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When you shift blame to others, problems never get solved


“Here is what I would like for you to know,” writes Ta-Nehisi Coates in his new book, which is addressed to his 14-year-old son. “In America, it is traditional to destroy the black body – it is heritage.”

Mr. Coates is being widely described as the heir to James Baldwin, the novelist and social critic whose powerful work on the brutal realities of race galvanized an earlier generation of Americans. Much of the nation remained segregated then. Black people were denied their voting rights, and racists blew up little girls in churches.

As Mr. Coates tells it, nothing has changed. Instead of being gunned down by the Klan, black men are gunned down by the cops. Racism is still the essence of America. White prosperity was built on black suffering, which created the privileges that white people enjoy today. Black-on-black carnage (as in Chicago, where gun crime is epidemic ) is the poisoned fruit of white supremacy, and is embedded in a structure that is dominated by whites. If you are white, you have an unfair advantage based solely on your skin colour. You are part of the problem.

Emperor Has No Clothes problem:

Mr. Coates’s book, Between the World and Me, has been lionized by the white intelligentsia. “Extraordinary,” said The New Yorker’s David Remnick. David Brooks, the usually level-headed New York Times columnist, sincerely asked if he, as a white man, has the moral standing to question any part of it. The Times’s film critic, A.O. Scott, called his writing “essential, like water or air.”

But some are skeptical of all this rapture. “This is more than admiration. It is an affirmation of enlightenment,” observed Carlos Lozada, the Washington Post’s book critic. “The more radical Coates’s critique of America, the more tightly America embraces him.”


The racial horrors of the past are undeniable. But the reality of black life has changed immensely since the ’50s. Black governors, mayors, and a president are the new normal. Black families are far more prosperous. Although discrimination has by no means disappeared, social attitudes have undergone a revolution. Yet even as racial attitudes and racial equality evolve, enlightened people rush to don the shroud of guilt.

Yes they do, and for what reason I have yet to fathom.  I feel none of the supposed “guilt”, but then I’m conversant with history and understand that while blacks did suffer slavery in this country it was whites who stopped it and whites who’ve ensured that blacks are accepted as equals in today’s society.

Now I understand that’s heresy to the progressive mind.  And that it is my “white privilege” that allows me to believe that.  Except I grew up when Jim Crow was alive and I lived in the segregated South and I happen to know what it was like and how very far we’ve come since then.  So, unlike most of those today who parrot the grievance line, I actually know what it was like then.  And the statement above is completely true – “the reality of black life has changed immensely since the ’50s” – but you wouldn’t know it to listen to the left today.

Denial of reality and the result:

Much of the liberal establishment today is obsessed with white supremacy, and what to do about it. Schoolteachers are required to take “cultural proficiency training,” so that they can “recognize the impact of systemic oppression of people in America who are not heterosexual white men.” The New York Times is currently publishing an exhaustive series on white privilege that features interviews with intellectuals such as Joe Feagin, a (white) sociologist who claims that Americans are no less racist than they ever were (they just disguise it better), and that children are indoctrinated into racism from the time they’re babies. When Mr. Coates published an article in The Atlantic last year calling for trillions in reparations, it was received with widespread enthusiasm.

And, of course, guys like Feagin have absolutely no scientific proof of anything.  It’s pure poppycock pop science.  This drive by the progressive left to don the mantle of “white guilt” is one thing – if they want to feel guilty, let them.  But when they talk about messing with my life because they’ve chosen to feel this guilt, the ball game changes.  While they’re entitled to their fantasy, they’re not entitled, through the force of law, to fund their fantasy (i.e. reparations in payment for “white guilt”) with my money.

The problem with the fantasy:

The political commentator John McWhorter argues that the doctrine of structural racism according to Mr. Coates has become a new form of liberal religion. His book is not so much an intellectual argument as a fiery testament from the pulpit. White progressives have embraced the gospel because it allows them to feel absolved from the charge of racism. By professing their guilt, they can also display their virtue to their peers. “You have original sin, you have this guilt, you acknowledge your guilt,” Mr. McWhorter said in a recent podcast. “What you’re doing is being religious – eating the wafer and life goes on.”

Mr. McWorter calls this a form of social signalling. Whether it really helps to ease racial tensions in America – or advance the cause of black people – is beside the point. “When you acknowledge your white privilege it doesn’t do anything for us,” he said. “It has nothing to do with creating change.”

The religion of structural racism allows everyone to duck the profound challenges still faced by the black community. It disempowers people and absolves them of responsibility. If structural racism is to blame for black violence, then communities will never be able to heal themselves. Mr. McWhorter argues that blaming white racism for the existential crisis in black communities like Chicago’s is a monstrous evasion.

