
            We aren’t Democrats.

      • I think you’re mistaking our glee with his shirt stirring with agreement/support.

      • Why? If the nominee is Jeb, Rubiamnestyo, or Kasich, I’d wager you’d prefer Trump too

        • And you’d lose your wager.

          But no worries for me, because Jeb! won’t be the nominee, and Kasick was doooooomed from the start. Now Rubio has a chance, as Jeb! fades. We’ll see if he’s still in this in a few months.

          But the bottom line for me is Trump will never have my vote. For the reasons I’ve cited.

          And Hellary won’t be the Deemocrat nominee.

          • Been thinking about it even more – all I can say is consider the amount of time between now and the real campaign.
            Pretty sure it’s a lot like Dale’s Kangaroo – hop, hop, hop, headed for the road.
            You just know that he’s going to say or do something that’s going to cause a wreck before the next 6 months have passed.

            If in the meantime he’s forced most of the useless dwarves to drop out of the race so much the better.

  • I think it would help tremendously if – Trump, The Cato Institute study, and Mr Lincicome would stop playing fast and loose with the term ‘immigrants’.

    Immigration si! Illegal immigration no!

    And how am I supposed to take the Cato Liberty study seriously when I run across a sentence like this practically in the first paragraph – “Whether a wall is warranted should depend on the circumstances at the border, which are vastly more safe than Trump claims. ” I’ve never been sure I wanted a wall, but Safe?
    Safe might be a relative term, but VASTLY surely isn’t. We had a government helicopter hit by ground fire from the Mexican side and forced to land within the last two weeks or so. And that report didn’t come from WND. Safe is obviously a term comfortably used by someone at the Cato Institute who doesn’t ever go near our southern border.

    • As I’ve noted betimes, they are properly called “low-intensity invaders”.

      • If only we’d understood – by the time Hitler realized what we were doing, we could have had 2 million men in position all over Europe.

        • The Donald has still 1 yr. and 3 mos. (11 mos. till the GOP convention on July 18–21, 2016), to improve his positions by clarifying his statements. How he will do it, only the Donald knows.

      • Will they still be ‘low intensity’ when the political spectrum goes from Democrat/Republican to Socialist/Democrat? Or they initiate a separatist movement in the southern states like Quebec did in Canada. Except Quebec has no where to go physcially and no one who wanted them. The states next to Mexico, otoh, are quite different.

  • I’d vote for trump over anyone besides Bernie Sanders because of my desire for the inevitable Civil War 2.0 to hurry up and get here.