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All lives matter … except to the media

Unfortunately, the broader point expressed below is dead on right:

Who gets believed, in our age of ever-present media, is who talks the loudest. Donald Trump, for example.

Then there’s the Black Lives Matter movement, with its clamorous dedication to the idea that white racism is behind the killing of black men around the country, nothing else — not circumstance, not misjudgment, not fear — just out-and-out racism, end of discussion, period, shut up.

And so, because they interrupt Democratic party candidate rallies and shout down speakers, they’re suddenly “believed” to be a potent and credible group.

But they’re not. They’re just loud.  And rude. Kanye West rude.  They may represent a good portion of the black population, at least in some form or fashion (i.e. the general belief that, in fact, black lives do matter), but any group that chants,  “Pigs in a blanket! Fry ’em like bacon” pointed at the police isn’t about saving black lives.  And the various factions which have taken leadership in this group have made that very clear its not really about black lives.  One even challenged blacks to kill a white, take a picture and send it to them. Yeah, that’ll ensure black lives matter won’t it?  A couple of days later, an officer is gunned down in cold blood refilling his patrol car by a cowardly murderer who happens to be black.

And if you say “all lives matter”?  Well, this vocal minority will boo you and try to shut you down.

There’s a larger point here though:

The media, which lean overwhelmingly left, and the political fraternity, with its own leftist component, don’t fool around much with narratives that contradict left-wing (aka “progressive”) essentials. Among these essentials: the conviction that American whites, having racked up a record of racial oppression, are due for a comeuppance. On such terms, a dead white cop, shot by an inner-city (or in the Harris County case, a suburban) black man isn’t half so interesting a story as an inner-city black man shot by a white cop.

That’s right, the media and the narrative they unwaveringly carry and push has culpability in the violence and unrest we suffer today.  It also has culpability in setting race relations back 30 years in favor of this false narrative.  Advocacy journalism has now replaced fact and research based journalism, much to everyone’s detriment.

The narrative and support of the narrative helps paper over the real problems and shift the blame on the less favored:

Excluding racism as a grievance causes you to fall back on more embarrassing factors: e.g., the country’s moral/cultural climate, wherein Doing Whatever You Feel Like Doing is the normal expectation; when “guilt” for the past can be made to compensate emotionally for present-day failures and shortcomings; when government remedies (gun control, more spending, etc.) can be represented as more urgent than any morally reparative work likely to come out of home or school or church.

It becomes more important, on these paltry terms, to haul away a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis from the University of Texas main mall (as happened over the weekend of the Minnesota fair demonstrations and the Harris County execution) than, say, to pray for human reconciliation on terms profounder than modern academic leaders are likely to understand or commend.

And we suffer because of it.

This is what decades of progressivism have wrought.  A morally rudderless nation, becoming less and less free and led by incompetent politicians who kowtow to vulgar and racist tribes by trying to make common cause with them … for their “votes”.

What a world we live in.


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6 Responses to All lives matter … except to the media

  • I noticed that in all of the coverage of Trump v Jose Ramos that the word “rude” never came up.

    • If that’s true, I’d be surprised, as those two fools expended quite a vocabulary between them.

  • There are still mow-rons who believe “The Gentle Giant” had his hands up and was saying, “Don’t shoot!” when he was murdered by a Ferguson cop. Or will at least SAY that they believe that.

    It would be very interesting to conduct an experiment testing what it took to get them to give that set of lies up. If it required water-boarding…well… It would be for science.

  • That is what political correctness (pc) is doing to us. We become so afraid to doing other things that does not conform w/ pc because of social (peer) pressure.
    There was once a time when as the person grows older, he/she could wean himself/herself from some of the onerous social pressures brought to bear on him/her. Guess those times are over.

  • It keeps coming back to a reoccurring theme, doesn’t it: A Malfeasant Media…
    Anthropological Global Warming, Black Lies Matter, Clinton broke no laws, The IRS did nothing wrong, Guns weren’t shipped to narco-terrorists in Mexico, 0bama is so much smarter than you peasants…

    Seems to me the solution is a lot less complicated then people make it out to be;
    Call the media on their lies, call out individuals in the media for their lies. Shame them, personally.
    Ask Dan Rather how well this works.

  • In the past 3-4 years with the advent of Social Media and new motive has moved in to replace guilt at least superficially. Piety & Indignation. People on the Left are in a competition to out-Pius everyone else. It means people are doing the work of raising the bar on their own without pushing from the talking points Puppeteers. It only took them a few days to make life miserable for Big Game Hunters.

    Its not a surprise most Social Media avenues are owned and usually curated by the Legacy media and other Leftward elements.