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This is how dumb Hillary thinks you are

What a lame, lame, lame excuse – both as a candidate and as an explanation for why everyone should shrug off her possible criminality in the server issue:

Whether the material in her emails that has been flagged as classified is in fact classified is open to debate, Clinton told reporters in Las Vegas Tuesday. “That is not in any way agreed upon,” she said. “The State Department disagrees. That happens all the time in these efforts to say what can go out and what can’t go out. That is a part of the ordinary process.”

Moreover, Clinton said, investigations like the one currently taking place with her emails are nothing new. “Everybody is acting like this is the first time it’s ever happened,” she said. “It happens all the time. And I can only tell you that the State Department has said over and over again, we disagree [that the material is classified]. So, that’s what they’re sorting out and that’s what happens a lot of the times.”

“What you’re seeing now is a disagreement between agencies saying, you know what? They should have, and the other saying no, they shouldn’t,” Clinton concluded. “That has nothing to do with me.”

Well yes it most certainly does.  Because, you see, if you were following instructions to do business on a secure server within the parameters you are required to operate on, Ms. Clinton, the argument would be moot.  You’d be precisely right.  But because you chose to circumvent those safeguards anput an ad hoc insecure server in place outside the system, it is has everything to do with you!

Anyone who swallows this load of Hillary dung deserves to be laughed at when they try to talk about anything seriously.

Because to swallow it, you have to willingly disengage your brain.


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6 Responses to This is how dumb Hillary thinks you are

  • People drink and drive all the time. Some are drunk and some are not. People are sorting it out all the time. So the next time you go to happy hour just tie one on and if you get pulled over, argue with the police officer over whether or not the law applies to you.

    I especially recommend this for people who want to find out what being tazed feels like.

  • Because to swallow it, you have to willingly disengage your brain.

    YEEEEE…OOOO…!!! Erp…???

  • Here’s a poser.

    Why do any of the people around Hellary…or Hellary…still have a security clearance?

    Strip them. Now.

  • So are we to assume that the signals data was NOT classified until later? Oh….wait.
    Should we assume the State Department gets to classify the Signals Intelligence Data? Oh….wait.
    And the best part – should we assume the people passing the data on from Signals or wherever else stripped the clearance markers from all the information BEFORE they sent it to the Clintonian server? Oh….wait…..hell no.

    So someone on the Clinton server side would have had to go to great lengths to remove the markers – try to imagine the various ways those must appear on electronic copies of documents… photos.
    This is like watching Dan Rather try to explain why paper documents from the early 1970’s are MicroSoft Word formatted.

    • The State IGs say it was classified and still is.

      Someone told me that Hellary would not appoint an IG during her term. Ever hear of that?

      • I must admit, I enjoy watching the stupid faces, pathetic body language and lame explanations being offered by a person seeking the most powerful job on earth.