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Equally Clueless

Yesterday it coalesced for me that the pundits and loyal party members of both the Republican and Democratic parties are completely clueless about what’s happening in the world outside of the Beltway or their echo chamber living accommodations.

For the Democrats there’s this piece in the New York Times.  The authors have queried numerous high level Democratic leaders and mouthpieces across the country and they’ve all concluded that the biggest problem Hillary Clinton is facing isn’t that she broke the law or jeopardized national security with her mail server antics, it’s that she just hasn’t handled it well when explaining so everyone shrugs, says “what difference at this point does it make” on her behalf and lets her get on with her ascension to the Presidency of Clinton II as foretold in prophecy.

If any of them think she’s actually committed a crime it’s not very evident.   No, the problem is she hasn’t said the words that will make everyone understand why it was okay for her to have her own server and personal email system (she gave herself permission) and why all that stuff about various levels of national security law being broken is irrelevant or worse yet invented by the Republicans to tarnish her glorious achievements as First Cuckquean, Senator and Secretary of State.  You may pick some other reason as long as it won’t result in criminal prosecutions, can be explained with a few rounds of “mea culpa now let’s move on”, and will result in her accepting the nomination for her party and her ultimate swearing in as President.

Surely you understand the worst thing she’s done is she’s joked about it!  Although no laws were broken she should still take it seriously, probably because the slugs they think they’re dealing with as voters want her to take it seriously even if it’s not serious. Granted it’s just a Vast Right Wing conspiracy manifesting itself (again) as a Republican attack on her candidacy but she still mustn’t make bad jokes over it.  Instead she might consider saying “I’m sorry”. That would make it all better and it would get the press off her case and soothe their fears that Joe Biden might be their candidate in 2016.

Then read the comments section of the article where further hilarity will ensue, you might go read many lead articles in nationally syndicate media outlets as well.  The excuse making and denial is epic.  National security concerns are; contrived, overstated, inappropriate, really not necessary, or all in all clearly exaggerated.  Perhaps some minor law was broken by some unnamed unknown non-entity who is, you can be sure, not Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Come on America! Any good Democrat can tell you unless you’re part of the G.W. Bush White House and your name is Lewis “Scooter” Libby classified data isn’t a reason to start some crazy witch hunt to find out who knew what when and did what with secret information!   Valerie Plame’s secret identity, now that’s some TS/SCI classification stuff!  On the other hand Satellite intelligence that would demonstrate we can read this article from space as I write it on my monitor in Texas, through the window behind me and over my shoulder not so much.   Come on….how is that a secret! Sheesh! (I exaggerate…..maybe).

For those of us who at least have a passing understanding of security clearances, I think we have all acknowledge regrettably the woman is unlikely to see jail time over this, because “Clinton”.  But the idea that if she just says she’s sorry she can go on with her Presidential bid is a bit much.    The reason she didn’t deal with it sooner is because she knew she broke the law and she never expected to be called on it. Who exactly was going to call her out? Obama Justice, State or FBI?   While she was breaking the law the House and Senate were busy crafting and frog marching ObamaCare through the halls of Congress.  Like Nan and Harry were going to allow us to peek into Hillary’s doings or dare to do it themselves.

But the wheel has turned.

The Dems need to find another candidate because this one is once again fork tender.


One the Republican side it’s all Trump, all the time.

The latest mosquito boat tactic the GOP mouthpieces have formulated is essentially “if you support Donald Trump, you’re a racist” and the implication from the linked article here is Trump supporters are looking forward to shooting some brown people too, I’m just sayin.  They remind us Trump is a racist because only a racist would want to deport people who are here illegally.  Only a racist would consider deporting children of these same people after they’re born on American soil, so by extension only a racist would support him. Got that all you racists?

Never mind that racist thing is merely the reverse of the Democratic strategy that’s kept Barack Obama in the White House for two consecutive terms.   Hey, it probably worked.

The 14th is cited as automatically granting birth location citizenship.  None of these people want to discuss the perfection in contradiction then offered in explaining why Congress felt it had to pass an Act in 1924 to grant the birth location right to American Indians though the 14th Amendment passed in 1868.   The 14th was extent for 56 years yet Congress went and addressed the issue again specifically in 1924 because? Yeah, go figure, Native Americans had to have a special act because they weren’t considered citizens although physically born in the US, which, sans Congressional act, sounds exactly like any child of people who sneak in illegally yesterday and are born here today.

