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Another Obama administration foreign policy “triumph”

In another “foreign policy triumph” for the US, Afghanistan, a client nation of the US for over a decade, is apparently turning to an old patron:

Afghanistan, battered by worsening security, is reaching out to an old ally and patron—Russia—just as the Kremlin is seeking to reassert its position as a heavyweight on the world stage.

President Ashraf Ghani has asked Moscow for artillery, small arms and Mi-35 helicopter gunships for his country’s struggling military, Afghan and Russian officials say, after the U.S. and its allies pulled most of their troops from Afghanistan and reduced financial aid.

“Russia is seizing the opportunity,” a U.S. official said.

Certainly, there are plenty who are aware of the old saw, “the graveyard of empires” and will shrug this off as good riddance. Let Russia deal with it.

Of course the point is that Afghanistan is turning to Russia mainly because it doesn’t have any confidence in the US anymore. We all understand that Afghanistan is both tribal and corrupt. But that goes with the territory, literally and figuratively. Russia is unlikely to worry to much about that.

It also demonstrates on a micro level what we are seeing on a more macro level. With the decline of US influence in the area, Russia is taking the opportunity to assert its own. Whether you care one whit about Afghanistan, this is a disturbing trend. And, just as obvious, our “leaders” haven’t a clue on how to stop the trend. Obviously Afghanistan feels that their worsening security is inextricably linked to US decisions. The country appears to have no confidence in the US.

Unfortunately, that ‘no confidence’ vote didn’t originate in Afghanistan. It has been echoed by other countries in the region as well … to include Israel.

The foreign policy of this administration, that of Mr. Obama, Ms. Clinton and Mr. Kerry, have seen the withdrawal of the US in the area and a diminution its prestige and power.

Some may cheer this, but the bottom line is that such actions (or lack thereof) have made the region and the world a much more dangerous place than it was in 2008.


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5 Responses to Another Obama administration foreign policy “triumph”

  • And, just as obvious, our “leaders” haven’t a clue on how to stop the trend.

    See, I simply disagree. It isn’t they are that stupid. It IS that they are THAT delusional AND blinded by ideology.

    Which takes me to Ragspierre’s Theory of Voluntary Idiocy.

    • Obama is using his history of negotiations with the Congress as a guide for his Foreign Policy.

  • The history, recent and otherwise, of Afghanistan shows that the Afghans are, to use a Star Trek analogy, the “Ferengi” of South Asia.
    They go with whomever makes the best deal with them.
    That’s how the Taliban came to power .. one deal at a time.

  • Obama undid the Reagan era effort to keep Afghanistan out of the clutches of Soviets (aka Russia). I’m sure he’s gloating. Probably couldn’t sand blast that smirk off his face he has right now.

  • Your choices are incompetence, of intentional.
    Domestically, our community agitator has his Cloward – Piven plan in motion.
    Foreign policy-wise, I don’t think he or his minions have a clue. And everyone who matters, knows it.