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This isn’t America anymore

VDH has had enough of the whiners too.  Since the football season has started he has chosen to highlight Brandon Marshall, the New York Jets wide receiver and occasional sports commentator’s remarks that the NFL is, apparently, racist.

He claims that the NFL favors white players over black players, especially white quarterbacks.  Never mind the fact that while blacks make up approximately 12% of the population, they hold 67% of the positions on NFL teams.  Never mind the fact that Marshall just signed a 3 year contract for $27 million.  Never mind that blacks make up 16% of the coaches and 24% of the general managers … the league is just “racist.”

For whatever reason, Marshall just has to lay racism as a charge.  His “reasoning?”

Tuesday, on Showtime’s Inside the NFL, the talented New York Jets receiver said about the reversal of Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, “The race card. There are a lot of players out there that believe that white players—specifically, at the quarterback position—are treated differently.”

If Marshall is accusing the NFL of racism, this is a pretty poor example. The NFL threw the book at Brady for his alleged role in the football deflation scandal. Federal Judge Richard Berman reversed the four-game suspension. Roger Goodell upheld it.

Well, it’s the best Marshall can come up with to illustrate his ill founded charge.  He has become another of a legion out there that want to blame every little grievance, substantiated or not, on race, or gender, or men, or whatever.  And he’s obviously ignorant of the facts.  But in the era of the victim (thanks Obama), none of that matters.  It’s the grievance and the narrative that accompanies it that are important.

The cult of the whining victim is now ubiquitous. Two high-school football players in Texas, angry that their team is losing and galvanized by their whining coach, decide to take out a referee and smash him with two cowardly hits. The reason? They claim the flattened ref got what he deserved — because of course he was a racist. The Marine Corps has discovered, as Nature might have advised it, that male ground troops on average perform more muscularly and effectively in rough combat-simulated training than do women. They apparently prove stronger, more combative, blood-thirsty, and aggressive, and fight with greater stamina. One reaction is not to accept the data, but, of course, by whining how the data has been improperly — and no doubt — socially constructed in sexist fashion, or is irrelevant altogether, maybe the standards can be lowered a bit.

This cult has, unfortunately, infected a large portion of our population.  And, as pointed out about the Marine Corps test, if the results don’t measure up to the predetermined solution, someone will whine, and they have.  The narrative will win out, regardless of reality or the consequences of ignoring it in the real world.  And frankly, I agree wholeheartedly with this:

The 21st century has become a cowardly era in which we point to collective race, class, or gender rather than own up to our record of behavior and performance when our exalted expectations are not met.

This was inevitable.  It is no longer about equal opportunity that it is your responsibility to take charge of, it is about equal outcomes that is someone else’s job to ensure:

The culprits are not just our obsessions with race, class, and gender, or the careerist aspirations of elites. We also live in the most affluent and leisured era in the history of Western civilization. But given human nature, our bounty has not given us pause for appreciation, but rather increased our appetites in geometric fashion. The more we have, the more we think we deserve — or else. In an affluent society, society can afford now to have no losers. There is enough stuff and praise to be shared by all. In T-ball everyone is a winner; so is today’s student who feels A’s are his birthright. The poor man in the inner city has more computing power in his palm with an Apple smartphone than did the billionaire twenty years ago in his study — but, of course, not as versatile a phone perhaps as that of today’s billionaire, and thus he can legitimately whine that life is not fair due to the machinations of someone else.

And so, as we’re seeing in our colleges and universities, we’re raising a generation of hot house flowers who will never survive in “Hard America”, but will have a thousand and one excuses for their failures and a thousand and one lawsuits presented by lawyers happy to take their (parent’s) money.

This isn’t America anymore.



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7 Responses to This isn’t America anymore

  • And once reality, in the guise of people who are benighted and backward and hard themselves, has dealt the new reigning ‘soft America’ some very hard blows perhaps there will be enough hard Americans left to lift the boneless jellyfish we’re coddling up and knock some backbone into them.

    It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.

  • “If there are 10 people who have been accused, and under a reasonable likelihood standard maybe one or two did it, it seems better to get rid of all 10 people.” — Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO)

    By Rep. Polis’ rules, Tom Brady would be a ball boy in the CFL about now.

  • Its about taking things from people that will let them.

    At some point during the 20th Century, the measure of a man shifted from how little bullshit you would tolerate to being about just how much bullshit you will tolerate. I think we were all socially engineered successfully.

  • Stopped in the muffler shop this afternoon to find this message …

    There is a $5.00 fee for Whining

  • And so, as we’re seeing in our colleges and universities, we’re raising a generation of hot house flowers who will never survive in “Hard America”,

    —–And my kids will dominate them.

    Look, reality will reassert itself soon enough. What’s gonna happen is some dope SJW is gonna blow up at the wrong person, and after a tirade full of mental illness signifiers like “white privilege”, “heteronormative, “cis”, “cultural appropriation” and the like, the response will be an epic beating. And the media will shriek about it, and most of the nation will shrug and mutter “good, they had it coming”

    And the spell will be broken.

  • The country has certainly devolved in the last several years, hasn’t it?

    From “Grit, Practice, Ambition, Drive — Give it your best and maybe you can win”.
    “Whine about how everything is SOOOO unfair – and we’ll make sure you win”.

    I think we need a new hashtag: #I’mTheVictimHere_I-WIN!


    • Every loser wants to be the apex victim now. Total subsidies for “poor” people can now total over $60K annually! Why work? No jobs, anyway…