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Biden – the best hope for Democrats?

According to TIME, he is indeed!

If Vice President Joe Biden does decide to make a run for the presidency in 2016 he’ll start off the race as the most popular candidate in either party, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll out Tuesday

In the poll 40 percent of Americans say they have a positive impression of the Vice President and former Senator from Delaware, while just 28 percent have a negative impression—an enviable differential of +12 points. That outperforms Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (+10) and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton (-8), as well as leading GOP candidates Ben Carson (+8), Carly Florin (+7) and Donald Trump (-33). 

Were the election held today, Biden would outperform both leading Democrats in head to head matches with leading Republicans. The Vice President loses, however, in hypothetical matches with both leading Democrats, winning 17 percent to Sanders’ 35 percent and Clinton’s 42 percent.

TIME goes on to say Biden’s popularity can probably be attributed to the fact he hasn’t announced and hasn’t been subject to the serious scrutiny that candidates receive.

You think?!

But it is telling that someone who isn’t in the running (but has broadly hinted at doing so), and has a reputation of a gaff-o-matic (as well as being a bit of a intellectual lightweight) could command the numbers he does now, given the “inevitable” one’s presence in the race (of course, much the same can be said about Trump).

As we all can imagine, Biden’s “honeymoon” would end soon upon his announcement as a candidate.  He provides a “target rich” opportunity for opponents and detractors alike.  And in an election cycle in which the voters are clearly expressing their dislike of establishment candidates, Biden is the ultimate insider.

But it would make the Democratic side of the election much more interesting if he was to announce.  And certainly, much more entertaining!


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7 Responses to Biden – the best hope for Democrats?

  • They plan to play the Dead Son thing to the hilt. I feel bad that he died young, but absolutely nothing to do with Biden’s ability as President. Also would make it awkward if Cruz got the nomination. In fact, they could probably enter Joe temporarily to Justify giving Cruz heat about it even before the Primaries and even if Biden ultimately leaves the race. The irony is that Biden is no better than Cruz when it comes to his mouth. Joe gets an automatic passed based on nothing more than he’s always gotten a pass which was basically because he was a Democrat.

  • There was once a time when I would have been certain that Americans were not stupid enough to elect a Joe Biden.

    It would seem those days are gone.
    We must after all consider his opponents are an un-indicted felon and a self declared socialist.


    Sometimes, you just can’t beat a good cartoon…

    “Grope ‘n Change 2016!”

  • I am sure Joe will run. Even now he is doing his research, looking for good speeches he can plagiarize.

  • Who is Carly Florin?

    • That’s the name Carly Fiorina goes by when she’s not out here in redneck dumbass flyover country.
      Those coast dwelling writers, they’s jus head and shoulders smarter than we is.

    • A delicious Venetian wine…