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Oh, yeah … the “debate”

Also known as a free prime time commercial for the Democratic party.

Much has been made of the Hillary “enemies” comment.

Meh.  I actually agree with Jonah Goldberg:

1. This should properly be considered a Kinsley gaffe in that she accidentally told the truth.

Absolutely … since the early days of HC, she’s always fallen back on the VRWC as a reason for her bad press.  She just made it official last night … among others she considers Republicans “enemies”.  Which, of course, would give any Republican that warm, fuzzy feeling if she were ever elected President – God forbid.

That said, here’s the important part:

2. Even though it was gaffe, it won’t get treated as one by the media because it doesn’t sound like one to their ears (for all the obvious reasons).

Indeed.  And don’t forget it was a media type who asked the question.  But again, enemies you’re most proud of having – Republicans?  My goodness.  Jim Webb made her and the others look petty and small.  But that won’t play in the media either.


3. It wasn’t necessarily bad politics — in the primaries. The Democratic base largely shares her Manicheanism when it comes to the Republican party these days.

Exactly.  She was singing to the choir last night and as far as the choir is concerned, the tune was perfect.
So don’t expect anything to come of that supposed “gaffe” except grumbling and mumbling among the right.


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8 Responses to Oh, yeah … the “debate”

  • The woman should be in jail, or at least undergoing prosecution, not attending a debate to determine if she will be the nominee for President.

    But the Democrats as a party and as voters aren’t worried about stupid things like National Security and the rules for handling classified documents and information – boring, ho hum, manufactured crisis.

    That kind of stuff only applies to people like Scooter Libby when we’re trying to figure out if we can impeach George W. Bush for leaking the super secret identity of high level double naught spy Valerie Plame, otherwise it’s all so, so, confusing and haaaarrrrddddd to understand, and why can’t we just move on!!!!!

    It hit me the other day they’re not saying she didn’t do anything wrong, they’re just saying it makes absolutely no difference to them.
    Laws are for their enemies not for them.

  • Its been their message going back to Bush. She only distilled their entire message for the past 15 years and spoke it out loud.

    I expect a completely flaccid response from the majority of Republican Primary Candidates.

  • When your prime directive is power, whatever stands in the way of your power is your greatest enemy.

  • I must admit .. I agree with Bernie Sanders to a point.

    Bernie Sanders spoke directly to the controversy swirling over Hillary Clinton’s emails during the Democratic debate Tuesday night, saying “the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.”

    I do agree that I too am tired of hearing about them. So please .. please put this national security criminal in jail.

    • What I’m tired of hearing about is her campaigning without having to wear her orange jumpsuit.

      I already know the average Democrat will vote for her even if she’s living in a suite cell in FDI Danbury.