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2015 Orange County Auto Show Video

So, I went to the Orange County Auto Show yesterday, and I made a video of it, which is mainly me saying my usual horrible things about various cars. I’ve also monetized it, so I’ll need you to click on those ads as if you life depended on it.

Which it does.

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7 Responses to 2015 Orange County Auto Show Video

  • Dale, serving the car show up with an extra helping of honesty.
    So much money, so little automobile to show for it.
    Goes a long way in explaining why Americans are holding onto their cars for longer and longer periods.
    The average age of a car in this country is a little over 12 years old.

    • Yes. I bought mine new 15 years ago, and become more concerned about being unsatisfied with new offerings more each year.

      Driving new rentals doesn’t help that impression. I drove a new Chrysler 200 for a week on one trip in July. It felt like driving a giant wet sponge with balloon tires. Driving my 330ci back at home was like Forrest taking the braces off his legs – the car would actually do what I wanted it to! If someone offered me a brand new Chrysler 200 in even exchange for my current 2001 car, I’d turn them down without a second thought.

  • Where are the VW diesels???