Robert Tracinski wants you to know if you’re supporting Trump it’s likely you’re not only a racist, but you’re probably a moron and did I say ‘fanatic’, well yes, you’re possibly a fanatic.

George Will, I think, has given up trying to scare you with the Ronald Reagan Democratic talking points from 1979 (NUKES!!!!! HE’LL KILL US ALL!!!!) and joins in to remind us that (racist) white voters need to get some color mix in their party voting plan to get a President elected and that’s why Trump the Racist isn’t a good choice.

Sometimes mentioned is that many people who might vote for Trump aren’t really ‘in kids’ who vote in most elections and the implication is you probably don’t want to hang around with those kids do you?

Other writers, less interested in trying to tell you you’re a white racist b*****d (but probably still a US Citizen) and more interested in appealing to your rational side point out Trump is; hardly conservative, blindingly undiplomatic, rather bullying, and generally has the personality one associates with a circus ring master.

Not sure I’m a ‘writer’ but I’m in that group, and yet I’m not trying to dissuade you from any Trumpish feeling you possess because, well, read on.

The last one I will mention is Mark Salter, who I think accurately describes Trump as a narcissist and demands to know what your excuse is for supporting him.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” he asks.

I want it noted for the record that Mr. Salter worked for John McCain as a senior advisor on his Presidential campaign – I do that so I can laugh about winning campaign strategists as well as making it clear I believe Mr. Salter, who I have absolutely no personal acquaintance with, is a ruling class GOP Gentry hack.

I also chose Mr. Salter for last because he’s almost got a clue about why you might be, at this time, cheering for Trump, even if you’re not actually supporting the man.

“Politicians and pundits are making excuses for you. They say you’re so sick of bad government and polarized politics that you’re willing to take a chance on making Donald Trump the most powerful man on Earth.

My emphasis there – see, he does sort of understand.   Part of bad government I think is being lied to by your leaders. I think we’re sick of being lied to by our elite elected servant-masters in addition to being sick of our ever expanding, and often badly managed, government. And I personally find being lied to by ‘real’ Republicans more sickening than being lied to by Democrats. So he almost gets it.

For Mr. Salter and the other clueless Ruling Party hacks, leaders and mouthpieces I’ll demonstrate with a single word why Trump gets cheered on by otherwise rational conservative voters. Nota bene, we don’t appreciate being lied to and then being called racist moron fanatics.

We already get that from the Democratic Party, thanks.

I submit for your consideration Speaker of the House of Representatives and squishy GOP leader, Ruling Class business as usual John Boehner, and his view of conservative Presidential candidate Ted Cruz.


Yes, Orange John prefers Senators like Mitch McConnell and John McCain and they’d all really rather you prefer Jeb Bush, or if not Jeb then maybe Marco Rubio, who it appears can be controlled.  Both candidates have spoken in favor of the forms of Scamnesty that Trump is actively campaigning against.   Jeb doesn’t think the country that built the Panama Canal can handle building a wall across its southern border if it wants to.    And they’re all convinced since we can’t possibly deport 11 million people ALL at once in one afternoon in time for supper, we mustn’t bother discussing, let alone trying, anything of that nature at all.

They can’t see their get along, go along, bought and paid for by big money special interest plans of riding the big government train to socialist third world hell is what inspires a considerable portion of Donald Trump’s support.

So to help the clueless GOP Ruling class campaigners I leave this tweet from “Empire of Jeff” to explain where a lot of Trump’s conservative support probably comes from.


“You “conservative” “pundits” still don’t get it: Trump isn’t our candidate. He’s our murder weapon. And the GOP is our victim. “

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21 Responses to Equally Clueless

  • It’s funny watching Progressives suddenly scramble to protect the cuckservative phony opposition they supposedly hate.

  • I have only a few incidents in my life where I know anything about politicians that isn’t known by the public at large. However, every one of those incidents had a common theme: these people are not nearly as smart as they think they are. They are propped up by staffs, the media, and each other.

    I think one of the consequences of widespread electronics to record audio and video, plus the Internet to distribute that content, is that this gap between their narcissistic opinion of themselves and the reality of their mediocrity is much more obvious.

  • and demands to know what your excuse is for supporting him.

    My hate for my fellow man, mostly…

    • Kinda makes you wish you hadn’t asked, doesn’t it?

      • I wonder if he’d mind if I asked him exactly the same question about his choosing to work for John McCain.

  • Mr. Walker: (no title, you’re just a person like us, right?)

