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Car Bleg

So, here’s the deal. While I love doing car reviews—and I fancy that people enjoy reading them—doing them is a bit of a burden. It’s a burden either financially, because I have to rent the car for a few days, or in time and effort as I have to acquire them by…other means.

What I really need is regular access to a press fleet, and I haven’t been successful in being able to do that. So, I’m wondering, do any of you, dear readers, have any ability to help me get into the press fleet pool, or otherwise get access to review vehicles? If so, contact me at


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3 Responses to Car Bleg

  • Some 10-12 years ago, a medium/large auto magazine (Autoweek?) wrote a very short blurb, almost a footnote really, “Subaru will no longer allow us long term loaners ( cars). Seems they unhappy about our last review of their product”

    Reviews improved, long term loan program resumed.


    • Along the same lines you never really hear that XYZ Corp. is “…being run as CEO Joe Jones private fiefdom…”, or whatever, in IBD or WSJ, until AFTER it collapses. Then you hear that “Joe Jones is retiring to spend more time with family” or “…moving on the pursue other interests”…(possibly a legal defense position)… 🙂

      You do hear that it isn’t making it’s numbers, but…

  • Wasn’t it about 1980 when Puegots “Le Car” was “Car of the Year”, and a year or so later they were mostly smoldering in junkyards across the Fruited Plains?

    Perhaps a lesson there.