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Economic Statistics for 15 Sep 15

Well, I’m back from vacation, so I guess I’ll start doing the economic stuff again. There were no economic releases yesterday, so I guess I got an extra day off from it. Anyhoo…

Retail sales rose 0.2% in August with sales ex-autos up 0.1% and sales ex-autos and -gas up 0.3%. All were slightly below expectations.

The Empire State Manufacturing Index remains at meteor-crater-low levels for the second month in a row, up only 0.75 points in September to -14.67.

Redbook reports that last week’s retail sales rose to a still-soft 1.7% on a year-ago basis, from the previous week’s 1.3%.

Industrial Production fell -0.4% in August, while capacity utilization in the nation’s factories fell -0.4% to 77.6%. Manufacturing production fell -0.5%.

Business inventories rose 0.1% in July, though a 0.1% rise in sales left the stock-to-sales ratio unchanged at a hefty 1.36, versus 1.29 a year ago.

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