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What has become of due process in this country?

Especially when it comes to our colleges?

This should absolutely stun and frighten you if you’re a college age man:

At a congressional hearing on campus sexual assault, Colorado Rep. Jared Polis suggested that expelling students based solely on the idea that they might have committed a crime is an acceptable standard. And the hearing audience applauded him.

Polis, a Democrat, was discussing due process and standards of evidence as they apply to colleges and universities adjudicating sexual assault. Currently, colleges must be only 50.01 percent sure that an accusation is valid before punishing an accused student (more on that later). Polis began advocating for allowing colleges to use a lower standard than that.

“I mean, if there’s 10 people that have been accused and under a reasonable likelihood standard maybe one or two did it, seems better to get rid of all 10 people,” Polis said. “We’re not talking about depriving them of life or liberty, we’re talking about their transfer to another university.”

For this, the audience applauded.

Of course I understand why the audience applauded.  It was loaded with people supporting the “victims” who were testifying and should come as no surprise.  But what about the resident idiot Polis?  Can he even imagine the same standard applied to him?  Glenn Reynolds applies it:

Well, since there’s at least a 20% chance that Polis is a corrupt hack, let’s just boot him from Congress and disqualify him from holding any future office. After all, it’s not like we’re putting him in jail or anything.

After all, one only has to look at our Congress to understand that corruption is rampant and he’s as likely corrupt as the next guy.

Trust me, if he were caught up in some sort of movement like that he’d be whining his head off about “due process”.  He declare any move to oust him a “witch hunt”.  He’d scream for the rule of law.

But, in order to toe the liberal line and since he’s all about toeing that line, he’ll put those principles aside in order to do so.

Big surprise.




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17 Responses to What has become of due process in this country?

  • Orwell’s Junior Anti-Sex League (feminist puritanism) in a dialectical death match with Huxley’s cult of promiscuity (the sexual revolution).

    Like the black widow, the insufferable harridans want to mate and kill.

    • Its about elevating the elements of our society that are Democrat aligned/control. If they can focus their control on subgroups and abandon trying to appeal to the entire spectrum, they can ‘seduce’ and manipulate those subgroups far more deeply. They can then use those subgroups to take care of you for them.

    • I’m a bit hazy on this point, but .. didn’t they used to call this sort of thing … lynching

  • Are we surprised to find there are idiots in Congress? We’re not really are we?

    Not that Charlie Rangel or John Conyers would want to savage a fellow Dem, but one wonders if the 20% standard would be acceptable to Mssrs. Conyers or Rangle if the accused was a black male college student.

    • Then again, we wouldn’t be good little Democrats unless we were willing to adjust our positions on justice according to one’s hue, religion or perceived gender, would we.

  • Well, don’ t lose heart altogether, folks.

    Due process is making a come-back. Let’s let due process…I dunno…process…

    Falsely accused have been winning in courts…even if they lost in kampus kangaroo star chambers.

    • This could be a way forward with smaller government.

      We merely accuse one or two, they get rid of 10

  • Lynchings and Witch Trials are back in Vogue. So the ‘new thing’ is a return to the old thing. So basically its all back to knives, skins, tribal warring, disease and famine before civilization comes back again.

  • It certainly appears that universities have given up on the age-old search for “What is Truth?”.

    Now they’re all focused on “How can we smite those whom Our Most Holy and Righteous Progressive Elites have labeled ‘Oppressors’ and “Enemies of All Things Good” ?? “.

    Our Institutions of Higher Learning are going the wrong way … … … …

    = = = = = =

    Brings to mind the famous quote (*): “The lights are going out all across Europe; I think we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”

    Except THIS time, the lights are being extinguished in America as well. A very-very-very sobering thought. Are we on the brink of a new “Dark Age”? How long could such a societal collapse last? Especially since most of our collective “wisdom” is relegated to ephemeral types of media. (IOW, a thumb drive with All The Important Treatises of Mankind on it is useless without the machine / interface that can decode the data and present it to us in legible form …)

    (*) ( Y’know, I tried to Google this quote and find it attributed to Churchill just before WWII, and also to British Foreign Secretary Edward Grey on the eve of WWI. I have no idea who really said it or when. )

  • Imagine …

    Polis on IRS: “I mean, if there’s 10 people that have been accused and under a reasonable likelihood standard maybe one or two did it, seems better to get rid of all 10 people,” Polis said.

  • If there’s any justice, this putrid piece of human garbage will find himself falsely accused (or ambiguously accused) at some point, and have it end his career. Then the rest of us can point out that it was no big deal – it just meant he had to change jobs.

    • This is sort of like wishing that Tom Brady has a career ending injury during those 4 games he was to be suspended.

  • As has been mentioned before, when you decide to break the legal process, people will come to the conclusion that extra-legal means are the way to get “due process”

    • It’s a comin. Think people aren’t watching the department of Obama law and their un surprising ruling on the Hillary mails? Heh.

  • I’m talking about keeping our pants zipped and our wicks dry around here!

  • Can we apply this standard to the deportation of Muslims? Of each ten of them, likely only one or two supports Sharia and/or terrorism, but isn’t it best to just get rid of all of them? After all, we’re just talking about transferring them to another country. Would the room stand up and applaud that idea as well?