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Economic Statistics for 4 Sep 15

The BLS reports that a disappointing 173,000 net new jobs were created in August. The unemployment rate shrank -0.2% to 5.1%, as 261,000 people left the labor force. The labor force participation rate held steady at 62.6%. Average hourly earnings rose by 0.3%, while the average work week stayed at 34.6 hours.

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2 Responses to Economic Statistics for 4 Sep 15

  • Nearly 1 in 4 of the Americans who picked a health plan this year through the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplaces have dropped or lost their coverage, according to new federal data.

    A report, released Tuesday by federal health officials, shows that 9.9 million people were paying, as of the end of June, for health plans they had gotten through the federal and state-run insurance exchanges created under the health-care law.

    Those people reflect a decline from the roughly 12.7 million consumers who signed up for a 2015 health plan. The vast majority signed up during an open enrollment period that ended in February and the rest through special enrollment circumstances since then.

    So, I guess this means that “ObamaCare” is still a pejorative.

    • The Lefties I encounter all the time IRL think so. Obamacare is now the biggest reason why “we need Single Payer!” I remember when it was a gift on high from their Lord and Savior, but now they can’t run from it fast enough. It’s fun watching their memes die, I must say…