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Observations: The QandO Podcast for 16 Oct 15

Do you like cars? Do you like Socialism? Do you like Public Transportation? Then go to the podcast page and listen!

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3 Responses to Observations: The QandO Podcast for 16 Oct 15

  • Bernie Sander, avowed Socialist: I think everybody is in agreement that we are a great entrepreneurial nation. We have got to encourage that. Of course, we have to support small and medium-sized businesses.

    The irony is complete.

  • Station wagons are gone because they were classified as cars and dragged down a company’s fuel economy and emission fleet averages for their cars. Minivans and later SUVs were deemed light trucks and fleet totals were considered separately for light trucks and held to a much lower number.

    Separate averages have been done away with and the station wagon probably will take time to re-emerge as they are so dorky. For example a Ford Flex is a station wagon that looks like a SUV.