Indeed it is.  As long as one group is able to shift the blame for that group’s problems on another group, the first group will never face or solve their problems.  And that’s precisely what is happening.  Aided and abetted by progressives.

Secondly, McWorter is right …. “structural racism” has become a religion, primarily because one has to take it on faith it exists since no one can point it in reality.

Sad but true note:

Where is today’s equivalent of Martin Luther King? Tragically, he doesn’t exist. And if he did, nobody would listen to him. He’d be booed off the stage as an Uncle Tom. The tragedy of race relations in America today is that nihilism and rage are a bigger draw.

Obama had a chance and he chose to go in the opposite direction.

We now live with the result.


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19 Responses to When you shift blame to others, problems never get solved


    Scott Johnson at PowerLine did a very nice job of dissecting the Coates book…which is an execrable piece of filth.

  • ““When you acknowledge your white privilege it doesn’t do anything for us,” he said. “It has nothing to do with creating change.””
    Actually it does – it allows them to demand whatever they want of the guilty whites that think they need to make amends.

    Now what they demand doesn’t have to be constructive, or even begin to fix their situation and that’s the path we’re on right now.
    Too many people on both sides think some form of wealth is going to be the big fix, and we already know, it will not.

    If anyone thinks wealth makes all your problems go away look no further than lottery winners who end up destroying themselves or stars of all colors who end up doing so.
    Money isn’t a substitute for, nor does it instill, good ethical values.

    • I worked hard for my “white privilege” and I’m going to keep it
      … just like Blacks have their own “Black privilege” (it let’s them use the N-word liberally)

  • John McWhorter is not primarily a political commentator, he is a philologist. I strongly recommend his books not for their polemics but for their erudition.

  • Today’s example of White Privilege. Really, you can see it all over that little guy’s face.

  • “Here is what I would like for you to know,” writes The Shark to Ta-Nehisi Coates: “Go f**k yourself”

    • David Brooks, the usually level-headed New York Times columnist, sincerely asked if he, as a white man, has the moral standing to question any part of it.

      >>>> David Brooks, the usually level-headed New York Times House Eunich, they mean

      • David Brooks, the guy who thinks Christians just need to shut up about their faith and fix the mess Progressives have made.

      • David Brooks, the usually level-headed New York Times columnist

        I think they should have said, “Triennially” , not “usually”, and the NYTimes would be quadrennially.

  • Just another smokescreen for fifty years of abject failure of the ghetto culture and postmodernism.

    Yes, I said “culture”, because that’s what it is; it’s not race. For evidence, I offer Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Ben Carson (as a surgeon, not a politician) in this country, and much of the white population of England (see: Dalrymple’s “Life at the Bottom”) for example of millions of white folks with the same primitive, tribal sludge between their ears.

  • Where is the part where 85% of black men refuse to raise their offspring?
    Where is the part where 90% of young black men die at the hands of other young black men?
    Where is the part where black america commits crime at a rate three times their representative population? (therefore are incarcerated at 3X)
    Where is the part where black america is on social programs at three times their representative population? Are unemployed at three times…

    And where is all my fault? Am I keeping the black man from his family? Causing him to commit crime? Drink and drug? Force him on Welfare/ETB?

    At some point you grow up take responsibility for your life… or not.
    Blocking freeway traffic shouting death to police earns you less than zero respect, it earns you negative respect.
    Keep listing to your Messiah, it’s been working so well up to now.

    • Where is the part where 90% of young black men die at the hands of other young black men?

      In your head. What you MAY have meant is that 90% of young black men who are victims of homicides are killed by other black men.

      Which is different.

      • Yes it is, rags.
        Homicide is a different kettle of fish than dying of natural causes.

    • Per Saint Obama, if a black guy is killed by anyone with lighter skin than him, it’s “Racism”. Anytime a white is killed by a black, it’s the gun’s fault.

      Of course, if it were only Obama, that would be one thing, but the real tragedy is that he’s a puppet of the media/academic Cathedral rattling off the official Progressive liturgy.

      • Anytime a white is killed by a black, it’s the gun’s fault.

        Or, according to some Collectivists, “rough justice”. Seriously.

        • Don’t forget mental illness.

          The camera man – that was mental illness, the asshat in Charleston, that was racism.
          The guy in Virginia shot the woman who was being interviewed too, in case that’s escaped notice – that would be three people, not just the two dead. And he presumably didn’t know the woman from Greta Garbo so it wasn’t like he had a grudge against her that his ‘mental illness’ was dealing with.

          • Why, YOU’RE not suggesting that the color of the third victim had ANY influence on Mr. Rainbow, are you…???

          • Certainly the question bears asking – you have to dig to even find out she was shot. They treated it largely as if he got the two people he was after and stopped there before he rambled back to his palace for the insane and shot himself.