    Tell us point by point then, how you will STOP the invasion’s’. Illegal and wide-open immig., both. Just tell us and we might believe you if you don’t say ‘if congress lets me’ or ‘I will open a dialogue about’ or ‘I will begin a ‘process’ of…’

    Trump WILL build a wall – (employing millions of Americans) and we know he speaks the TRUTH. He CARES what ‘the people’ think because he is one of ‘the people’. Show us you are not a career politician and speak ENGLISH! unafraid.

    That’s an actual (!) comment from another blog, the subject being Mr. Walker’s address on Obama foreign policy.

    As you can see, some of T-rump’s supporters are crazy. Common enough in normal times, I suppose, but this time they seem to be more out from behind the wainscoting, so to speak.

    As to Hellary, I think she’s circling the ol’ Thunder Mug.

    • You know what’s crazy. Willing to lose to Hillary or Sanders or Biden from being on the wrong side of an issue.

      What’s crazier is that the side of the issue you’re on will ensure you never will get elected ever again and trap America into the Clutches of Left under a Hillary, Sander or worse for decades with no fear of losing power.

      The reality is that Trump’s plan on immigration is more inline with what the Establishment wants and would be rejected by the public if he Establishment could bring themselves to criticize it.

  • Trump simultaneously inspires me and worries me.

    The GOP establishment still haven’t figured out they themselves are too blame.

    They only had to throw a few crumbs to the base. But they couldn’t even do that.

    BTW, October will be a major month where the GOPe has to capitulate on every issue to avoid a shutdown, debt crisis, etc.

    Expect Trump numbers to go up even more then.

    I used to be more sympathetic to GOPe arguments, but Drew M of Ace of Spades has proven to be right too many times. I’m now convinced that the GOPe really doesn’t want any change.

    • I used to be more sympathetic to GOPe arguments, but Drew M of Ace of Spades has proven to be right too many times. I’m now convinced that the GOPe really doesn’t want any change.

      Welcome to the club. You ready to learn the secret handshake? If you’re dealing with an establishment GOP type, you start like a regular handshake, and then change at the last second to an upraised middle finger.

    • “The GOP establishment still haven’t figured out they themselves are too blame.”

      And they never will. Or at least they will never admit it. I am sure they still blame Pat Buchanan for Bush The Elder’s loss.

  • The Donald must be doing something right because both the Dems, the GOPe and their supporters are having convulsions and frothing in their mouths w/ hate.

    • True. It’s not a good state of affairs for society when we must base so much opinion on who someone offends. But here we are.

    • What’s crazy is attacking me with bullshit.

      I’ve written A LOT on immigration. What I favor is a regime where gainful employment or government benefits become IMPOSSIBLE for illegal aliens. They will then…very shortly…self-deport with no muss, and no fuss.

      I ALSO favor a reversal of “birth-right” citizenship.

      T-rump favors a “touch back” amnesty, endorsed by the NYT.

      I support Cruz.

      • That was in response to jpm100.

      • Bingo on your plan man. Make the room to hot and they’ll leave on their own.

        • Again, I’ve noted for years the power of gradients.

          Why don’t Canadians invade the U.S.? Simple; there is no powerful gradient to impel them to come here. Their standard of living is very similar to our own.

          People from all over come here BECAUSE there is a power draw…which for many is purely economic…to come here, legally or otherwise. Take that away for the illegal invader, and you are left with pretty much pure criminals who will ALWAYS come here to prey on a MUCH more wealthy population than they have at home. Those guys just go to prison. I propose for life, but that’s another discussion for another day.

          • Ah, but we’d have to prosecute some big dollar people or their buds – oh no, then the campaign money would stop flowing!

            If we’d just enforce the laws and start prosecuting not just the people who lie to get the jobs, but the people who lie to give them to them,

            Like, say, the Dallas Independent School District, for example,.

          • Yeah. Everybody. T-rump, too. He directly or indirectly employs illegals, and the number is YUUUUUUGH.

    • I don’t consider rational criticism of Mr. Establishment to be hate, much less “frothing”.

      I DO consider a lot of what T-rump supporters write to be an effort to suppress descent from the cult of their little yellow god.

  • Doesn’t it concern anyone Clinton commented an act if any of us commented, we would be in jail. In Jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 In Jail?
    The press is happy to lie their ass off to protect her, yet not a single comment on this matter? Really?
    Does it not bother you folks 10’s of millions of your fellow citizens are more than happy to vote for this crook?
    Trump is piker compared to the crap Clinton is getting away with here and not a word from you guys?
    You gonna just sit there and watch it smolder, get some kerosine on this thing.